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Saturday, 10/15/2011, 11:41 am

QuickTwitt: Sonnen Gives Anderson Silva 24 Hours To Accept Challenge


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      • Ronald says:

        Anderson Silva got lucky against Chael last time. He pulled that win out his ass because Chael exposed his weakness. And you are trying to tell me that Anderson Silva doesn’t talk smack or show boat????? Did you not watch him fight in Dubai??? That was one of the worst fights I have ever seen, all he did was showboat and made the UFC look ridiculous. Even Dana white was pissed off at him. Chael is playing the “heel” to promote the fight. He is smart, look he has got you talking about him. Bottom line Anderson is won of the best fighters ever I will give you that, but guarentee he doesn’t whoop Chael ass. You can say what you want but Anderson is thinking twice about fight him again.

        • Troy says:

          he is thinking twice but laughing while doing it….HE HAS THE POWER

        • I've Got the POWER ! says:

’s getting…it’s getting….it’s getting kinda hectic!
’s getting…it’s getting….it’s getting kinda hectic!
          I’VE GOT THE POWER !!!!

        • tom says:

          Are you serious? He pulled out the triangle that was there all fight… if you think Sonnen is a better fighter go back the drawing board… and possibly learn some bjj

  2. drew says:


    • alex says:

      dont you mean smaller**?

    • SonnenSucks says:

      which is very small, lol.

      • bruts says:

        theres a small chance that hes going to win? wow you guys must of hooted so much crack this morning his chances you dumb inbred fucks is probably the greatest out of anyone to ever face anderson, but once again you guys are to just high on crack to comprehend its ok…

        • Chuck says:

          because of roids and silva having a broken rib? are you partly or completely retarded? even a hairline break is painful to breath. Lance Armstrong’s one ball is bigger then both of Chael’s combined. fuck that dude, the only reason ppl think he deserved a rematch is because he has a big mouth and you are drinking his kool-aid.

        • Why do Gays... says:

          …come on this site and all they talk about it one’s “balls,” Henry and Alex? Isn’t there a website for gays you guys can go to? (and don’t say..”huh huh, you should know, huh, huh..duhhhhh)…….

          ahhhhhhhhhhh cmon !

    • UMI says:

      Sonnen is WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Draj says:

      Hey great news guys.. Jus talked to the all American chael TRT sonnen! He told me that if team TRT (QUEST) wasn’t so inferior to the Brazilian fighters, they would have never took TRTs to keep up with the competition… He. Also told me that his pigeons(eAGLEs) Followers are all jus butt hurt cause they think mma is going to end up like all other major sports where the minorities set and break all records…..and win all the titles and championships…. He said he is the last hope in stopping this runaway train.. He told me to take a look at boxing and to him whens the last time I’ve seen or heard of a Irish ,Scottish ,Icelandic, Norwegian or American light, middle, or heavyweight champ… After a long time of sitting there puzzled… Wham! I had it ROCKY! So if any one is wondering y chael needs TRTs to compete with the rest of the fighters…. Jus take a look at boxing lol…. If someones family tree gene pool is inferior to another mans family gene pool…. What’s a inferior guy to do but take PEDs TRTs so he can keep up with the superior man

      • Jordon says:

        Dude… A lot of these athletes take PED’s…. People Anderson has beaten before. And this bruised rib nonsense, it’s all just excuses because Silva got ABSOLUTELY DOMINATED. He is ducking the Sonnen fight because he knows that Chael was better then him and that he didn’t have an answer.

        • mmadred says:

          TRIANGLE CHOKE????? did you not see the 5th rd? i guess the rematch should be no disqualification, no submissions oh yeah and a “HELL IN A CELL” match. no doubt hes selling the rematch but there’s other guys that deserve a shot first and guys chael should have to beat first. just my opinion….

        • Chael tapped out!! says:

          God you IDIOT’S with your, “he was dominating until he got chocked out!” Do you not even listen to what you say yourselves?? Sonnen tapped the freak out to a triangle submission! In the same damn round Silva said he would submit him in!! Jesus you people sound mentally handicapped at times. Besides, Anderson wasn’t even bloodied or beaten very badly. He was just out struck and taken down by Sonnen. Chael was doing great….. right up until he LOST BY SUBMISSION! LMFAO It’s like saying you almost won the lottery, right up until they did NOT pick your numbers to win!! Lmfao. Schmucks.

        • Yeah ! Chael tapped! says:

          …after he pummeled Anderson Silva for 4.6 rounds.
          Stats courtesy of
          Total Strikes: 320-64 Sonnen
          Significant Strikes: 89-29 Sonnen
          Submissions: 1-0 Silva
          Sonnen acknowledged the submission in the very last 2 minutes of the fight, but why doesn’t Silva and his camp (and fans) acknowledge the pounding Silva took for 23 minutes? Let me tell you why: the Anderson Aura would be negatively affected in a great way and proving that Silva is NOT this great unbeatable force that everyone believes. It’s like how fans of BJ look at BJ: he is supreme no matter what happens in his fights, we don’t want to believe that he is anything less than what we think of him. Same goes for Anderson and his fans. Silva fans are going to grab at anything just so that their diety remains basking in all of his UFC glory. A rematch with Sonnen may extinguish a part of that glory, as the first fight already has. Silva fans are trying to regain what they lost and keep that Silva flame burning supreme.


        shut the fuck up u idiot u took time to write that corny shit! go back to fucking ur dad up the ass while ur mother sucks on my sack u asshole,dnt know shit about mma white boy!

        • Enough with the Niggerdom says:

          I say this with respect. Can you please shut the fuck up?

