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Monday, 09/10/2012, 02:21 pm

Rampage Jackson Discussing How Boring MMA Is, Wants To Go To Boxing Or Kickboxing | UFC NEWS

Rampage and King Mo discuss how MMA is changing, the pitfalls of being involved in the sport, and their opinions on what would make for better fights.


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42 Responses to “Rampage Jackson Discussing How Boring MMA Is, Wants To Go To Boxing Or Kickboxing | UFC NEWS”

  1. McLovin says:

    More excuses by Wampage.

    • True sojah says:

      Psshh!! Nigga please!! Let write on this punks comments….I am down with what rampage has to say and back his shit up 100%. Ain’t no one gonna do the things they do to bring it, once the entertainment is done with you, it’s all thanks and goodbye while $$$ is being tossed to the next fighter whos trying to make a living doing what they love to do. So to the MMa soljahz, You deserve all my respect for having to battle with injuries just to entertain and make someone else richer.

      Time for me to hop off this bitch, thanks for the free ride broad casting my shit’
      Oh and shut your mouth about rampage

  2. Rata Killer says:

    Please do not get my wrong. There are very few thing left for Rampage to probe in MMA, he was an still is an extraordinary fighter. But non the less I think his peak performance is long gone, I don’t see any title shots with big time promotions any time soon (actually there is only one, the UFC), and the top 10 contender spots are filled with younger and very talented fighters. He should reconsider the way he speak of a craft ans sport that has been nothing but generous with him.

  3. BJC says:

    See you Waaaaampage.
    If your still whining about the promoters making money and your not.Start your own Darn company and see how that goes for you.Go fight in Kick boxing I think not.Forrest proved you can’t take a leg kick.Boxing you might just have a punchers chance.But your boxing skills are not that great.Maybe you and Kimbo can promote a ppv I don’t think you would get to many takers.Maybe you can join Tim Silvia and andre orlofski and start a new promotion

  4. Dick Diaz says:

    this guy doesn’t throw enough leg kicks!!! haha joe rogan

  5. Hsdfgd says:

    Wow, look at the morons of the world. Yeeep. Keep commenting faggots, he’s 100% right about everything.

    • tdyjbftyjfnj says:

      Agreed. I understand taking minimal damage but some point fighters are getting ridiculous. Look what happened to Clay Guida, of all people. Greg Jackson turned him to the dark side, or the point side.

      Emperor Darth Greg Jackson is trying to turn everyone to the Point Side of the Force. He must be stopped!

  6. bolgna jones says:

    Who’s bolgna jones? And, why am i seeing

    Why are the admin people so careless? Why doesn’t BJ fire them? This is atrocious. A twelve year old, can better webMASTER privacy like this…. f’n joke…

  7. stonerman says:

    He’s only saying that because he is on a 2 fight losing streak. Maybe he would not be so bored if he mixed it up abit instead of just using boxing in the octagon.

  8. I’ve never liked Anderson Silva…. But the more i hear these idiots cry about getting taking down the more I like Siva..WHY?. because Silva has no wrestling background and never cry’s about wrestlers trying to go to the ground.. If you can’t stop a takedown or get up when your ass gets taken down you have absolutely no business in the UFC…..

  9. jim wheeler says:

    I absolutely agree, the pressure to win at all cost or you get dropped sux, just imagine all the pressure there is to fight safe hence the boring fights, i would like to see more known fighters on the roster, its very unappealing when you see a bunch of names you have never herd of, at least put them up against ex champions or fighters with huge popularity. UFC is ultimate fighting champions, so put the ultimate fighters on show.

  10. Mike b says:

    I like page but in all actuality his last 4 fights were boring as fu* maybe that’s why he thinks like that.he got manhandled by rashad then won a boring as fight with machida,another boring win against hamil,then Jon choked him out in a not so exciting match maybe he needs to step his game up and stop I said I like page but just cause some of ur last performances weren’t that exciting don’t shit on the sport that’s putting food in ur children’s mouth and clothes on their backs.step it up baby…..oh yeah and bader,that fight cured my insomnia…..

