Thursday, 06/06/2013, 06:30 am

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Seeks Move to Heavyweight

Along with the cavalcade of recent ‘Rampage’ news comes word of the former UFC light-heavyweight champion moving to Bellator’s heavyweight division.

Rampage stated to that in this stage of his life, a move to heavyweight might be smarter and easy to accomplish:

“I finally got the love back and I’m thinking about going to heavyweight because I’m older now. I think heavyweight would be a good move because I like the big guys. I think I’d be faster than them. I don’t mind trying to knock out some big guys.”

This could be good for Rampage who has spent a career fighting similarly sized men and as of late, being at a speed disadvantage. Perhaps in a heavier division, speed will be on his side along with power, technique, and experience over anyone in Bellator’s heavyweight division.

Making a healthy change to heavyweight while maintaining a peak physical aptitude shouldn’t be a problem as Jackson walks around at close to 230lbs outside of a training camp.


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  1. Sparta says:

    This guy is delusional.

  2. blahblah says:

    I heard he walked around at 254 before his fight with Rashad Evans so who knowwwws. We might see him at a ripped 240-245.

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