        • BobbO says:

          BJ Penn .com should ban you. You’re a disgrace to Mix Martial Arts. ~BobbO

        • Along w all the other fkn azzholes on here! That’s some fun shittz! Lmao

        • Temper Temper says:

          Anger management is what’s needed here, along with elementary education

        • Jordon says:

          The majority of the fans want this fight. Sonnen is the true number one contender and THE ONLY REASON people are saying otherwise is because they know he stands an actual chance of beating Silva. Yeah, he lost the last fight. But he kicked Silva’s ass. A fighter as hyped as Silva being beat up that badly for 4.5 rounds and the guy who did better then anybody else doesn’t deserve another shot? If Silva is so good, he will beat him easily. But he isn’t. And he wont. I don’t like Sonnen. But it’s fighting, and the best fighters should fight. It is very hard to argue that Sonnen isn’t the best fighter besides Silva right now. He deserves the title shot because they are the 2 best.PERIOD. So why try and say he shouldn’t get it? I don’t know about you weirdos, but me personally, i enjoy watching the best fighters fight. Just cuz Silva beat him and the end of a fight he was getting dominated in doesn’t mean that all of a sudden Sonnen has to go beat up people who are not even on his level, and probably miss the Silva rematch.Joe Silva makes the fights. So guess what? Your God is about to fall. And fall HARD.

      • Artemis Entreri says:

        You’re obviously an uneducated idiot and racist toward Caucasian people, I truly take pity on you for your small minded beliefs.

  3. Brad says:

    lol coward yet he beat the man when they fought last… Ill never understand you bandwagon fans

    • josh says:

      A band wagon fan wouldnt stand behind the person who lost they would jump on the winners bandwagon…

    • speezy says:

      LMAO all silva did was triangle chael at the end of the 5th round after gettin his ass beat the whole fight,clearly you didnt watch the fight cpt.bandwagon…im sure duck this fight…like he ducked the first fight for years!

      • lolz says:

        lol i like how people act like since chael roughed him up for 4 and a half rounds that he won, beatin someone up and cant finish him is fuckin pathetic. if it were in person with no rules, the triangle choke would have made Chael go to sleep or die cause in a real fight there is no tapout, compared to just gettin busted up alittle while..

        • AndersonP4P1 says:

          yes cause in a real fight Anderson would be punched to death without any breaks between the rounds. ur argument is beyond stupid and im an anderson fan and loathe sonnen. use ur brain, dumbass.

        • Rusk says:

          But if it was on the streets!!!111!!!1@1 chael would of stabbed him lol

        • Sarge says:

          If it were a fight in the streets sonnen wouldn’t have had to let him up 4 times to go get his beat up face worked on so I’m sure the triangle would have never happened

        • SanSooRob says:

          Dumb ass !!! Sonnen needed the brake between rounds for that pace , oh ya and the trt . So the triangle would of came no matter what.

        • lolz is says:

          pretty much an out all the idiots from now on!!!! Go Go GO !!!!!!!!

      • Scott says:

        all he did was triangle?? Well didnt Chael TAP? if all he did was triangle it couldnt have been bad enough to force a tap out could it? I kid you not the second fight will be nothing like the first. Anderson will clown him like he did Thales Leites and Demian Maia.. He didnt duck the fight anyways , Chael was too busy tapping out to triangle chokes, ala Demian Maia. I cannot stand Chael Sonnen’s schtick. and if you did watch the first fight, Anderson does not respect Chael standing. The man dropped his hands, and btw the 4th round was the beginning of the end, Anderson dropped him right of the bat and then Chael went into dryhump mode for the rest of the round , not once did i see Chael in mount, most of the time it was in Silva’s guard, anyone with a decent level of BJJ is comfortable there, Anderson was never in any trouble what so ever. so go on and call me an idiot for looking at the fight in a critical view, but if you did youll understand exactly what im talking about. Casual Fans. smh.

        • Cheecho says:

          For sure man…why all the love for a lay n pray fighter like Sonnen? That’s all I hear is whining abt lay n pray fighters; than this dryhumper douche comes along and everyone one’s like Sonnen is the best! blah blah. wtf? He layed n prayed for 5 rounds, on ROIDS – then tapped! Now he’s calling out the champ? Fight Vitor, fight Maia then run your filthy trap.

        • mmadred says:

          plus if i recall correctly it was chael that was busted up not anderson.

      • chael sucks says:

        i think you should go back and see who was beat up at the end of the fight, chael throws fuckin pillows out there, WAR SILVA

      • Dheeraj says:

        guess what pal….. jus talked to your buddy Chael TRT SONNEN! He told me that if he loses to Anderson a 2nd time his mmaUFC career will pretty much be over… It will be his 3rd tiltle shot in which he was defeated or he gave up do to being over whelmed by a superior race of fighters! Chael sounded like a sadd Kenny Florian Story….

      • Dal says:

        All I seen was Andersons hand raised..

  4. Zack says:

    Funny how Chael thinks he has the power to give Anderson an ultimatum.

    • ZC says:

      Bandwagon fans? I’ve been watching Chael since his days in the UFC. The man is an animal and you’re wrong about one thing Brad, Anderson didn’t beat Chael. He may have won that fight, but clearly is was Sonnen who beat Silva. Silva is such a pussy, he won’t fight anyone who could have any slight edge on him. He’ll duck this fight claiming that he’s “injured” just as he always does until Dana MAKES him fight.

      • cory says:

        Sonnen is garbage he hit silva 287 times why silva laid on his back and still could not finish the man out of 287 punches and somehow the man that was on his back cause more damage than the man who hit him 287 times cheal sucks

        • Hey Cory... says:

          …Anderson was hurt, no doubt about it. But Silva is a tough sob, one of the reasons why he is “the best that’s ever been.” Just because you don’t have visible marks doesn’t mean you’re not hurt.

          Silva is the best MMA fighter that has ever fought. That doesn’t mean he is invincible. And that won’t change when he loses the rematch to Chael: he will still be the best ever because the best ever is judged on an entire career, not just one fight.

      • Xaninho says:

        Silva didn’t beat Sonnen? Why is there a big fat W on Silva’s record and a big fat L on Sonnen’s?

        All you Sonnen fans are annoying. Completely denying facts, just like Sonnen..That lunatic is actually stating he’s the true champion..

        If there was a championship tapping out Sonnen would be the best pound-for-pound tapper..

