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Wednesday, 09/28/2011, 05:00 am

Rampage Jackson: Jon Jones is the next Anderson Silva

“My game plan was to get up in his face, smell his breath, be all up on him; I didn’t do nothing! I’m very disappointed in myself, trust me. I didn’t do nothing compared to what I was training for… One thing about Jon Jones is that, he don’t really throw combos. If he threw combos, he’d be real unstoppable. I was trying to capitalize on that, but for some reason, I didn’t… He’s good at keeping range, keeping you from him. When I was getting close and trying to throw some haymakers, he was good at evading me. The kid’s good, I’d be surprised to see who could beat him. I don’t think nobody can beat him right now; he’s going to be the next Anderson Silva in that weight class, I’m telling you. Because he’s got great wrestling, his ground game is pretty good, and his stand up is pretty good.”

In a quote via, the former light-heavyweight champion, Rampage Jackson, gives a lot of credit to current champion, Jon Jones for his UFC 135 performance last weekend.

Mentioning Jones and Silva in the same breath is a huge sign of respect, but can Jones live up to the hype?

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32 Responses to “Rampage Jackson: Jon Jones is the next Anderson Silva”

  1. Quazzi says:

    Yea agreed. Dont really like jon jones but the guy is a beast. Would love to see him vs anderson silva and think he could beat him

  2. Phil says:

    Quinton is a class act. His analysis is right on.

    • jacob lee says:

      Yea he sure is a class act, what a great human being. Despite the fact he talks all this crap about knocking guys out like keith jardine, rashad evans, lyoto machida, matt hamill, jon jones….not to mention the fact he disrespects their talents and skills as well as their past opponents, and then after he doesn’t do as he said he would….he makes excuses for his losses and gives all the glory to the other guy. Any guy could have made this so called “analysis” but does that make him a great guy worthy of having his butt kissed….NO. I guess osama bin laden would have been a class act to if after fighting the Americans and losing he said nice things about us…..sure I’m taking this a little out of hand but come on give me a break.

  3. Daniel R says:

    like rampage said in the post fight interviews, i think Rashad’s got the best chance of beating him cause of they’re history etc but other than that,struggling to see how anyone else will get it done. he comes off as cocky and i get why people dont like him but as a fighter, hes a phenom

    • Hey Daniel says:

      What makes JJ cocky? Do you have any examples of this? Not kidding. I’ve been asking this question for awhile, asking for evidence (video, audio), but no one has come up with anything. NOT ONE LINK……EVER. Seriously, does the evidence exist out there?

      • Daniel R says:

        errr, signing an autograph as champion before u won the belt??? i like him , dont get me wrong, but i just dont think hes as humble as he tries to sell himself. Again, i dont have a problem with it – if i was 24 and shitting on people, i’d probably let it go to my head a bit

  4. Jason says:

    Big fan of Rampage, but how do you spend close to a million dollars on a training camp for this fight and not stick to a game plan. He did nothing in this fight. I will never rent another PPV with him as the main event. If he would of went out there and left everything in the cage and lost i would have nothing but respect. How can he say Jon Jones is the real deal if he barely threw any punches. Very boring fight! Rampage talked alot of smack and now is doing damage control

  5. You all are blind! says:

    He ran for 4 rds in his fight with Rampage? No one else see that? Rampage helped him by not letting loose with some flurries. All in all the fight was boring and just proved that the way to beat Rampage is to either lay on top of him for 3 rds Evans, or run for 4 rds and frustrate him to make a mistake and sub a dude with little sub defense and little BJJ. wow impressive. Great job jon Jones. I dont like Silva either but to say this dude is near him is an insult to the sport. 15-0 inside the cage I believe, most successful title defenses in the history of the UFC? If Silva is the King of the sport, Jones is just a stable boy.

    • Mo says:

      Jones is 24, Silva 36. You got the boy part right, but imagine by the time he’s 30 or so. He will be the best.

    • Stevie Wonder says:

      So, what Jones critics want is that EVERY SINGLE FIGHTER IN THE UFC TO STRAIGHT UP BANG and forget about the MIXED in MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. I think those critics should switch to boxing because in boxing, takedowns, kicks, wrestling, bjj, muay thai, karate, aikido, and judo, to name a few, ARE ALL ILLEGAL. And what these critics are saying is that Rampage’s only chance of winning was if Jones stood up and threw down with Rampage. So, Rampage should switch to boxing, a la Kimbo Slice?

