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Tuesday, 07/17/2012, 09:19 am

Rampage Jackson: F**K Chael Sonnen And That Crybaby Forrest Griffin | UFC NEWS

“Tito won. Forrest even knew it, that’s why he ran out of the cage like a little crybaby like he always does. C’mon. Somebody told him, ‘Forrest, get your ass back to the cage! You won, idiot! We’re gonna give it to you!’ Stupid, man. I think Chael should keep his word and leave the UFC because that’s what he said he was gonna do if he lost. And he lost HORRIBLY. Bad! Chael sucks. He should go somewhere where people like his interviews, the way he talks shit on everybody. I can’t stand that boy. Fuck Chael.”

Rampage Jackson takes a break from signing autographs at the mma elite event to give his thoughts on Chael Sonnen, Forrest Griffin and UFC 148.


76 Responses to “Rampage Jackson: F**K Chael Sonnen And That Crybaby Forrest Griffin | UFC NEWS”

  1. CanILive says:

    but chael said he’d leave the UFC, if Silva accepted his offer two fights ago! so it don’t count

  2. stephen riddle says:

    Rampage please dont talk about anyone else because i sure want to say things about u!

  3. Timbobthegreat says:

    Fuck Rampage, go run from the police again

  4. Iceman says:

    Rampage is just mad that his career is coming to an end.

  5. Filthy Rotten Rousey says:

    Rampage is the last person that should call anyone a baby, all this guy does lately is bitch. Keep signing those autographs you fat irrelevant goof. Can’t wait to see you get shit kicked in your next fight.

  6. GET RID OF GUIDA ( forever) says:

    Pot calling the kettle black!

    No pun intended…

  7. Mike Tree says:

    didnt that cry baby Forrest take that belt from Rampage? He maybe a cry baby but that means you got beat by a cry baby!! lmao

  8. Ben says:

    It’s funny because chael would slap rampage around like a bitch

  9. Nuitari X says:

    It’s funny how people like Bob’O complain about the profanity in the comments on this site but here’s an article where right in the title it says the word fuck. LOL. I agree with Bob’O that this site should be more appropriate for kids but if the people that post on here need to change then so do the authors of these articles apparently.

  10. Mike says:

    Hahaha! I’m a Rampage fan too but sorry, Chael would wreck Rampage.

    • Canada93 says:

      Rampage would kill chael, first off chael has only ONE finish in the UFC and that’s too Stann, all he does is dryhump people so I would say “wreck” . Rampage would ko sonnen in round 1 because of the power of page..

      And rampage is right u made a deal to quit If u lost so be a man and live up too your word..

  11. JustAManLostIn2012 says:

    Why don’t people realise that sonnen made that offer at UFC 136……and I wasn’t accepted so it becomes invalid !! I can’t go 2 people who made me offers ages ago and ” be like hey I wanna do it now “….he fought since then….and rampage cries just as much if not more than forrest so yeah….rampage concern yourself with your up coming fight.

    • John Smith says:

      Nail on the head. Sonnen will always be a fun fighter to watch so people whining about him need to just stop. Tito won and everyone knows it, Rampage is right on that one and though I used to like Forrest this fight lost him a lot of respect from me and I’m sure other people with his running out of the ring for no reason. Rampage has talked way more than he’s fought lately and frankly has been both disappointing and surprising as he continually seems to show up out of shape. Rampage gets props for his history and he’s still a strong striker (not great on technique) but fact is hes on his way out and he knows it so he’s trying to bring people down with him

      • Shameful says:

        Sonnen isn’t fun to watch. His style is effective, but not at all entertaining. I imagine that’s why he started running his mouth and playing the heel. He wants to entertain people outside of the cage.

  12. im neutral says:

    rampage as a point he might be a shitty fighter but he has a good point sonnen should be a man and leave the ufc if thats what he said he was gonna do and forrest beat tito again cause forrest is a boss even if he is a bit of a cry baby

  13. BobbyLemons says:

    Chael could move up to LHW and still win against Rampage.

    When Chael talks shit it’s funny, when Rampage talks shit, he’s simply a douche.