    • zack says:

      look at this clown tryin to steal my name.. . at least your not a chael nutsucker

  5. lmao wonder what his next challenge will be

  6. Kev says:

    Don’t bitch out Silva, lol what u scared ?


    lol Brad I agree with you, he’s no coward. but the man did get pummeled for 4 1/2 rounds, none the less. champions get W’s …even if sometimes that means winning in ugly fashion.

  8. Shawn says:

    I respect Sonnen as a fighter. But really? He’s making this a ‘WWE showdown’. He just can’t accept losing when he was so close. N now is trying everything in his bag of douchery to get a rematch. Silva will take it. And even if he doesn’t personally, he’ll fight when d UFC sets it up. He’s pissed. A fired up Silva is not good for Sonnen. But will def make for a great rematch.

    • EdSoares'sBalls says:

      “A fired up Silva” is still going to get put on his back and pounded on for atleast 3 rounds.

      Motivated Silva or not, it’s not going to change the fact that he is still having to face the best wrestler in the division, and 1 of the best in MMA.

      You people act like Silva is going to put him out with the first punch he lands in the first minute. What fight has Silva ever taking somebody out in, in the first minute? And what “decent wrestler” was not able to put Silva on his back whenever he wanted?

      • Cheecho says:

        uh, Vitor. there, & the only fighter to ever do it too. & you’re right all decent wrestlers have put Anderson on his back. And they all got a giant L on their records for the fine work. good ones.

  9. Bulgemaster says:

    He’s such a joke

  10. Billy says:

    how did anderson silva get beat up all of you do yourselves a favor and look for a picture of the fighters when their hands are being raised. chael sonnens face was battered and anderson looked like he was just stepping into the ring to fight. now with that being said at the end of a fight when a guys face is bleeding from every orifice in his head i would say thats losing a fight especially when chaels hand wasn’t being raised. so what he scored a take down a round. anderson silva scored a devastating blow right before being taken down. sonnen couldn’t do shit to silva on the ground thats why he lost. silva was fresh after that “beating” you blind fans claim to have seen

    • Rusk says:

      Just because a fighter doesn’t swell or bust like a grapedoesn’t mean they aren’t hurt, hell
      look at the flip side even when Forrest wins he still looks like he axe murdered someone

  11. Lex w says:

    I bet anderson won’t accept it

    • Cheecho says:

      And I don’t blame him if he doesn’t. Why would he give that disrespectful moron another shot? Maybe if Chael had any class at all, Anderson might consider a rematch. But Chael is such a douche; as the champ (and a person with honor and class) Anderson should make Chael take a few more fights just to send a message in the MMA world. Don’t turn the sport into WWE Smackdown – earn you’re title shots.

  12. kyle benton says:

    Lol love chaels outlandish mouth and awesome skills but he really doesn’t have the ability to give ultimatums but hey…whatever…he has fun with this shit and he sells himself. That’s what its all about. I think Silva might just whoop him via knockout next time tho…even tho watching Silva get beat up was pretty cool for once…

  13. Eff says:

    If Anderson would have hold that triangle a little bit longer Sonnen would have been DEAD! He’s nothing but a chump. I’ve been a mma fan for 13 years. I hate how fake the UFC is starting to become. This ain’t WWE!

  14. Tyler Kartler says:

    Why isn’t anyone mad at Dana White? He’s the one with the power to make fights.. not fighters. If fighters could make fights then Jon Fitch would be a happy guy.

  15. acarver31 says:

    Silva is the greatest fighter to ever fight. How can anyone say he is not? He hasn’t lost since coming to the ufc. He has gettin beat in the first fight, but did he lose? No I didn’t think so. He won the fight. He even fought a top lightheavy weight, and destroyed him. Everyone that hates on silva, need to realize, he is the real deal. And sonnen just needs to shut up, he ain’t the champion, he dont have any room to say what silva should do. And he doesnt even deserve the fight.

    • Rusk says:

      So you only want to watch Andy bully punks and not actually have a war, interesting

    • Sarge says:

      He more than deserves the fight…he is the one who dominated a top rated fighter and not only will he wi. But he will win in dominating fashion.

    • SaberTooth says:

      Silva is a clown and a clown champion. How many tomato cans was he fed by his Uncle Dana. Grow a brain little boy. Dana and the UFC needed a Brazilian champion for their push into Brazil and Silva was the one winning against tomato cans. He got lucky against Sonnen and won;t again next time. Vitor is done and has been for 10 years. Okami give me a break. Maia, your hero danced around like the clown he is and wouldn’t fight because he knew if Maia got a hold of him he would be choked out until his pea-brain popped. Dude you are just plain stupid.

      • Fortyb4five says:

        People who call Dana “Uncle Dana” are gay as fuck.

        • SaberTooth says:

          OK dick sucker…..Do you actually have the intelligence to understand sarcasm? I see not, so get you fucking dick sucking off the site.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          Wow its impossible to even understand your gibberish. Me get off this site? haha thats funny. Who are you? You have no profile no name. Nobody knows who you are, you’re just a troll that popped in when the site got updated so every random loser can post on the news section. BJ don’t need scum like you on his site.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Foreskin – Yah this site really needs a scholar like you on it. You always been this way or is it genetics (big word, do you know what it means). Oh that’s right you’re 10. That’s such a difficult age and things are tough. Go have your mommy warm up a glass of milk and put on some Spongebob, you’ll be feeling like a Goofy Goober in no time. All will be well.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          Is that all your gonna say. Your just gonna call everyone who doesn’t agree with what you say 10? Your sound real mature yourself. hah

        • SaberTooth says:

          Foreskinb4Five – Actually I only call you and Ho 10 because that is the level of your comments. But I’m beginning to think Ho is much more mature than you. Maybe you are 8!? You bite at every bait I throw out there. I have hope for you though, I believe you can be smarter. Well can you?

        • zack says:

          Your name is saber tooth you Faggot. Why don’t you go watch animal planet u fuckin dork

        • SaberTooth says:

          Zacky your gay aren’t u? go ahead and admit, you’ll feel better punk.

