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Friday, 01/25/2013, 11:55 am

Rampage Has Made $15.2 Million In The UFC Says UFC Boss | UFC NEWS

“I’m not annoyed at all. Rampage is a grown man. I’m actually kinda bummed out and I feel kinda sorry for him that he’s doing this. I don’t know why he’s taking this approach. If you want to be mad at me and mad at the UFC, feel however you feel. I feel like I’ve done right by Rampage. I feel like I’ve done right for him.

The guy came out and said skateboarders make more than him. Rampage, since 2007, has made $15.2M in the UFC. I know a lot of skateboarders, it’s weird, but I actually live in that world. I’m into that skate and surf and stuff. Unless they’re talking about Tony Hawk or Rob Dyrdek or one of those guys, skateboarders aren’t making $15.2M.

The way that he’s acting, the way that he treated the media today. The media’s here to ask you questions and this is part of the deal this is how this works. I actually feel kinda sorry for him. Whatever he’s got in his mind, he’s playing this thing the wrong way. When this fight is over, we’re either gonna do a new deal or we’re not gonna do a new deal, we’ll see what happens. I just think he’s handling this thing the wrong way.”

UFC president Dana White tells it how it is following yesterday’s UFC on FOX 6 press conference.


11 Responses to “Rampage Has Made $15.2 Million In The UFC Says UFC Boss | UFC NEWS”

  1. Sparta says:

    I used to love Rampage (and yes I saw him fight in the days of Pride)… Wear a huge chain around my neck (like a poser) when I watched him fight (kinda like wearing your favourite teams jersey)… It’s been a hella long time since he has been in his words ‘entertaining’ to watch in the cage.

    He always has an excuse for everything, more often than not, can’t implement his will during a fight, and points out fighters who use certain types of strikes and or game plans to win (which no one said he can’t use, he simply choses not to).

    In my humble opinion as a fan and not a fighter, his willingness to leave the UFC won’t affect anything, long or short term for anyone, fans or otherwise.

    Just a suggestion Rampage, Reebok is a great sponsor, but a cheese company would be a better fit for you… It would compliment your whine 😉

    P.S.: My prediction, Glover will knock Rampage into next week in the 3rd round.

    • Time To Wrestle says:

      Jackson is just plain OLD bro. He doesn’t like putting in the work needed to keep his old ass in shape and he is tired of the beatings he’s taken. He also is a bitch and a millionaire whiner. Can you imagine how much of a piece of shit your need to be to complain about being a multimillionaire for beating on people? Rampage deserves NO RESPECT for his character, he should be shunned.

      • Sparta says:

        I understand 100% what you are saying bro.

        I just feel a little sad that a fighter that I liked so much is going to fade out the way he is… In the end, he’s a man and it’s his choice.

        Not to mention, it was his decision to go out on the open road, drugged out of his mind, and drive his vehicle (with his face plastered on the sides) into pedestrian sidewalks! All this under UFC contract, but was never released. So much for UFC treating him as bad as he states!

        Anyways, this said, many are older than Rampage but have learned to ‘adapt’ to modern MMA. For Jackson to say he is a dying breed is an understatement that confirms he is and has been out of the game for a while now.

        So go try some boxing or whatever sport that tolerates or even elevates cry babies Mr Jackson. I will be happy to spend my less that millions of hard earned dollars on a PPV that doesn’t involve you.

        • Time To Wrestle says:

          Everybody gets old brother, all have to go out. Some go out gracefully (not many) and most go out like Jackson. Whining and crying little multimillionaire!!! Your memories of the days Rampage was hungry and on his game are over but you still have your memories of then. Just need to accept that those days are over and the Rampage today is a multimillionaire Waaampage!

        • Thom says:

          I think we all need to accept that ‘Time to Wrestle’ is a homo.

        • Time To Wrestle says:

          There you go again Thom, making friends and influencing people where ever you go….lmao.

  2. jay says:

    Rampage is a boss. An fair play he stands for what he wants. Fuckin the fans opinions.
    ‘I used to like rampage.’.. What until he fell out with the ufc…sheep

  3. Sparta says:

    No, only when I realized with real eyes his real lies…

    In other words, when I noticed that whatever the organization he would feel treated less than best, thus bitchin’ and moaning to get attention. You know, the skeaky wheel gets the grease approach.

  4. The King says:

    fuck rampage, he’s so shit.

  5. Big J says:

    It’s funny how Dana White says I won’t tell what a fighter makes because it can destroy their lifestyle if I do, but he was quick to share Rampage’s earnings…

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