  14. Judge_Dreadz says:

    All you faggot ass keyboard warriors quit dissing Rampage u pussies WOULD NOT say that shit to his face punk ass bitches.Ps. Rampage will knock Chael “chokey” Sonnen out!

    • TheTude says:

      I gotta agree with you judge. Rampage would fuck Chael up, Sonnen would be a bitch at 205, i wouldnt say that to his face though, HA!

    • stan871 says:

      I disagree, Chael would be a lot better in a heavier weight class since its a LOT more natural for him. I hardly see Rampage knocking him out, maybe a 5% chance that would actually happen. Win or lose to Jones, I would love to see him and Hendo fight.

  15. ctmisfit says:

    Sonnen said he would quit the ufc if the fought “superbowl weekend”. So it didnt happen super bowl weekend. So no need to quit.

  16. Nick says:

    I used to like Rampage a lot, but now all he does is talk shit. I like when he would hype a fight. I’m still a fan of his, just not when he does shit like this.

    • Shameful says:

      These guys don’t call up reporters to offer unsolicited opinions. They get pestered at public events and asked what they think of other fighters who have been in the news more recently than they have. Most of the posters on this site would not be able to resist the urge to comment on a recent fight if a reporter asked them to. That’s all these guys are doing. The washed up fighters do it more often because they spend more time out in public trying to bolster their fading relevance.

  17. Spence says:

    Everyone hating on Rampage doesnt have a clue about MMA and how it started. Hes a legend while all you pussies hide behind your keyboards talking shit about him.

  18. lance uppercut says:

    Anyone saying Chael would “slap Rampage around” is b=obviously new to MMA. Rampage walks around @225-230. He is 3 inches taller much stronger and has KO power. Chael is a 185er. He wals around at about 205. He has been KO’d 6 times, finished 8. He is overrated and Silva proved that by making his ass turtle as soon as he got hit.

    Rampage is annoying, but he would ktfo Sonnen if he hit him. Once.

    • dr dorian says:

      really what crack are u smoking they are both 6″1 chael even says he walks around at 217 and has only lost his professional fights by submission. rampage was a superstar in pride and get beaten like a bitch by wanderli and shogun and just got dominated by bader and jon jones . don’t open your mouth if u know nothing

      • chris sears says:

        losing to wanderli who is a legend.. shogun who is a ex champ and contender, and losing to bones jones… i wouldnt say any of those are easy fights or anything you can use against rampage.. he is one of the people who got mma where it is today.. chael is a joke and would get knocked out old school rampage style…. only people that beat rampage stay away from him cuz they know if he connects someone going to sleep

  19. THETUDE says:


  20. chris says:

    Enough bringing up Sonnen and the offer Anderson refused to take its a simple fucking concept people just can’t seem to grasp. He dominated Anderson for a rd and then got finished typical Anderson style. Why is now all of a sudden getting finished by Anderson so embarasing? And rampage is a cry baby he thinks everybody should suck up to him and UFC should worship him and give him easy fights. It’s kind of dumb that rampage was whining about chaels shit talking yet here page comes and disses two fighters who have nothing to do with him. Hypocrite

  21. ryan says:

    i hate cheal sonnen, but to be fair, he didnt lose “HORRIBLY” In my book, he won the 1st round, and silva kicked the shit outa him in the 2nd, like he usualy does. but, he diiiiddd say he would quit the ufc if he lost, and i realy dont think it should matter when he made the offer. he knows its not up to him OR silva when fights get schedualed, so its out of both of their power, so i think that should make cheals career in the UFC done as soon as his contract is up.

  22. nick says:

    rampage should fight cheal he would knock cheals head off his shoulders

  23. Redlin3 says:

    rampage style.. you gotta love that

  24. ucantbeserious says:

    these so called ‘MMA fans’ should do ur homework when it comes to Rampage..since when has he been a shitty fighter? so what if he prefers to stand up and bang.. wtf is wrong with that? the FACT is anyone he fights is SCARED to get hit by him..some of u say he should go to boxing..i say to the fighters that just grapple and do takedowns should go be a wrestler! he is a legend and still a great fighter..i dare any one of u talkin shit about him or any other fighter to take ur lame ass in the octagon and do better!!!!! but we all know ur a bunch of dry p*ssys who cant get f*cked!!!!