  16. zack says:

    what happens when you disrespect anderson? lets see demian maia- got made look like a fool. vitor belfort- got knocked the f*** out. chael sonnen- got submitted just like anderson said he was going to do. chael is a moron for still talking shit. anderson honestly might break his neck with thousands of people watching

  17. finndogg says:

    This will be a 1 or 2 rounder just like most of Silvia’s fights. Sonnen is gonna get KTFO via crain kick to Tha DOME. Sonnen is a beast hands down, but doesn’t have the skills or half the crazy shit Silvia has. Silvia was hurt last time and you could see he wasn’t 100%. If Sonnen looses he should go work for the WWE lol, I’m sure they got a job for 1 more D-dagg over there lol.

  18. Rowe says:

    Oh no, Sonnen will get meaner if he doesn’t!

  19. Tom Ryan says:

    Chael is the Troll of MMA. What’s his next offer going to be? All Anderson has to do is ignore Chael. Not a bad idea.

    Chael is so bitchmade he’s probably going to sue Anderson.

  20. dwayne says:

    stand in line big boy, wait your turn

  21. DVO says:

    All you Chael fans will be disappointed like his dead father was the last time he lost to Silva. Beating Stann does not warrant a title fight, or else Kryztof Sozynski (sp?) should have gotten one too, for subbing Stann.

  22. SETH COLE says:

    Chale is gonna squash this little spider.

  23. rayed says:


    Hes going to destroy the champion again!!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      “Again”??? Uh,did they have an untelevised fight that I missed? Last I heard, the spider is still undefeated in the octagon, and one of those wins is over Phael, who tapped out after not being able to finish a person he hit almost 300 times. A loss is a loss, so get over it and stop trying to convince yourself that Phael beat the Spider.

  24. Justa Thought says:

    I would never give Chael the fight if I were Silva. Just like the triangle, Chael’s career is gasping for breath and Anderson is doing the squeezing. Sonnen knows he only has a small window to make some cash before he gets too old for the sport so Silva not giving him this fight could really hurt Chael’s wallet. Chael is not too bright. His only followers are people that believe all his empty threats and endless hard ass crap talk. Anderson Silva however can relax and feel good that he will be set for the rest of his life because he chooses to be an admirable and classy person. Afraid of Chael Sonnen…lol… give me a break.

    • Your a fkn idiot, but that’s pointing out the obvious isn’t it!!

      • Justa Thought says:

        Let me point out something very obvious. If a complete stranger looked at each of our comments I’m quite sure that 100% of the time you would be considered the fkn idiot. I can also see why Chael is your hero. Why don’t you take about 100 steps up before you try and comment anywhere near my level. You aren’t even worthy of kissing my a**.

        • Xaninho says:

          Yeah that’s what Cuntmonster and his little buddy Snaggletooth do. No real arguments, just calling people idiots when they obviously have no real arguments to counter the other peoples comments…

          It’s sad really….

        • Justa Thought says:

          No kidding. I don’t mind anyone who disagrees, but lets have a discussion for Pete’s sake. I check your posts Bro, good thoughts and intelligent. Look forward to more of what;s on your mind.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Justa DoucheBag – I see you are nothing but a hypocritical little cunt like Ho. Plus a little arrogant peep-squeak who has the intelligence of a slug. How dare you scold someone for using profanity and then turning around and use it. You are one mixed up piece of shit with mush for a brain. You dumbass. Man I’d like to get your bitch ass in a cage.

    • Rusk says:

      Talking shit isn’t nearly as disrespectful as dancing in the cage, we hear chael talk shit for free we had to pay to watch Andy audition for dancing with the stars

      • zack says:

        maybe if everyone wasnt scared and just backed up the whole time. its disrespectful to run like a bitch or lay on someone the whole fight becuz you have no other skills. all these haters bcuz silva makes your favorite fighter look like a amateur.

        • Rusk says:

          Lmao chael is far from my fave fighter hell 185 is pretty much whack altogether. He is one of my fave personalities tho, him and kos should go win the WWE tag team titles

        • zack says:

          He ran from him? Or he made him look foolish by avoiding every strike he threw and dropping Maia whenever he pleased. He stuffed at least 20 Takedown attempts and beat the shit out of him doing whatever he wanted. He would’ve finished him in the first 30 seconds if he wanted. Anderson looked like bruce lee in that fight by his movement and how he didn’t even try and completely humiliated him. You should respect true martial artist when there is only so few of them. There’s a reason anderson has never lost in the ufc and never will

  25. mike says:

    war sonnen! There is a reason he uses ‘pillow hands’ even tho he rocked, amd dropped the spider. He doesnt want to pull a maynard against edgar. He would tire himself out.

    • zack says:

      Or chael hits like a 3 year old girl. Silva gets hit by jds daily and jds hits harder then anyone in the ufc. Nobody’s face will not swell up after being punched very hard but chael just throws little love taps so the ref wont stand it up

  26. Creature says:

    If what the majority of people on here think is true, and Silva is going to walk right through sonnen, shut him up for good, make him retire, and prove the first fight was BS. Then this is a win/win for Silva, He gets rid of Sonnen for good and makes a damn good amount of money off the fight, since im sure EVERYONE will buy the PPV.

    With that being said why is everyone so against it? Because deep down you know Sonnen is a threat to Silva’s crown, and you dont want to see Silva risk losing it to someone you hate. Besides, there is no other deserving contenders, Bisping and Miller dont have enough wins over top competition, Vitor is coming off a win over a guy who is now a WW fighter, and Belcher was just injured for a year and a half. Sonnen is the only one left right now.

  27. enygma2u says:

    Truth be told, Chael did get on Silva for 4 and 1/2 rounds. However, when was the last time you saw a fight where someone was on top of another fighter for that long and at the end of the fight the guy who was on the bottom didn’t look like he was in a fight? Chael did a glorified lay and pray. He stayed busy enough but how much damage did he really do? None – and what’s worse is that Silva went into the fight w/broken ribs. Does that speak to Chael’s ability to finish a top quality fighter or credit to Silva for being able to persevere? I’m going w/Silva being mentally strong

    • EdSoares'sBalls says:

      “when was the last time you saw a fight where someone was on top of another fighter for that long and at the end of the fight the guy who was on the bottom didn’t look like he was in a fight?”

