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Saturday, 03/10/2012, 10:40 am

Quinton Goes On A “Rampage” | Wants UFC To Release Him, Faults Promotion For Losing Love Of Sport

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson took to twitter last night to release his frustrations with the UFC to the fans.

This is the second time in the past week that “Rampage” has expressed his disgust with the UFC. He said HERE that he will compete in one-more fight for them to fulfill his obligations and then find a new home to fight for.

He has long been a character with volatile emotions but could this really be the end of “Rampage” Jackson?

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100 Responses to “Quinton Goes On A “Rampage” | Wants UFC To Release Him, Faults Promotion For Losing Love Of Sport”

  1. Chris says:

    Just fight out the rest of your contract and move on. We get it, you’re pissed.

  2. GetOffAndersonsNuts says:

    Dont be mad because u cant fight anymore lol… u havent finished anybody in like 4 years lol. Just retire man, u were good but ur a chump now, u have no killer instinct to finsish the fights especially when ur clearly losing the fight. Rampage and Wanderlai should just fight one time, battle of the wash ups… would actually be pretty entertaining

    • nope nope n more nope says:

      sorry your calling wandy a wash up he just beat cung lee dummy and like last year he beat bisping what are you on about maybe he doesnt fight as often anymore but when he does he beats high level guys

      • GetOffAndersonsNuts says:

        Hey man, just out of curiosity… whats Silva’s record in the UFC again? Lol, he beat Cung Le who hadn’t fought in years… Silva has I’m pretty sure THE worst UFC record of all time. Sit down.

        • Delano says:

          I have to agree… Wanderlei’s record horrible… sure he’s been in some wars.. but lost his last 2 fights in PRIDE (both by KO). Then lost his first fight in the UFC and has a 3-4 record in the UFC now. That is HORRIBLE !! His early run in PRIDE was amazing.. but near the end of PRIDE til now he’s been nothing but half of the shadow that he used to be.

        • deez nuts says:

          he was roided out in pride now hes off the juice so hes not as good

        • Everyone knows Mark Hunt broke teh Wandy.


        • Xaninho says:

          He’s 34-11 chump….Your bf Chael Sonnen’s 27-11 is worse for example.

        • Xaninho says:

          Wandy’s is 34-11, your bf Chael Sonnen’s 27-11 is worse.

    • Advent says:

      And what the fuck have you ever done? You’re gonna a man that could kill you in a minute a chump because you know you’re safe in mommy’s basement? You’re the definition of a pussy.

  3. slacker says:

    He’s turning into a real whiney bitch now. One or two dimensional fighters don’t cut it in MMA anymore. He knows this and these other points are just an excuse. He was one of the greats but it’s time to get out if you don’t want to adapt.

  4. WaG kA nA ! ! ! says:

    I agree. Aside from being at the twilight of his career, Rampage is also demotivated. That’s why we see more of the excuses and complaining. He’d still be one of the greats, but it’d be better if he retires before he loses all credibility.

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I say get back on the TRT because he is obviously depressed. He should borrow Meta World Peace’s shrink and get to the bottom of his problems. Much love for Rampage though.

  6. GreenThumb210 says:

    ugh oh sounds like hes about to lose it again, who’s baby will he kill this time?

  7. Yeas says:

    Rampage is awesome, but yeah if you’re unhappy then leave. UFC’s fighter pay-outs are a little suspect but comparing them to boxing, which is a somewhat broken sport, isn’t really making the point he wants to make.

    • slacker says:

      Yeah, the guy has an awesome legacy, but he refuses to adapt to the new MMA. The champs and top guys now have great ground as well as stand – up, are more technical, use more footwork, and are cardio freaks. He is becoming somewhat of a relic. He has won many memorable fights and will always be remembered for those. But don’t start degrading your legacy by talking nonsense. Now, you are even bringing your negativity onto Pride. Come on. Get real.

  8. Sweet game plan says:

    Yup..Rampage you just did the UFC a favor by asking..I’m sure they wanted to cut your ass for coming in way over weight but felt bad..well now pack your shit and Goodbye

  9. true mma says:

    The ufc needs to pay there fighters more. Share the wealth.

  10. Chump Change? Fuck you Rampage…. I’ve seen your fucking cribs episode you piece of shit. Multi million dollar house, 9 cars (3 of which the UFC bought you). And you have more money in the bank to last a lifetime. Chump change my ass. The problem is that you feel entitled to more money because of who you are, your lucky the UFC still pays you what you have. And thats the issue here rampage, you say you came from nothing, but act like you deserve more and more. Just be happy that you have a multi million dollar house and so many cars that most will just there and never be driven. Your a cock sucker. I used to be a fan up until today. I cant stand your fucking crying all the time. Your a fighter, not a pussy. You have so much and your cry and complain for more cause your greedy. How about stop balming the UFC and everyone else for your problems. Start taking responsibility.

