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Tuesday, 02/21/2012, 08:54 am

Rampage Jackson | I'm A Street Fighter Not A Martial Artist

“I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if I beat Ryan Bader or not, I just want to put on the best show the world has ever seen. I never claimed to be a martial artist or a guy who’s good at everything. I’m a street fighter. There’s a lot of things I don’t care about. I don’t care to know what my opponent’s doing, I don’t care to know his skills or stuff like that, because I’m a brawler. Ya know, a street fight you just walk up to the guy and start a fight. You ain’t got no tape on this guy.”

UFC 144 competitor Quinton Rampage Jackson breaks down his mentality going in to this weekend’s co-main event against Ryan Bader.

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15 Responses to “Rampage Jackson | I'm A Street Fighter Not A Martial Artist”

  1. CanILive says:

    Bader is injured… Rampage now facing Diaz

    • K2 says:

      This has to be one of the stupidest comments ever. Nick is awaiting suspension (and 30bls lighter) and Nate is 50lbs lighter. Now if you said something like, “Rampage suspended and meeting Diaz out back for street brawl.” then the comment would have been less idiotic.

  2. Rampage does’nt care if he beats Bader or not?As a fan that is very worrying to hear.A fighter that does’nt care about winning should not fight period.

  3. Nick says:

    Rampage is out there to put on a show. That’s the mentality he had in Pride. And that’s when he fought his best. I think that’s how all fighters should fight

  4. cody says:

    rampage is alot of talk he cares u dont come this far if u dont and beat the guys he beat its mind games hes gonna beat bader down i see ryan desperate for take downs most the night

  5. CanILive says:

    what if rampage has flashbacks, thinks this is pride and facestomps the shit outta bader

  6. Big J says:

    I like Rampage, but dude, get out of the league and have street fighter brawls. You’re in the wrong business if you’re not a Martial Artist.

    • lolziez says:

      yet he would monkeystomp your balls into oblivion so please stfu with your nonsense.. the guy was a champ in 2 organizations by being who he is and now you’re talking like its Kimbo off the street thinkin he bad and gettin beat..ignorant fuck

  7. drew says:

    @ nick, watching him face chuck the first time was awesome to watch he just marched chuck down the whole fight and chuck was supposibly good at fighting while going backwards, haha not that fight, getting tired, then rampage probably breaking some of his left ribs from elbows and hard punches

  8. jacob lee says:

    it’s obvious you are not a martial artist. you are kimbo minus the beard

  9. mark wynn says:

    If jackson admits he cant fight mma…throw the fucking bum out of the UFC! I hear Kimbro needs someone to fight on youtube probably you asshole.

  10. Nate says:

    well said Lolziez people need to stfu an respect the one of guys who put mma on da map

  11. Dick Diaz says:

    RAMPAGE IS THE MAN… even though he can be a dick…

  12. Matt says:

    Love ‘page to death but hes gotten so arrogant with his boxing. He has great hands but he ignores all his other abilities. A great fighter who could be more and have even more success. Rampage is the man but apart from his heavy hands he has nothing these days. Though at the same time I think rampage is being rampage and just talking but I really do hope he shows off some of his other skills. He is so much better when he does! Rampage <3

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