      Randy Couture/Tim Sylvia, GSP/Dan Hardy, GSP/Thiago Alves, Jake Shields/Dan Henderson, Jake Shields/Mayhem Miller, ect ect.

      The fact remains, after the fight with Sonnen, Anderson went to the hospital to get a CT scan for his head, because he had trouble walking and keeping his balance.

      • enygma2u says:

        GSP/Sheilds are not a ground n’ pound fighters – they look to capitalize on their BJJ game and submit. Couture spent alot of the fight standing up w/Sylvia – He wasn’t on top of him for 95% of every round. I didn’t think I needed to be so pinpoint specific w/what I was saying. The fact still remains that Chael sat on top of Silva for as long as he did and threw as many punches as he did and still couldn’t beat the man. If you look at the end of every PPV a large majority of the fighters end up being placed on medical suspension or have to take a trip in the back of the am-boo-lance to get checked out. Fighters who were hit a substantial amount less than Silva was at that. Not even mentioning that Chael got pinched for using performance enhancing drugs after that fight. Ever see a man who was rolling on roid rage? Strength, stamina and aggression increases. A recipe for what happened in that fight.

      • Justa Thought says:

        I have symptoms like that when I have the flu. Fact remains… Chael Tapped!

    • Rusk says:

      Sorry ill never believe that Andy walked into that cage with a broken rib, don’t doubt he left it with one tho

  28. Tyler Kartler says:

    The funny thing is Chael looks like a fool saying stupid shit like this. Anderson just lays low because he knows Chael is trying to market himself so the fans will want to see him fight Anderson and they’ll be rooting for Chael. Andersons last 3 fights have been remarkable, and I’m glad I go to witness them as a fan. Everyone should just enjoy one of the greatest fighters while he is still around.

    • Rusk says:

      So you like fights were one guy is clearly on a different level and the fight isn’t even competitive? Yes he’s looked remarkable in his last 3 but they weren’t Amy were close to being good fights

      • Tyler Kartler says:

        Thats the top of the middle weight division. Vitor looked great knocking out Sexyama… Okami out did Nate and Munoz.. so how is Anderson fighting shitty guys? GSP’s fought Hardy and Shields… both did nothing to earn a shot. And yes the last three Anderson Silva fights have been great fights

  29. AJR80 says:

    Fail Sonnen is turning MMA into a joke. He’s far too WWE for my liking!

  30. Shaun says:

    All though I dnt like sonnet he is a good fight I’m an Anderson fan have been since his first fight if chael wants his rematch he is going about it all wrong
    And another thing all u idiotic fans who keep going on the chael beat him for five rounds grow up it don’t matter how u get a win aslong as u get as Anderson did
    If they fight again which they will there will be to possible out comes Anderson will embarrass him n make him leave UFC or 2nd chael will lay on him and hit him until the ref stops it at each round

  31. AJR80 says:

    ANYONE with “Reasonable” intelligence knows what Chael Sonnen’s game is, he’s bad for the sport!

  32. says:

    LoL @ CHael…

    don’t tap next time.

    throw him the sink next time….

    for his demands to be met..a special guest referee should be introduced….

    —-Triple H

  33. Rapist says:

    Your mom did..son.

  34. Anderson take it bc he’s fkn scared.. Chaelmonster is a badass!

  35. David says:

    Anderson kill this trash talker fag

  36. Bret Salyer says:

    Chael has done nothing but good for the sport. He’s the only guy that’s not scared of the champ. Anderson dictates the fight and even the staredown with all the other opponents but Chael. Chael walks in and throws punches. It’s the only guy that Anderson is scared of.

  37. Zach says:

    I wish chael would just get hit my a bus and die.

    • Bret Salyer says:

      Wow! A little harsh don’t you think? These guys are in the fight business and he’s the only guy that is good at picking a fight AND backing it up. Watch the staredown with Anderson and Maia. Maia walked in and posed. Then Anderson posed different so Maia changed his pose to match. Andersons Jedi shirt is no joke because most of his opponents are weak minded. But Chael will kick his ass.

  38. sgt thai clone says:

    Anderson does not want to get beat down again, that was brutal!!! 4 and a half rds of pure punshment- he might of lost the fight but he kicked his ass bigtime really BAD

  39. Greyhm says:

    Hahaha whats he gonna do? Go to Brazil and hunt him down with a camera crew like an episode of Cheaters? assault him at the next UFC event? Its all abunch of silly noise. I also dont see why everyone is arguing with eachother like it makes a difference. Just sit back and watch it unfold.

  40. King Gareth says:

    If you take all the talk out of it, Chael vs Silva would make for a good fight.
    The last fight was the first time Silva looked Human. Silva was losing the fight, but ended up winning fairly.
    If Silva had bad ribs the last fight, then he should have no problem fighting Sonnen again once he is healthy. While Anderson heals his shoulder, let Vitor and Chael fight. The loser fights Mayhem/Bisping, the winner Silva.

  41. Donnybrook says:

    Why the fuk would Anderson accept anything Chael wants?…. he’s the CHAMP!, he’s the one calling the shots. Chael needs to mellow out a bit on his crusade to rematch Silva because all of his self promoting is just going backfire on him and Anderson’s going to tell him to piss up a rope and suck on the wet end just out of spite.

  42. ThaGreenBandit says:

    That’s it. It’s obvious that this dumb ass suffers delusions of grandeur.

  43. Mike Hunt says:

    AS is shit baked….the end!

  44. luls says:

    fk all you phaggots who like Chael’s gay a$$. You guys are bipolar just like him.

  45. Gonzo says:

    Chael Sonnen is my new screen saver!!!… Go Chael!!!!… hahahah!!!

  46. Blake1865 says:

    He should have to get on his knees and beg The Greatest Ever to aknowledge his sorry loud mouthed reality show ass. He should beg him to beat his empty nut sack, roid raging, no power having, leg humping ass AGAIN. Hear that delusional pre-pubescent boys? AGAIN! Next time i migh tell u what i really think.