    • dude wtf are you talking about ? UFC is RAPING ALL of these fighters. The UFC has a monopoly on the sport and of course black balls anyone who even consider backing the much needed union. Rampage has been the main draw for almost EVERY UFC event he has been on because people love to see him fight and he makes the company a shitload of money! WHO the fuck are you to say he doesn’t deserve to make a certain amount of money? if I make a company 50 million dollars a year from PPV and Gate revenue I want more than 1 or 2 million$ a year in return

    • mike says:

      9 cars huh, Rampage will be filing for bankruptcy in 3 years. Mark my words. Sounds like classic NBA syndrome.

    • Bighurt says:

      He would put you in time out.

    • jonsey says:

      i agree some guys get under paid,,,but fukin rampage makes serious money fromm ufc…i saw his fukin house also…this guy is greedy..u cant ever give a spook class…u give give them all the money but brains and class u can not buy,,,,rampage has been done for a long long time,,,in my opinion they should haave cut him after her could not beat matt hamill….hamill is less then a gate keeper for 205 and is only in ufc cuz he is deaf and helps for good ratingsd…the ufc normally protects hamill .but rampage needed a ko to get him back on track so they gave him hammill

      • mma99 says:

        I understand. He probably is scared of getting beaten up over and over until his contract is up. So rather than swallowing up his pride and losing or better yet retiring, he goes and makes up the excuse of being underpaid. Making outlandish rants on Twitter so UFC releases him. In the long run, he knows he can’t beat a tin-can in the UFC anymore. At least, he’s not choosing to just show up to collect another paycheck like his Japan performance. I was there for that, what a disappointment. He got the best introduction, and the audience got one body slam and that’s all.

    • Xaninho says:

      Guess you forgot he was BA in The A-team huh? That’s what a big chunk of his house and cars was paid with.

      I’m not saying we need to feel sorry for them, but sometimes I wonder just how much money is really made in total.

  11. Disappointed says:

    Rampage dude, I love you, but you seriously need to shut the fuck up.
    You’re lucky the UFC are keeping you near the main events;
    You’re not a finisher, you’re not beating top guys decisively, you’ve got no motivation and you keep ragging on the promotion that puts food on your table, and yet they still gave you your request to headline Japan, you’re still one of the highest earners in the sport thanks exclusively to the UFC.
    Saying that your getting chump change is a bullshit argument, because who’s going to pay you more.
    Stop tainting your legacy, which you’ve earned 100%, by whining like a bitch.
    You’re a former light-heavyweight champion, fucking act like one.

  12. Nick says:

    Man you guys are disrespectful for a man who is a legend in the sport. Either support him or shut the fuck up.

  13. lex walker says:

    he should just start boxing after his next fight

  14. russell says:

    Wanderlei has won 3 of his last 9 fights…rampage is right when it comes to ufc fighters compared to boxers. Tito was the highest paid fighter last year and made an estimated 1.1 million, on 4 fights I believe. A boxer like Floyd Mayweather makes 30 million a fight.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I get what you are saying but Floyd takes like 80% of the PPV sales. He and Pac are the highest paid boxers out there. After they retire I’m sure people will start to take notice that boxers are getting paid a lot less because the demand won’t be as strong.

      You also have to put into perspective that there are at least 20 fighters on the card, the money that is disclosed is from gate sales. The money is also going to be more spread out between the fighters and that includes PPV and not to mention the medical plan that the UFC has for it’s fighters. PPV sales as far as I know are undisclosed and is part of their contracts. If you are a popular fighter in the UFC you’re gonna make bank but not 80% of the PPV.

  15. Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:

    He’s just pissed off about all the child support he owes in Japan!

  16. saxs says:

    you guys are dumb fucks. rampage is so right its wrong. there was like 375K PPV orders last card multiply that at least 50 a pop 60 for hd that’s and the ufc fighters don’t see any PPV money thats over 18 million dollars and they dont even shell 18 million dollars a year to Jon Jones, St-Pierre, Anderson Silva combined. High level fighters such as rampge and silva get like 250K to fight and another 250k if they win. Im not saying rampge needs to be paid alot of money but the Atlanta card is gona make so much money because of the jon vs rashad not because they market it so well it sells. AND at least rampage is fucking entertaining he is down to bang not fuckin wrestle around cuz ur scared to get KTFO. Jon jones is the only one to finish him in the UFC.

