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Saturday, 01/19/2013, 10:41 am

Rampage Considering Move To Boxing Following Final UFC Bout | UFC NEWS

Next week, former UFC Light-heavyweight champion, Rampage Jackson takes on Glover Teixeria on the UFC on FOX 6 main card in what will be his last contracted UFC fight.

Jackson has earned the right to be considered one of the sports best and brightest stars and he has done so both inside and outside the cage.

Now the former champion hopes to take on new roles as an athlete and as he tells ESPN, he may want to try his hands in the great sport of the sweet science.

“I’ve given [UFC] time to keep me happy,” said Jackson. “Honestly, I think the UFC is happy with me leaving. It’s a mutual thing.”

“I’ve put my time in. I did my thing,” Jackson said. “I just want to entertain people. I want to be very exciting. Maybe I want to try some boxing or do some kickboxing. I’ve done jiu-jitsu tournaments, wrestling tournaments, kickboxing fights — but never boxing. I think that would be my biggest challenge — to see if I can be a pro boxer.”


10 Responses to “Rampage Considering Move To Boxing Following Final UFC Bout | UFC NEWS”

  1. maximus says:

    His conditioning is nowhere near where it has to be for boxing

    • Nekrogoblikon says:

      to imply that boxing takes more cardio then any sport that involves grappling is simply retarded. it would be significantly easier for him to get in shape for a boxing match then an mma fight. however he looks lazy anymore so he will probably just retire all together.

      • Dee says:

        You’ve never boxed 10 rounds before have you?

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Dee – you’ve obviously not been involved in a 45 minute grappling match…

          It’s a different level of fitness, I’m not arguing MMA is harder just different, boxing is way less intense so they can pace themselves, MMA is full on for 3 or 5, 5 minute rds. People who haven’t wrestled or grappled have no idea of how much energy it takes.

          Rampage has no hope as a boxer, his boxing is not that good….The problem with Rampage (and I am a fan) is he feels the UFC owes him somehting, always bitches and complains about the match ups. He wanted a guy who will stand up and fight him and he has that now in Glover. Really looking forward to this fight but I see Glover winning this by KO.

    • Thom says:

      You can’t base that off his MMA fights, because it’s completely different..

  2. Time To Wrestle says:

    All fighting arts take tremendous amounts of conditioning. And as Dee mentioned, try and box for 10 rounds and let’s see how well you can hold your arms up!! If you haven;t conditioned yourself, it’s a b**ch. But all in all, wrestling really requires the best conditioning. Wrestler’s are just tougher than anybody else because of their training.

    • eugene says:

      The differences in wrestling is that you aren’t conditioning yourself to take shots to the body and face; and not to mention having to dish is back as well. You’re still training your legs, body, arms, and head to be moving at all times for a long period of time. I feel your answer is a little biased.

  3. DELA says:

    I feel what Jackson is saying. Putting on a show for the fans. He’d make a fine 4 rd. pro boxer. Nothing more than an attraction. Like butter bean or Kimbo. He would make himself and promoters some money. He never mentions tryin to be elite. That ship sailed long ago and would be absolutely impossible for him to achieve. A good money move none the less. Good luck Rampage.

  4. wildarmed says:

    Since I do both ill say that boxing is definitely less taxing than anything involving grappling. Grappling is more anaerobic so by nature you will tire quicker. It is easier to stay in your aerobic threshold while boxing.

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