  11. B-rad says:

    I would watch if he entered a K1 tournement. But i doubt he would win

  12. Shaun Myers says:

    Good job insulting the fans. What are they trying to say? Correct me if i’m wrong but are they saying that we (the fans of MMA) are not real men/strong women because we are not fighters? Are they saying that the only reason I watch MMA is because I’m jealous and really want to be a pro. fighter but I’m too scared to do it? What a bunch of bullshit coming out of ignorant mouths. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Rampage but he didn’t sound very good in this interview. This is a perfect example of thinking about what you say, especially on camera.

  13. Rob says:

    Shut the fuck up you pussy ass fat necked nerds. Everything he said there is correct 100%. Y’all are hating on Rampage, but in reality face to face, you’ll get on your knees and kiss everyone of his toes, then beg to suck his schlong. Fucking goofs. I’m not even a Rampage fan, I dislike him but just because you dislike somebody doesn’t mean you have to disagree with everything they say. You people need to grow up. LEGIT.

    • Mike b says:

      Damn dude relax,were just stating our opinions.everythings gonna be alright……I think mostly everybody on this forum likes page,but just cause we like the guy dosent mean we have to agree with everything the man says……

    • Philly says:

      @Rob…Wow, it’s amazing how some people (like you) don’t seem to be capable of understanding the obvious. Your point that the same people who criticize Rampage on this site wouldn’t say it to his face, is irrelevant. Just because someone might not want to risk getting hurt by insulting someone to their face, doesn’t make their point any less valid. Your second point, that “just because you dislike somebody doesn’t mean you have to disagree with everything they say” is f***king retarded. No one is disagreeing with “EVERYTHING” he’s saying…just what he said in this article. That’s the point of this site: To read people’s comments and then to offer our opinions. From now on, replace “LEGIT” with “CLUELESS”.

    • Ironfist says:

      U say u dislike rampage but ur going on this rant about how we are fucking puss*** cause we are disagreeing with him,what????are u confused buddy..

  14. Gil says:

    Rampage from a legends perspective. I agree. The UFC and greg whackson has made this sport boring. no more exciting fights left. Looka t what clay guida did in his last fight. he ran. look at cruz, he runs. all of the champs run run run. boring