    • lowzy says:

      you’re a potato who doesn’t know what the fuck your talking about most top level main event fighters in the ufc get a percentage of the ppv sales not as much as say mayweather but thats cause hes his own promoter so he can keep it all to himself whereas the ufc has to share it out to a few fighters and most of a ufc fighters pay comes from sponsorship which isnt released so no one knows how much there really getting paid anyway

  17. really? says:

    you guys are the pathetic ones, talking crap about a ufc fighter when you guys are the ones watching and wishing you could do what they do. Unless youre a better fighter than rampage then none of you deserve to say anything. you dont have to watch rampages fights and you dont have to follow rampage on twitter

  18. ufc ripp off says:

    ufc rips off fans and its own fighters

    • Mike McMack says:

      Yeah the UFC could pay their guys more for sure. If you take out Floyd and Manny then the two sports pay similar to one another.

      • Mike McMack says:

        And the UFC should pay more but Dana and Lorenzo seem to think they pay their guys very well. Nobody under the UFC banner will say anything because they’ll get in trouble for doing so.

    • Taylor says:

      Your an idiot. The amount of promotion they put into all there fighters along with insurance, & free shows and bonus plus portions of ppv buys. All that doesn’t cost the UFC? Plus all the sponsorship money they get. Maybe rampage need to cut a deal with pampers? Cry baby, cry baby boo hoo!

  19. Mike McMack says:

    So the real problem Rampage has is that he isn’t making a lot of money. He’s still under contract so good luck getting into a boxing ring Rampage. You’ve gotta get the UFC to let you out of the remaining fights which is something they’ve never done.

  20. Dingle Dangle says:

    Rampage lost my support when he started saying American fans sucked and it was all about Japanese fans. Now this… What a turd. Where is he going to go? Bellator? They have some money with Viacom now but I doubt they pay him half as much as the UFC does. He’s done.

  21. Steve says:

    dude this guy is such a DRAMA QUEEN! bitches about how fans disrespects him, about his pay (when he clearly makes good money), how the UFC ruin his love of fighting, etc. C’mon man quit bitching and blaming others for your own mistakes. Man up and blame yourself. Quit being a DRAMA QUEEN!

  22. Dave says:

    Every time I see Rampage perform I think he should be an allstar wrestler as a fighter he’s humped his last reporter

  23. DroDiego says:

    You wana know whats crazy? after the Diaz Condit fight everyone knows what happened and Diaz said he was probably going to retire but with the amount of money he made on that one fight he could be good for life Lol his brother even said so. and now you have rampage over here complaining cause he doesn’t get millions. Lol

  24. Taylor says:

    The UFC spreads there wealth and worries about there fighters health. To compare it with boxing and saying they rip them off is totally off base. Nobody really knows how much they make. There’s a reason boxing is dead. Greed! So let’s follow in boxing footsteps and they’ll end up just like them. UFC puts on more quality free fights, tuf and fighters insurance. Boxing pays undercards peanuts, doesn’t cover insurance and doesn’t build stars. So go box rampage and you’ll make $600 a fight take more damage to the brain and be irrelevant. Hes a mid level mma fighter and would be a low level boxer. Shut up!

  25. watchafightbeforecommenting says:

    Someone needs to get him a tampon! I can’t believe he turned into such a whining bitch…

  26. mgalindo85 says:

    All these fools disrespecting Rampage are the newer fans who dont know shit. Rampage works for the ufc, do you? I think he would have a little more insight on the payscale than you bozo fucks. Fuck you and fuck the ufc. (U Fight Cheap)

  27. Smoney says:

    I can’t believe how much keyboard warriors comment a day on these guys must not have much to

  28. G says:

    1. Uses TRT.
    2. Doesn’t make weight.
    3. Loses to Ryan Bader.
    4. Too old; losing his abilities.
    5. Causes a woman to lose her unborn child due to reckless driving.
    6. Blames the UFC for his decrease in fighting ability and passion.

    Jackson hasn’t been impressive in years and with all this recent shit, he’s lost all of my respect. Good thing we don’t need him at all. He’s just being a bitch because of all his failures.

  29. Bighurt says:

    What’s funny is, all these ” K/b warrior’s” calling Rampage a bitch. He would put each of ya’ll in time out.

    • mma therapist says:

      Rampage definitely needs therapy. He sounds two steps away from playing bumper cars again. He needs to stop embarrassing himself, and either explain what great opputunities the ufc is keeping him from. Or shut the hell up and do his thing.

