Saturday, 03/01/2014, 09:50 am


Rampage: ‘I signed with Bellator to beat the sh** out of King Mo’

“I knew I was never going to fight [Lawal] in any of the other organizations I was with, because I knew he wasn’t going to come. I think I can be 100-percent honest with you when I say that half the reason I signed with Bellator was because I was signing with Viacom — not just an MMA organization, but a whole big company — and that I could finally get a chance to beat the s–t out of ‘King Mo’ for all the stuff he said. But I forgive him.”

In a recent interview with, former UFC light-heavyeight champ, ‘Rampage’ Jackson, explained his reasoning behind leaving the UFC for Bellator.

King Mo and Rampage got into a heated altercation last night (Video here) and will face off in the Bellator tournament finals later this year.


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