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Friday, 10/21/2011, 07:01 am

QuickTwitt: Pettis Agrees To Wait For Lauzon

If you missed the video posted up by Joe Lauzon yesterday, than this “QuickTwitt” post may not make that much sense to you. However, luckily we are here to feel you in on the quick details…

Anthony Pettis came out last week and started campaigning for a fight with Joe Lauzon. Joe in time, responded with an “I accept” of his own. Then yesterday, Lauzon came out with a quick video post saying that he doesn’t want to fight until February and if Pettis is willing to wait, that the UFC is down to make it happen and the decision to fight now lies solely in the hands of Mr. Anthony Pettis.

Well, seems he has agreed!

Joe Lauzon vs. Anthony Pettis in Feb 2012. Who ya got?


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