  47. Dud says:

    Chael Sonnen lost fair and square to the champ. Suck it up and stop your shenanigans. This isn’t the WWE. There are lots of other fighters who want there chance at Anderson but everyone needs to earn it. Especially if you just had your shot and lost WHILE on PEDs. I think Chael still needs to win at least one more big fight before he gets another title shot. Perhaps Sonnen VS Henderson. Winner gets their chance at Silva. If Dana gives Chael another shot right away because he can talk smack and scheme the best. I will lose a lot of respect for both him and the UFC.

    • SaberTooth says:

      henry K- you kinda pissed me off before, but damn after this comment, I’m actually beginning to like you. I actually agree with you here. Except that GSP is a bitch for tapping from strikes from Serra.

    • aaxantonio says:

      gsp had to fight twice before he got a shot at the title again, so how is it the same? and gsp wasnt abusing trt, which chael wouldnt have to take if he didnt use steroids in the first place. chael needs to prove himself before he gets his shot

      • DBKlein69 says:

        gsp only fought twice after losing to serra because serra was out with an “injury” for a year. we all know he was just trying to hold onto that belt for as long as possible.

  48. Dud says:

    Well obviously it’s not the same or the rematch would have been scheduled would it not? Plus GSP wasn’t found guilty of using PEDs in his fight against Serra. Give your head a shake and think next time before you post. On a side note is it just me who thinks Sonnen VS Henderson is a good idea for number 1 contender? That fight would be epic IMO!

    I can’t wait for Silva VS Sonnen 2

  49. I remember when i went around the news section using the username of a comic book character.. LMAO what a faggot!

  50. Gonzo says:

    Anderson beat Chael ….like Machida beat Shogun 1st fight… LoL’

  51. aaxantonio says:

    im calling you out chael, i think i should dig up your dead daddy and bitch slap him for having such a bitch ass son. fight me chael im calling you out bitch, you have 24 hours to respond or im just gonna show up in oregon and burn down your house

  52. awesome one says:

    chael is 5 and 4 in ufc with all of his losses coming way of submission and his only ufc finish was stann. I’m positive anderson vs chael would go the same way it did last time because chael can’t defend submissions. If anderson is only going to do 4 fights i’d rather see him fight dan henderson again over sonnen and if he beats sho gun it would just prove hendo deserves it more. in my opinion

  53. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I’d like to see this fight take place. Regardless, Sonnen is the most entertaining guy in all MMA. Koscheck might talk a lot of shit, but none of it is funny. The fact he’s there’s heavy debate about Sonnen’s possible roid use and criminal sanctions for fraudulent practices make the shit all that much funnier.

  54. Craig j says:

    Why is everyone talking bout Henderson isn’t he now LHW?? Sonnen doesn’t deserve title shot yet, he lost and then done for riods! He has to earn it again like all the others. Make him beat belfort and then he might deserve another shot…

  55. Cheecho says:

    raped or dry-humped, that’s true – Chael is a dryhumping rapist alright. Anderson is the best MMA fighter the world has EVER seen and he’s proved it OVER & OVER. & OVER & OVER. If you can’t clearly see that, then you’re not trying to at all. You just don’t like Anderson for personal reasons – go cry somewhere yah hatin’ whiner.

    • Xaninho says:

      Don’t mind henry..He just likes to close his eyes and imagine a perfect world, where men take PED’s, hump other men doing absolutely nothing substantial, and win UFC championships that way…

      He still doesn’t know it may look like one fighter is dominating the other one, but it’s just that the smarter of the two has a gameplan .

      Some of you might have seen the Ali-Foreman fight…Ali looked like he was taking a beating, but then Foreman gassed out and Ali KO’d his ass.

      But we can explain that to Sonnenfans over and over…They will keep denying the facts and call Sonnen the real champion….eventhough he tapped out.

  56. Chael”epic fail”Sonnen.Enough said.

  57. DaRuckuz says:

    Hahahaha dis guy is to much,atleast hes down to fight

  58. chon209 says:

    to you ignorant ppl that say why should sonnen get another shot, it might have something to do with the attention this fight gets, look at how much attention sonnen vs anderson gets here on alone. you ppl that try to justify your reasons are just haters
    *sorry i dont use spell check for you trolls (shonnen haters)*

  59. Random Person says:

    Silva is sked. He is afraid of having his record tarnished. He knows he was not as bad as he made it sound when they first fought, that was his excuse for getting beat up. He came so close to losing and he knows that he can lose this fight easily, just as easy as he can win. That makes him afraid.

    As for the roids, thats just lame. No excuse for roids. Bad Chael, no soup for you.

  60. zc says:

    doesnt majority of ufc do roids, when u hear people say he was roiding it sounds so dumb. chael just got caught.

  61. steven horgan says:

    andersons camp are dodging this fight..if this was bj penn or even gsp been harrassed he would take the sick of all what has chael done in thee ufc look at his record stuff, chael beat a few top contenders, nate,okami,stann..all credible opponents and its not that its his style vs andersons is what makes it appealing as sonnen is one of a select few that gave him trouble..a real champion wants to prove there the best and hush all critics, im a fan of both fighters but silva is looking like a pussy, and people callin chaels hype wwe or whatever its entertaining and when he fights its not fake…people neverliked ali in his time either for hypin fights, but we got exciten fights thats all we can ask for

  62. Mike Hunt says:

    Chael Sonnen is the #1 contender,he will beat Anderson down because he is not “scared” of him and dislikes him even more. Anderson you owe this rematch to all the fans,we all know your “shitbaked” and are losing sleep over this, so man up and sign the fukn dotted line,and Chael will kick your ass like a man!