  15. RIIIIGHT says:

    People shit on Rampage because he’s not as well spoken in his critiques of the way certain aspects of the sport have evolved as some other people so his message isn’t delivered correctly. No I’m not being a nut hugger, no I’m not a Rampage fan boy, but I will say that there are a few things to point out that the average fan doesn’t seem to be picking up on. 1. Nothing that’s coming out of his mouth is nearly as ridiculous as something Chael Sonnen would get praised for saying, and his honesty about fighting injured in recent fights is one of the things Chael is praised for as well. 2. People say he needs to learn how to wrestle… hes FINE at getting back up to his feet most of the time. Bader layed on him when he was in the worst shape we’ve ever seen him in and injured, he’s gotten to his feet and had good TD defense against Rashad and Jones. Sure Jones choked him out but HE’S JONES. That’s nothing to be that ashamed off loss-wise. He’s fighting the best in the biz. 3. He’s damn right most of us wouldn’t even be able to make it through one of his camps, that shit must be miserable. I roll jujitsu a few times and I’m tired, imagine tossing in boxing and weight lifting and wrestling all in the same day over and over again for weeks preparing to have one shot to fight one of the best athletes in the world with the hopes of putting on an entertaining performance in your preferred style despite constant criticism for preferring to add to your ridiculous highlight reel of destruction rather than worrying about your standings in the rankings. Rampage may not be a scholar, he may not be a PR machine, he may not be the most well rounded fighter in the world, but I respect the fact that he wants to come out and fight people toe to toe that the majority of us wouldn’t last a minute with, fighters or not. He tends to talk himself into a hole, but what I’m thinking the message he’s trying to get across is that fighters deserve more respect for even showing up in this crazy sport and he’s right. 3 fights to prove yourself or you’re cut after achieving so much like him and Wandi and Shogun and Chuck have dealt with under insane critiques even though they were fighting at the highest levels in the biz is bullshit. Taking big pay cuts even though youre a legend and you’ve done a lot to build the sport while your boss, the media, and your company talks you into the dirt character assasination style after a loss/bad performance/shitty PR move or two then turns around and praises you after a win has to be disenchanting. Especially when fans tend to eat it up and regurgitate it. Sure he’s one of the aging guys that’s not the machine he once was but I can see where he’s coming from regarding certain things. It’s like when everyone on ESPN was talking trash about the NY GIANTS all year last year and how terrible they were up to the superbowl, then they win, the first thing you hear this season is how amazing they played. It’s a load of shit talking by people who aren’t there that day themselves. You win some, you lose some in any sport. You have good days and bad days. These guys are modern day Gladiators and they deserve more respect from the fans, their employers, etc. after getting bashed in the head and putting their bodies on the line for 40-50 fights. They didn’t HAVE to do this all that time, they don’t HAVE to continue to. They’re competitors… which is a lot more than most of the people trolling them on the internet will ever be. Oh and 4. Greg Jacksons camp and coaches like him do have a huge hand in changing the sport with their fighters in and outside of the cage, if that’s something he thinks is lame that’s fine, I think point fighting is lame too. Some people like it, some people don’t. Some people think you should fight injured, with or without preparation, whatever, some people think it’s stupid… some people think you should worry about your brand, some people want to fight regardless. Rampage fights dudes in a cage. He shows up. I get it.

  16. Bromans says:

    Get a föööööking blogg duch

  17. JP says:

    I agree with Rampage here. Not sure why there’s hatred for him… he’s a hella cool guy. MMA fighters definitely need more pay.

  18. Kanaka mon says:

    Page is right mma in UFC is not mma in my opinion.They should legalize knees on the ground to better stop the shoot from wrestlers.I’m tired of wrestlers eking out decision by just take downs alone.more WWE guys are coming to UFC.theres going to be fixed fights on da wide eventully…

  19. DMAC says:

    I hear you page! K1 needs some star power I wouldn’t mind seeing him vs some of those next level strikers. Between bitch ass fans and LNP fighters I can see where he’s coming from. Rampage is too old to learn new tricks he’s from the old breed of fighters, still got my respect.

  20. ya herd says:

    agreed ufc has been getting borning and just a bit wwe hype shit its just getting to much just fight and see who the real men are dont hump a guy for 15-25 minutes just to get a win

  21. I really don’t understand some of you “fans” – its MMA, if you dont enjoy the ground game, why even watch MMA? , try boxing or K1 ,take that standup only shit to another website or better yet another sport – would you give NFL players shit for tackling each other? no cos its part of the damn sport. Some of you haters I’m betting have never even rolled before, you should try it before you talk so much trash about how wrestling and bjj is boring cos it aint.

