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Friday, 01/25/2013, 11:29 am

Rampage Jackson Explains What He Will Miss About The UFC | UFC NEWS

“I will miss a lot of things. I will miss Bert Watson backstage. He’s funny; he’s cool to hang around. Honestly, if you are on Dana’s good side, he’s one of the coolest guys. Lorenzo Fertitta’s always been cool with me; and Frank. I will miss the good fans. When you’re walking back to the locker room, when you win, the fans are cheering you on.

“There are a lot of things about the UFC that I will miss.”

Rampage Jackson makes his last stand in the UFC tomorrow night. The former champion has emphatically stated over and over again that he will no longer fight for the UFC following tomorrow night’s bout and instead will pursue his fighting career other places.

In this interview with ESPN, Rampage gives a glimpse of what he will miss in the UFC.


12 Responses to “Rampage Jackson Explains What He Will Miss About The UFC | UFC NEWS”

  1. McLovin says:

    If Wampage is worried about making money, going to a smaller organization isn’t the way to do it.

  2. D-rack says:

    Rampage needs a smaller organization so he’s one of the top dogs, in the UFC he’s just average. And the money thing he’s a big name/big draw but he’s just average

  3. Brend0magic says:

    Is this Rampage’s last fight for good? Or just in the UFC? Where’s he gonna go from here? Try and be the Bellator champ? Or glory or w/e…doesn’t make sense to me. Yea he could probably become the champ of another org. but then people will just want to see him back in the UFC again.

  4. Time To Wrestle says:

    Jackson is done folks, The UFC is the pinnacle. He’s old like all the Pride old men. They all need to retire and get out of the way for people to have their chance to become champs.

    • YouLoveChodes says:

      Who exactly is he stopping from becoming a champion, slap dick? He obviously doesn’t have the skill set to become champion in the UFC anymore, not saying it’s impossible, just unlikely. Saying he needs to retire and get out of the way so others can have their chance at becoming champion is absolutely fucking retarded.

      Punch yourself in the testies untill you’re sure you’ve done enough damage that you can no longer reproduce. If Joe Rogan were here right now he’d say “How dare you”.

  5. sal says:

    True, at least he is going out , not getting cut. Funny feeling he will be back some way shape or form!

  6. Blackrob says:

    Rampage doesn’t wanna leave just because money. He feels disrespected fighting for the UFC. UFC fighters are some of the lowest paid athletes. To say the fighters that came over from pride should retire is the dumbest thing you can say. Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva, Rampage should all retire?

  7. the truth says:

    rampage thats all u need bro im tellin u stay in there almost hoping u ko or tko or win agaisnt glover but i like glover more so idk u gotta push to climb up maan , AKA in everyones estteeeem towards you!! DO IT MANG somehow lol i vote for glover tho no offenses

  8. Nicz says:

    He’s converting to boxing.

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