  25. Chael Sonnen says:

    Hahahah this stupid black nagger thinks he could beat me i would anally rape him and send him where he was born, in prison!

  26. Chael Sonnen says:

    Hahahahahahahahah send this black boy back to prsion

  27. Drew says:

    Hahahaha just woke up my newborn from laughing my asshole “chael sucks” “fuck chael” haha “Forrest always a crybaby.” ya Dude chael is rich is fuck and owns a mini restaurant and stole from middle class people who trusted him he did loose horribly

  28. Chael Sonnen says:

    uahahahahahahahahahahahahahah I will rape him and anderson silva wen i get back whoooo ahahahahmuahahahaha

  29. diehard ufcer says:

    Forrest is a fukface but still fun to watch. Rampage would get lit up by chael. The only.way rampage wins is if someone with terrible coaching says ok.buddy were goin to pretend were in a boxing match. Chael at least fights. U built up the rashad fight like it was gonna b the best brawl ever n didn’t even hit.the dude til the third n were too scared to try n finish him when he stood back up.

  30. True MMA says:

    I have been saying this for a couple of years now “fuck cael sonnen”. Sonnen should be embarrassed to show his face. He talked so much shit and ended up curling into a ball and sucking his thumb. What a bitch. Sonnen should go to the wwe and hope people forget him getting his ass kicked. I almost feel bad for the guy then I remember how disrespectful the asshole is.

  31. Nick says:

    didn’t rampage say he was done with the UFC after he fought Bader

  32. lmao @ Chael Dryhumping people thats hilarious. Its kinda dumb to say chael would wreck rampage because rampage now is where iceman was a few years ago. Chael was heavyweight before and got owned by bobbalou.

  33. ROFL@ Chael Sonnon Dryhumps people. Thats hilarious. And ROFL @ The Racial slurs. That’s hilarious too. Cus that’s really the stuff chael says. I don’t think Chael would wreck rampage tho. Rampage brawls but his background is in wrestling. And Chael had to drop to 180, cus he wasnt doing well at 205, and he even went to the 180 division of the WEC when it existed until he was able to adjust to the competition level of the UFC. His best victory was over Nate Marquardt and i think that was a fluke.

  34. David Schreiner says:

    When two guys are still standing at the end of the fight then it should be called what it actually is, and that’s a draw, period.

  35. David Schreiner says:

    When two guys are still standing at the end of their fight then it should be called what it actually is, and that’s a draw. The only way to win a fight is by tap out, TO, TKO or if a fighter quits. It should NEVER be left up to judges to give their “opinion” on who won.

  36. Bob says:

    Rampage who? said what?

  37. mma88 says:

    Another misleading article title by this poorly managed website. This coming from a BJ Penn fan.

  38. stonerman says:

    Rampage isn’t even that good of a fighter. all he has is striking, bad takedown defense no submissions. gets dominated in the clinch. hurry up and retire.

  39. Bjj BB says:

    This is why im a fan of rampage!!

  40. Bob says:

    how you guys going to take what truth he spoke about Chael and twist it around to make him look like a bad person. Fuck Chael and all his fans..

  41. Azorr says:

    Hey rampage
    Why don’t you learn to fight everyone they put in front of you instead of crying like a little bitch. “No one will stand up and fight me. ”
    It’s called MMA for a reason. Go box and get your out of shape ass kicked over there.

  42. DIck Diaz says:

    lol Rampage once again coming through with the provocative statements and actions…

  43. NiggerDick says:

    My nigga rampage, bein the dumb nigga he always is, gotta love it!

  44. That’s awesome. Rampage real talk. Fael’s response was lame and weak as his fight against silva lol!!!

  45. theeducatedfan says:

    No one, and i mean no one, should defend rampage. he cries more than anyone about how he doesnt get treated fairly and how is matchups are bad. this guy hasnt looked good in forever. he’s better at running from the police and being a shitty actor. *GET EDUCATED*

  46. tony says:

    rampage lookin fat . glover gonna hurt him

  47. Nick says:

    Hope Dana gives Rampage a 1 fight extension just so he could fight Chael.

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