  22. Wow, I used to be a huge Rampage Jackson fan, but someone needs to give him a serious reality check. I mean, I agree that trainers like Greg Jackson are devising gameplans that are not condusive to an exciting fight, but that should affect the VIEWER, not the guy who’s actually fighting. He really needs to look in the mirror instead of pointing the finger at everyone but himself; I don’t think there’s a fighter currently active who has regressed more than Rampage. In Pride, he was a well rounded fighter who would mix his striking and grappling abilities that made him a dangerous and exciting fighter. Then he comes to the UFC and becomes strictly a boxer, but was still successful for the most part. Unfortunately, he’s regressed even further (especially in his last three fights) and become an even more predictable fighter, only throwing wild haymakers and looking for that one knockout blow. You can’t even call that boxing, it’s brawling, very reminisent of Tank Abbott. Worst of all, he’s become the exact type of fighter he’s criticizing: boring, predictable, and uninteresting. That’s on him, not the trainers, promoters, fighters, or whoever else he’s pointing the finger at today. And for the love of God, enough with the money already. He was one of the highest paid guys in the company, was featured TWICE on their reality show, and was marketed by Dana and the UFC much better than he’ll ever be willing to admit. He would still be headlining pay per views now if he didn’t turn into this mediocre version of the fighter he used to be. Believe me, this dude had been my favorite fighter ever since he had the Apollo Creed trunks in his first fight versus Sakuraba, no one was more excited than me when he was brought into the UFC. I really miss that version of Rampage, and while I’m still a fan, its becoming more and more difficult to defend and support someone who frankly comes off as bitter and ungrateful to a sport and company that made him a star.He wants to try kickboxing? That’s funny, because you can kickbox in mixed martial arts, I can’t remember the last time I saw him throw an effective kick. No takedowns, no slams, very little clinch work and ground and pound, it’s stalk and punch, stalk and punch, you’re lucky to even see a combination. And I’m sorry, but you don’t need an eight week training camp if that’s all you’re going to do. All that being said, at least I have the old Pride DVD’s to watch, because that’s the Rampage I want to remember.

  23. Shadleigh says:

    Another fukking novel length post, lmao. WTF is wrong with people!?!? As for Rampage quit wining about getting taken down, etc. it’s called MMA for a fukking reason douche bag.

  24. Alfadog1 says:

    I don’t like rampage but you can’t say that he’s not talking the truth here and he’s not saying that boxing is better than mma he’s saying that he’s tired of the bullahit that goes on behind the actual fights in UFC. The more mma progresses the more we will see people point scoring and putting on boring fights the judging is fucking ridiculous and needs to be changed one UFC there was a female judge who had to ask another judge what the fighter was doing and he was doing a kimoura it’s bullshit and fighters are very underpaid I think if KO and submission bonuses were upped to about 60 70 grand wed see people fucking going at it trying to kill each other not boring fights and rampage is right no fan can call an mma fighter crap cause they could never do what any mma fighter does

  25. ya herd says:

    i like the ground game but it gets abused to much if they arnt landing damaging punches or attacking with submisions etc, they should stand the fight up or get pride rules if u stall u get yellow card thats why the ufc will never ever be as exciting as pride there is to much humping with know damage being done at all

  26. Bob'O says:

    Nothing but more complaining from crybaby Quinton. I love the guy, but all he does is whine all the time these days.

    He wants the UFC to slurp on his ass like ice cream but those days are over. They should give him Sonnen just to piss him off. ~Bob’O

  27. Xaninho says:

    He’s right about Greg Jackson.

    MMA needs a few adjustments in the rules to keep it exciting though. Yellow cards for inactivity like Lay n Pray or doing a running man for instance would force fighters to actually engage and win a fight instead of avoiding it.

    Judges need to get educated before sitting cageside and robbing fighters of their well-deserved win.

    There should be fightday weigh-ins so the ridiculous weightcutting can be stopped, fighters with kidney failures and other health issues is no joke and it’s basically a form of cheating. Sometimes one of the fighters is two weightclasses above the other one on fightnight, it’s insane.

  28. A.James says:

    If you go over Rampage’s career youll have more respect for the guy. He’s beaten great fighters from his generation that people loved so he was never put on a pedastal. This is the guy who knocked out a prime Chuck Liddell twice and ended his career. TWICE and the IFC fans still show love to Chuck which he does deserve but why not show love to Rampage? Liddell, Wanderlei, Hendo… C’mon. This guy has beaten your heroes and that’s why everyone hates him. GTFOH

  29. Xaninho says:

    Rampage is injured. Pulled out of UFC153.


    I Know he’s injured.But he got his wish in fighting a striker,in Glover.And he’s still crying

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