  63. The Firm says:

    This is amazing how many “fans” are riding Chael’s wave of smack now. Let’s see…….Roids+4 1/3 Rounds of Ground & Slap+Injured Ribs=5th Round Tapout……PERIOD……For christ sake everyone else loves to SLAM on Brock Lesnar and he is not even in the same stratosphere as Chael’s insane shit talking. Sonnen is 5-4 in the UFC compared to 14-0…..Yeah that makes a ton of sense to give him a chance to better that record back down to .500! Oh, and lets let this ass clown back in after Dana booted Nate Marquardt when Dana even KNEW Nate was on meds. I mean you guys talk about “did you watch that fight” Yup, sure did. And if you pay attention that sub was be planned out from the 3rd round on. I mean considering 8 of the guy’s 11 losses came via SUBMISSION and he said that BJJ Black Belts are a joke and when he was sure he had won then OOOPPS. Sure that all makes sense to think you are “the best”. Sure the best at over-hyping a LOSS. Thats like that DUMBASS raper Drake arguing with Michael Jordan on that new game commercial that the Miami Heat are the greatest team ever. No Rings Idiot and his stupid ass is from Toronto too so why are you even talking. This is the same concept. So sad

    • qwerty says:

      Silva is afraid to fight him again. He made it seem as if his ribs were really injured, but. He was exaggerating to make an excuse. He still won, but he knows he can easily lose this fight. Silva is scared.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        anderson is injured. vitor is willing to fight sonnen while anderson is sitting and he is calling sonnen out everyday on sonnens twitter. will sonnen fight vitor? nope, hes SCAAAARRRRREEEEED!!!!

        • bizzle says:

          It’s funny because what Vitor is doing to Sonnen is exactly what Sonnen is doing to Silva, yet when the roles are reversed all Sonnen’s lady boys get offended.. :)

        • SaberTooth says:

          Hey Douchebags Ice Junkie and Buzzer- Let me spell it out to your ice-fried brains. Vitor is not even in the top10 for MW’s. Sonnen is #2 ranked in the MW’s. #2 fights the #1. Does this register? Get off the ice for awhile How do you survive being soooooo stupid?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          so then u asked the question by making that dumb statement which is WHY SONNEN SCARED THEN??? lmao, should sonnen wait til anderson gets better? u know that might take til spring maybe even summer. might as well try and get his FIRST win against a brazilian that fights back – filho did not fight sonnen in their second fight in case your queer eye didnt notice.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Ice Junkie – First of all Huh? and Wha? (get off the ice and get your ged and learn how to write) Now, Filho got his ass handed to him in the first and Second fight with Sonnen. (I know I know Sonnen lost the first one by triangle, but he still beat his ass until then)That unprofessional douchebag Filho couldn’t even make weight in #2.
          Secondly, your scared ass hero, Silva is NOT HURT, he is a lying cunt trying to get out of a fight with Sonnen the #2 MW.
          Now, marichon, do you get it yet?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          its funny u know gay terms in multiple languages, what did i tell you just because you bang guyss of different ethnicities it does not make you multi lingual – i mean i guess in a literal sense it does cuz ur giving them rim jobs but not from an educational standpoint. must suck losing to filho then winning against him when hes not fighting you and still no belt. i guess some ppl are meant to be professional losers, just like youre here to be a professional faggot.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Ice-Junkie – Let;s see now. Get all the dicks out of your holes marichon so you can comprende cabron.
          Let’s see here so Filho gets beat like a punching bag and then gets a lucky triangle. So he decides to not come into the second fight on weight and then decides not to fight so he could become even more of a punching bag? Is that how you like from all your boyfriends? You Just get pounded on?
          Dude you ARE STUUUUUPID. STFU little gayboy……The ice has fried those two brain cells you got left.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          oh my lil wetback everyone knows mexico has the most male and female prostitutes. ay chico how do i reach these kids?? its funny u keep talkin bout ice, especially when all u like to do is suck on popsicles. and lets see, i guess chaels is always winning his fights before hes submitted huh, yet for some reason dumb fucks like you never seem to get the basic message and that is HES A BORN LOSER but i guess thats why u take such a liking to him. now all u need is for him to come out of the closet and your life would be complete.

  64. King Gareth says:

    Chael is doing an excellent job promoting his next fight, whomever it may be. Most people are going to want to watch him fight whether it’s to win or lose.
    So if it’s against Belfort, Maia or Silva, it doesn’t really matter. He is selling it anyways.

  65. steven horgan says:

    so his plan was to take a beating for another round and a half more, get real kid, comparing nate too is ridiculous, it was his second time getting caught and he let down the ufc ,fans,and nearly the card…sonnen too does talk shit but backs it up, i like both fighters but after all chaels insults about silva and his wife and he wont fiht him, hmm lets see , silvas main weakness wrestling, sonnens best attribute wrestling, silva should man up and beat the shit out of sonnen but all you hear is excuses…if any one said that shit any other fighter they would want the fight, if chael is such a joke why is he stalling

  66. Gonzo says:

    24hrs. should be up anytime now….. I wonder what he will say now.

  67. Mike Hunt says:

    He’ll say that Andersons a scared chicken shit pussy…..what else is there to say?

  68. steven horgan says:

    nothing, because in the fans eyes having the impressive record is great, but having to defend your honour and making excuses to not fight says it all…doesent matter dana will make the fight regardless and a 100 percent silva will probaly take the win, but his character has been destroyed..

  69. Sergio says:

    You know why Cheel hate so much Brazilians fight?? Look at his number fighting Brazilian just 1 vicoty and 3 loose, D.Maia finish him easy easy on the ground, he TAPED OUT, that why he hate, because they kicked his ass so many timmes.
    Why he diserve the title shot? because Lidman, He whant it FUCK YOU GO TO THE BACK ON THE LINE, ONE VICTORY IS NOTHING…

  70. steven horgan says:

    another brazallian making no sence ha ha can you speak english offence but what makes a fight interesting is styles..mia had the submission style to beat sonnen, but sonnen has the wrestling style to beat silva, now show me where the line to your house is so i can kick open the back door and slap your lil old lady on the ass and telher make me a steak..then give you an mma lesson and spelling check….guess this was offensive, wont stay up for he reply have to sleep, heard theres no internet in brazil

    • Xaninho says:

      Can you speak Portuguese?