  30. jonsey says:

    wow a did not know he illed a baby inside a stomach….but rampage has always blaimed other people for his problems..i member when he first got into teh ufc he told al that he was new man cuz now he training with that boxing coach winito (spelled wrong) and how pride did not give him good trainers,,,then his first loss he dropped winito and moved around till he found that shit hole wolf slayer who ar his yes men….look all the differnt corner men rampage has had every loss is new person to blame…rampage could not hold the SF belt …king nmo would beat him…time to retire

  31. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    You know Rampage is right about something. His spiral down in this sport started after he lost the belt to Forrest and then he had that car crash. He needs to take a break, see someone about his problems and come back when he is at peace with himself. Or just retire happily and train some up and coming fighters. I hope he has been managing his money well because it doesn’t sound like it.

  32. Xaninho says:

    Ah well I’ve worked regular jobs at some companies, making them loads of money and not getting rich of it myself. One of the reasons I became my own boss..

    So being a UFC fighter isn’t all that badly paid in the end, compared to boring, normal jobs.

  33. lol .. no says:

    fuck rampage.. he wants respect even though he respects no one but himself.. i hope he leaves.. sick of his cry baby bullshit

  34. Donnybrook says:

    I could give two shits whether Rampage ever fights again… never have been much of a fan of his one dimensional thang.

  35. qwerty says:

    He’s making excuses because he can’t fight anymore. He’s a shit fighter, a fukin birch n maybe would make more money if he won some fights. He WAS a good fighter but his time is up. I’m glad he’s leaving no more howling n fukin chrome chain. Belongs in WWE. N I hope his gets his ass beat Down in his last fight. Fuck you rampage

  36. VegasBeast says:

    First of all, you can’t complain about getting paid more when you lose fights. Then he misses weight at his last fight on top of it. I luv Rampage, but c’mon…

  37. VegasBeast says:

    First of all, you can’t complain about getting paid more when you lose fights. Then he misses weight at his last fight on top of it. I luv Rampage, but c’mon… Maybe its that time to hang up the gloves and pursue acting…

  38. Chartmonster says:

    faults-promotion-for-losing-love-of-sport? Fault fkn rampage for losing fight! Time to retire bc u can’t hang w the top 10. I’ve enjoy watch QJ over the years..

  39. Taylor says:

    I love that u nut higher defend rampage with “he’d kick ur ass”. No shit! That’s not the point. I’ve been a fan of mma since 1999. He’s a disgrace to hard working people. If I failed at my job like he has I would be fired. Hes a cartoon character. Own your mistakes. You want to bitch about your circumstances. Next time don’t sign a contract your not happy with. It’s business. U signed it. Own it! U wanna call me a keyboard warrior, fine! I would say it to his face. What would he do whip my ass. It’s the real world that’s not how u solve problems. U wine, u don’t own your mistakes then u aren’t a man. My opinion. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one and I’m allowed to share it. I own my mistakes in life and rampage should too. But looking into his history it is always someone else fault. Man up and own it. Contract, weight issues, losses, losing your Mind after griffin fight, own it. But he never does. Always someone else’s fault. No respect for him at all. Again my opinion.

  40. BobO says:

    Rampage is far from a “bitch”, he’s a warrior. Anyone who steps into the octagon that many times has earned respect. However, Being a fan of Quinton since his Pride days, I hate to see him go out like this. He didn’t make weight, but that happens. Not sure if he has ever missed weight, but he needs to suck it up and honor his contract. Quinton is acting like a fucking crybaby right now. When he went on his rampage in his truck years ago, it was Dana White and The UC who stood behind him. Shut up Quinton, and just come back and win your next battle. Make sure that you make weight as well. Take the outcome like a Man instead of making excuses which at the end of the day only paints you as a crybaby. Still respect you though bro. One of my all time favorite MMA fighters. This sport would not be where it is today without yuh. ~BobO

  41. PREDICTABLE says:

    Rampage needs some cheese to go with his whine 😉

    – I had an injury…
    – I was robbed…
    – The flight screwed me up…
    – My trainers / corner weren’t behind me…
    – They had spies…
    – ETC…

    Who cares, you had your time to shine, now just leave if you’re not happy in the UFC. Someone else will gladly take your place.

  42. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Wow all u guy callin him a bitch wouldnt dare say to his face you pussies! Imo Wolfslair was the downfall of Rampage…. still a fan tho maybe he should join Blackzilians with Rashad .

  43. Bud light drinking faggot says:


  44. Bud light drinking faggot says:


  45. Bud light drinking faggot says:


  46. dante040 says:

    Rampage needs to realize that the UFC is what’s gonna put food on his table. Unless he gets another movie there is no where else to go.

  47. Taylor says:

    Hey bud light boy. Why even comment if u don’t care.

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