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Wednesday, 09/28/2011, 05:00 am

Rampage Jackson: Jon Jones is the next Anderson Silva

“My game plan was to get up in his face, smell his breath, be all up on him; I didn’t do nothing! I’m very disappointed in myself, trust me. I didn’t do nothing compared to what I was training for… One thing about Jon Jones is that, he don’t really throw combos. If he threw combos, he’d be real unstoppable. I was trying to capitalize on that, but for some reason, I didn’t… He’s good at keeping range, keeping you from him. When I was getting close and trying to throw some haymakers, he was good at evading me. The kid’s good, I’d be surprised to see who could beat him. I don’t think nobody can beat him right now; he’s going to be the next Anderson Silva in that weight class, I’m telling you. Because he’s got great wrestling, his ground game is pretty good, and his stand up is pretty good.”

In a quote via, the former light-heavyweight champion, Rampage Jackson, gives a lot of credit to current champion, Jon Jones for his UFC 135 performance last weekend.

Mentioning Jones and Silva in the same breath is a huge sign of respect, but can Jones live up to the hype?

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