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Friday, 02/03/2012, 07:47 am

QuickTwitt: War Machine Sentenced To Another Year In Jail

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19 Responses to “QuickTwitt: War Machine Sentenced To Another Year In Jail”

  1. Jb says:

    Can’t cry about it when you have put yourself in this position. Will never be a contender again anyways

  2. Trevor says:

    haha wow. He’s an idiot

  3. Jason N says:

    Sucks when your past comes backto haunt you. This is not an MMA story but a life story. Doesn’t matter if he is a contender or not. He was trying to better him self and he got sidetracked. Make your year in jail count. Keep bettering your self

  4. James Wolfe says:

    Good luck man, get your act together…

  5. KEN says:

    Can’t be too bad, criminals get twitter access… failed system.

    • Michael says:

      no kidding. I wish him well, but he should not be allowed to raise his profile while behind bars. How about this… try him for all he is accused of at once and not waste the tax dollars to try him, process him, and rehabilitate him twice.

    • Xaninho says:

      Ofcourse convicts don’t get to twitter….He tweeted he’s been out for over 6 months now.

      Something from the past caught up with him and he has to go back for a year.

  6. Noway says:

    Well the consequences to your actions will always be greater, and your attitude isn’t showing much improvement, so maybe this will be good for.

  7. erk the jerk says:

    What an ass!! Guess thats what happens when you legally change your name to War Machine. What a Loser

  8. J Dog says:

    booo hooo I don’t want to pay for my sins. Booo hoooo pooooor meeeeee! When I was young my father said to me “do the crime, do the time” and if I ever did get in trouble he always said don’t call him to bail me out. Funny how he is trying to act like the judge is hurting other people like his students and things when he is not even denying the charges. He is so pathetic

  9. danriverapv says:

    apperently the dudes been addicted to steroids now. looks at a recent pic of him, the dudes swelled up. like not naturally swelled.

  10. Nick says:

    Damn….. that sucks. He was doing porn for a while too. Lol.

  11. big furr fan says:

    Cut he guy some slack.what are all of you pigs or cops he did a year should of asked to run concurrent that sucks pretty good fighter he will build up a shit load of rage sitting for another year and when he gets out if he’s not ripped and ready probably no more fighting ya i have heard stories about Nevada courts just like the rest fucked ya he made the mistake but after a year and then release him then 6 months later o you got to do another year well see if he’s on steroids when he gets out for all you hatred especially the cops FUCK YOU crooked pieces of shit my older brother is captain of a pretty big force and there all fucked or have a grudge wish I could help him and ya sometimes they have access to face book or twitter get over it he didn’t kill any body he’s in jail I bet he wishes they would of just stuck him in the state Penn for the hole time that’s Nevada bunch of dumb asses

  12. Josh Douchechek says:

    Better buy some soap on a rope now boy!

  13. Bob Dole says:

    this kid is fucking weird.

  14. big furr fan says:

    Now your an english teacher you no i feel the same about yours I see the name and just think he’s a DOUCHE BAG and have never read more then the first sentence I no your special your names red maybe you could ask your mom to read it to you unless she’s on her webcam making a couple of bucks bitch…………… Punctuations

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