      And let’s spell check your shit: “Brazallian?” ,”That makes no senCe?”..I can keep going, but that would take up too much of my time.

      At least English isn’t his native language. You can’t even spell your own language correctly dumbass!

  71. bizzle says:

    Anderson doesn’t respond to weak challengers.. Fail Sonnen will be lucky to last 5 minutes with a healthy Silva..

    • Ha ha.. I think u said Chael won’t last a minute and his jaw was going to get broken in the first.. at least u stepped it up to 5 minutes, that means to me Chael will win! Hey Biz.. Don’t u think Andy would want to prove to all of his fans like u that Chael is a fraud and get a Lil revenge for making Andy like a fool and also for the Brazilian people. Seems to me he’s scared bradduh..u know dana will make it happen.

      • bizzle says:

        If you notice, I said he will be “lucky” to last 5 minutes. I don’t think he will, but anything can happen, and Silva does seem to start off slow as he gauges opponents.. He is going to destroy Sonnen with ease, and when he does I will send you a “get well” basket to help you in your time of mourning. :)

        • I’ll be just find biz.. after witnessing Bj losing twice against a lesser Edgar, Fedor x 2(silva, Hendo) shogun v Jones. Honestly .. Like u say styles makes fights and Chael will negate Andy’s skills bradduh! Sonnen is kryptonite to silva superman…but u already know this.

        • bizzle says:

          Styles do make fights,, But Sonnen fought a Silva with terrible mobility.. So the first fight imo doesn’t hold much lessons at all. healthy Silva stays out of range and moves well while punishing you when coming in, he did none of that in the 1st fight.. A healthy Silva is the fastest MW in the game, Chael made him look slow, Im telling you his rib injury definitively played a roll, his core movement was off.. The rematch will be a totally different animal..

  72. Fortyb4five says:

    or what? Chaels the one getting the title shot lol

  73. dubmatic808 says:

    Chael did good but he lost via tapping. i would rather see AS fight jon jones or GSP silva vs sonnen 2 would be exciting no doubt but lets see some new match ups and ignore this WWF bullshit ( i dont watch WWE but i watched months worth of WWF in the 80s ) every 5 year old thought that shit was real barnone

  74. mike says:

    Sonnen did tap, therefore according to street code, he is a dead motherfucker, so other top fighters should get their shot. I would like to see more fights with Silva doing more target practice. I want to see Anderson Silva Dim Mak some scrub.

  75. "street code??????" says:

    seriously? Ultimate Street Fighting Championship? seriously??? dude… the whole world is laughing…

  76. Jordanp says:

    Who deserves a shot over chael sonnen?? honestly……and Vitor couldnt stuff Sonnens takedown and he would get destroyed he got killed by Silva and beat Akiyama last BIG WHOOP! akiyama keeps losing and gets better fighters lol wtf

  77. Jordanp says:

    And Randy stop talking about nuts you homo it sounds like you need to remove Silva’s from yours

  78. Big T says:

    Most stats mean shit. In the end who won the fight. The only Stat that mean shit is that he Pop on the Drug test…he stole money on people. He tapped out in the fight and his UFC career isn’t that good… he is only around cause he talks smak. They gave him a set-up vs Stann. UFC knew that Stann can’t stop the take down. This guy is a joke.

  79. twinfin says:

    Sonnen doesnt deserve shit…..Anderson fought him and sonnen lost..NEXT, it wasnt a decision! if everytime a fight goes almost till the end and then it ends does not mean rematch. Anderson shouldnt fight sonnen cause he already did and won. sonnen equals to much if’s and thats all

  80. anderson silva says:

    Chael, you have 24 hours to suck my balls

  81. steven horgan says:

    hey xaninho, can i speak portuguese…seu louco furioso oriental bitch, ha ha take up too much of your time and spelling check you cant even type correctly ..senCE was it, your the dumb ass , glad u ddident keep going ya would look even more stupid

  82. Mach00man says:

    OK? sooo, what happens after 24 hours and he doesn’t respond? Or says no? Then what?

  83. JordanP says:

    …..Yeah so no one has said anyone who deserves it more….but ill throw a name into the octagon what about Hendo

  84. steven horgan says:

    xanin your mamas a ho..i got a job bitch, your an entrapenuer, a broke one, you’re a dumb ass thanks for the english lesson you just gave me a lesson on how to insult you ha ha, no need to reply i dont want to take up any more of your time playing with your 2 dogs, 3 including your mother

    • Xaninho says:

      Don’t worry I’m not easily insulted. That takes more than some babbling fool trying to do so. A broke entrepeneur wouldn’t have a Mercedes on his driveway, you silly street sweeper.

      But hey at least I had some fun with you, cause it seems I got under your skin…

      By the way, now you know how it feels when someone attacks you on the whole language, grammar thing…I don’t really enjoy doing that, but it was just to teach you a valuable lesson.

  85. steven horgan says:

    the only thing u can get under is your mother when she jumps on you every night and you dream of that car you said ya have, the only thing i would ever sweep is your legs before i would choke your ass out…anyway i dident even write that about his grammar, i never logged off in a internet cafe and someone was writing shit on my account, anyway when you replied to that i just said it be a bit of fun fucking around with you ha ha, sorry your feelings got hurt with the grammar thing it must be easy for you to feel insulted when someone was mocking your boyfriend

  86. RacerX says:

    Chael Sonnen is the 1 contender right now. So regardless of what anyone says or does, Silva will have to fight him. He can stall for a while but he will have to fight him. Everyone knows you have to defend your title against the 1 contender within a reasonable time period or you will lose your belt. This is done for 2 reasons. So a champion can not remain champion for an extended period without fighting anyone. So a champion that is afraid to fight the 1 contender can not remain champion. So all this arguing is stupid.. they will fight..

  87. Rusk says:

    its not about seeing Andy lose its about him actually having a war
    Love him or hate him chael is the only mother fucker that brought the fight to Andy everybody else has shat their pants, stood in front of him and waited to get knocked out

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