      As far as comparisons to Anderson Silva, if one person can say Silva would destroy Jones, another can say just the opposite. None of that means anything until they fight. And I guarantee that neither fighter would have that same view on the fight as do their fans.
      Silva and Jones are do not hype fights the way Rampage or Sonnen do it. And that’s why neither Jones or Anderson ever need to remove their foot out of their mouths like Rampage and Sonnen have been doing lately.

  6. james says:

    Agreed Rampage just didn’t pull the trigger and that was his only chance. If I was him I’d be bummed out I didn’t leave it all in the octagon too. I mean Jones looked great but Rampage just didn’t perform. The only area rampage impressed me in that fight was his takedown defense. But everyone knew already that rampage had great takedown defense. I think he focused on that too much instead of letting his hands go. Jones had the better ground game though and I think rampage knew that or feared it.

  7. Jason says:

    In the post fight interview he was all smiles saying he was getting drunk and that he was happy because he made alot of money. Wrong attitude for a fighter who wants his title back.

  8. james says:

    I think that was just rampage making the best or a joke out of a bad situation. He was obviously in shape and motivated for this fight and I do believe he wanted his belt back. Jones just outclassed him but rampage couldn’t get into his riddum and close the distance effectively to land his punches. It was either Jones clinching and threatening with the takedown or him picking rampage apart from the outside. Rampage needed to go balls to the wall that was his only chance but even that was not a big one…he was outclassed by the better fighter.

  9. Paolo Saldanha says:

    I don’t know, butt JJ beat up shogun and rampage both dying… if he beats rashad, lyoto and henderson, he will have my respect. i never thought rampage had a chance against jones. He got nothing but a power right hand and it’s not enough to beat bones.

    • Mo says:

      Respect??? This guy is pretty much undefeated in the UFC, the place where the top fighters go to fight!! He has to beat Rashad, Lyoto and Henderson to get respect from Paolo Saldanha???! WTF is wrong with this world? Get your head out of your ass dude. He’s earned respect from all of the fighters he’s beat! WHO THE FU$K ARE YOU THAT HE DOESN”T HAVE YOUR RESPECT?? If you are Chuck Norris, I apologize and stand corrected, if not you’re the definition of douche…

      • Paolo Saldanha says:

        haha i got nothing on jones, i’m just a brazilian jiu jitsu blue belt, but anderson silva has a lot more of history… but i agree that bones has potencial to be a legend.

  10. Cody Schumacher says:

    I agree but let’s not get outta hand with it i mean the dude is just huge and has had some real favorable match ups not trying to take ANYTHING away from him but I feel like if rampage was 6’5 240 things would have went different but then again his size is part of the fight game just being a former wrestler I know first what a size difference like his can do its Rashad r nothing imo now

  11. CALI says:

    Jones is just a big fish in a small pond…

  12. Enzo says:

    No one can say it better than Rampage, he is a class act and he’s been there with Jon Jones, he knows everything we don’t know. Hope to see you fight soon again Rampage!

  13. Ben says:

    I am not surprised. Funny thing is I told all of you guys this way back then and you guys laughed.. Nobodys laughing now.. Look for Mat matrione to do damage and be heavyweight champion as well.. I know the game.

    • MMA Genius says:

      Matt Mitrione…how do we go from Jon Jones & Anderson Silva, to fuckin Matt Mitrione? What the shit! Matt’s going to get up there for sure, but when he starts running into dudes like Cain V., Junior D.Santos, Big Nog, Frank, Carwin – he’s going to get his ass kicked. You know the game??? my ars. What are you even talking about? …Matt Mitrione, pfft.

  14. Steve says:

    The reality is that if Jon Jones can clean out the LHW division he will be better than Anderson because of how much stiffer the competition is at that weight. I know for sure Anderson would not have been able to defend his belt at LHW they way he has at MW. The best fighters Silva has faced are Franklin, Hendo, Sonnen and Belfort. At LHW you have Rampage, Rashad, Machida, Rua, Davis, Lil Nog and others. I know that Silva disposed of Hendo and Griffin who are both LHW’s but I would be far more impressed if Bones can dispose of the guys I just listed. I don’t want to take anything away from The Spider, I just believe that the level of competition at LHW is much better and if Jones can clean out 205 he’s better than Anderson IMO.

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