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Wednesday, 11/02/2011, 07:46 am

QuickTwitt: Koscheck Jabs At Condit For Turning Down Fight


37 Responses to “QuickTwitt: Koscheck Jabs At Condit For Turning Down Fight”

  1. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. Carlos might as well fight Koscheck now lol .[-

  2. Kdog170 says:

    hahah kosh is gunna be fighting him in febuary! im calling it now!

  3. ZachMMA says:

    Condit isn’t going to fight Kos. Condit is for sure getting a title shot if he wins on that card, this means they’ll probably make it a top contender fight, and let’s be honest.. Kos will probably never fight GSP again. Not for a long time anyways.

    • Calvin says:

      this would be a good fight cuz even if carlos did win kos cant get the title shot but winner of johny hendricks and fitch could easily be put into the gap plus that way jon fitch if he wins can be shut up he sucks bj took his ass down and gsp will do it too

  4. Kdog170 says:

    i agree with the part that kos will never get a shot with GSP again. but i think that white and silva will consider putting that fight together! idk who else would be a good match for him. i would say johnson but he moved up to middleweight….

  5. DVO says:

    Kos is not that good. He’s a contender but his stand up is still mediocre on the UFC level. Had his chance got beat.

  6. Duh says:

    the most logical fight seems to be condit vs. ellenberger.

  7. ThaGreenBandit says:

    If Condit and Kos do fight, I got Kos winning that fight simply because he has great wrestling and can fall back on that if he can’t compete in the standup game.

  8. C91 says:

    @ ThaGreenBandit

    Don’t forget about Condit’s underrated jiu jitsu. Although I do agree Kosh can have his way controlling him on the ground all it takes is one slip up. I think Kosh can hang with him striking but he definitely wouldn’t keep it in the standup the whole fight. I think they’re a pretty evenly matched up overall. If Condit feels he’s up for it, it’s just another opportunity to prove to the world he’s as good as speculated. Hope it goes down soon.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      No doubt that Condit’s JJ is underrated, but even the best JJ practioners have a hard time dealing with wrestlers, and Kos has been in the game a little to long to put himself in danger when on the ground, especially since he should know that Condit does have JJ skills. It would be an intersting matchup, though. Hope it goes down too

  9. sgt thai clone says:

    Condit is a more well rounded fighter than Kos,Kos is so one dimensional striking(overhand right) Kos is a better grappler ,Condit is alot more crafty than Kos! That is why Condit will win

  10. Logon says:

    OK, KOS is not fighting Condit people……. It is already been stated that GSP should be ready bt Feb, and Condit is waiting for his title fight, and he will not take a chance in losing that Titke fight by fighting a bum like KOS.

    (end of story)

  11. Aleks Todorovic says:

    Bum is a bit harsh for Kos. I’m not a fan by any means, but he does have solid wrestling and it is possible to employ a lay/pray/punch game plan as evident with Paul Daley.
    I believe Condit is the better fighter (striking and ground game) and his defence from the bottom is solid. Kos is put away.
    And really, Kos is putting himself at risk of further deportation from the top 10 contention if he takes this fight.
    Perhaps bum is an appropriate term after all lol

  12. RCS says:

    Kos wins that fight just like GSP would beat Condit. big wrestler on top all day. Condit got to have a better answer for wrestling. (condit vs mcdonald)

  13. kyle says:

    Kos needs to learn how to type before he attempts to fight condit. his eye is probably still shut or he would be able to type better than a 5 year old.

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