Wednesday, 06/26/2013, 07:19 am

Rampage: I’d love to f— up Roy Nelson

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (32-11 MMA) has recently expressed interest in moving up to heavyweight and a bout with Roy “Big Country” Nelson (19-7 MMA, 6-3 UFC) is defintely one he would be up for.

In an interview with, Rampage was asked if there was anything specific he wanted to focus on before making his Bellator debut:

“Everything. I need to work on everything, man. I need to work on my Muay Thai. I need to work on my wrestling. I need to work on my ground game and even my boxing. That’s what I’ve been doing.”

When asked about a potential heavyweight bout with current free agent Roy Nelson, Rampage had this to say:

“I would love to fight Roy Nelson. Fuck him up!”

The former UFC light heavyweight champion, Rampage, recently signed a long term deal with Bellator Fighting Championships and with Roy Nelson having just completed his contract with the UFC, this is a bout that could actually come to fruition.

Is this a fight you would like to see put together? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


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  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    If you and Big Country throwdown, You better make sure your technique is looking better than it has lately,

  2. Attila Von Stryker says:

    Rampage Couldn’t F-up a cheeseburger… he would gas out halfway through the pickle, let alone Roy Nelson. GO AWAY RAMPAGE … EVEN YOUR “WRESTLING” APPEARANCE WAS EMBARASSING!

    • Thom1 says:

      Yeah because Roy’s cardio is amazing right? Rampage is a legend of the sport, also stop addressing him he will never even read your dumbass comment.

  3. David says:

    Funny how Rampage says that……AFTER HE LEAVES THE UFC! I’m sorry, but that’s some bullshit. If you wanted to fight Roy Nelson, your ass shoulda stayed in the UFC and fought Roy Nelson.

  4. jerry says:

    They are just creating this hype to try and lure big country that way rebney knows his drawing power

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