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Saturday, 02/11/2012, 09:00 pm

QuickTwitt | Diaz Camp Claims Only Reason Condit Accepted Rematch Was Due To Failed Test

The Diaz Brothers twitter account posted the message above in regards to the proposed rematch between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit that quickly got nixed earlier this week when it was released that Nick Diaz failed his drug test.

At first the Condit camp didn’t want the fight, but suddenly they changed their mind, just two days later it was revealed that Nick is going on suspension for the failed test.

Think they are onto something here or is it just trash talk?


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93 Responses to “QuickTwitt | Diaz Camp Claims Only Reason Condit Accepted Rematch Was Due To Failed Test”

  1. Mustard pancakes says:

    Would it suprise you no but then again its the Diaz bros so trolling!!!!

  2. abe says:

    it was kind of sketchy how he just out of nowhere accepted the rematch

    • Billy the kid says:

      No more sketchy than a fighter (Diaz) retiring in his prime!!! Diaz said he was retiring because he knew he was going to piss dirty!!! lol what a loser Diaz is!!!

      • zach says:

        He failed his post fight test not his pre fight test, so your whole statement is false

        • Lmpwao says:

          He knew he was going to get drug tested after the match, it happens to all main event fights…and Diaz has had how many main event fights now?

        • stone cold says:

          its obvious nick smoked a fat blunt after the bad decision. i watched the fight 3 times and nick diaz wont that fight! the fighter who lands more doesn’t always win. nick diaz has a lot of scar tissues and bleeds really easily. he won that fight straight up!

  3. MMAFTW says:

    I thought this, too.

  4. Chartmonster says:

    I believe it bc Dana told Condit the fight was never going to happen bc of the failed test.

  5. peaceout says:

    Who cares? Let roll one up nick!

  6. stone cold says:

    true story. condit’s manager didn’t accept it first. accepted it after they knew of failed screening.

  7. Joe says:

    Condit had no reason to fight Diaz again. He finally got to the top, so he should enjoy it by whippin’ GSP’s ass. If anyone has comments about Condit, they can look at the scoreboard. It says “Unanimous Win.”

    • Bobastrazi says:

      yeah it says Cecil Peoples too

    • holleaufradern says:

      Scoreboard???? U have NEVER won a fight in ur life… If u did it wasnt a real fight….. Sorry to brake it to u but U dont kno DICK about a fist fight.. u n ur buddys take a scoreboard to the bar or the beach or anywhere shit might pop off…. maby ur a soccer dad living vicariously through greg jackson and his scoreboard and it makes u get nervous when u watch someone get FUCKED UP… so u call that pussy, bitch ass, turning ur back and sprinting the other direction shit winning a fight… LOG OFF OF BJPENN.COM YOU WANNA B ON

  8. david says:

    condit said right after the fight he would talk to his managers and stuff about the rematch and see what they say he did refuse but maybe he changed his mind, id trust condits word over diaz hes just a fucking whiner

  9. soren says:

    Natural born escape artist-bj Penn the prodigy

  10. GJJ602 says:

    How can you blame Condit for not wanting a rematch? He won the fight 3 rounds to 2, and his next fight was supposed to be for the Championship. Diaz should have fought a smarter fight. I would have rathered see Diaz fight GSP, but he blew it. I probably won’t even watch the GSP vs Condit fight.

  11. black fedor says:

    Not blaming him just clownin him for running around like a scared raccoon throwing leg kicks

  12. Billy the kid says:

    Wow is everybody missing the fact that Diaz retired out of nowhere? Could it be because he knew he was going to come up dirty??? Of course he knew it. That is why he retired. He also begged for a rematch because ding ding ding he knew it would never happen because he is such a loser and can’t stay off the weed. I am so sick of hearing about these losers. They all need to go smoke their pot and leave the rest of the law abiding people alone. I hope they suspend his license for 10 years not just 1. Him and his whole team need to quit crying. There was no great injustice done to Nick Diaz, he lost a close decision, it happens all the time. He got out fought for 5 rounds by somebody who came in with a better game plan than he did, It is as simple as that!!!

  13. Serg says:

    Condit is no natural born killer, he’s a Winnie

  14. Serg says:

    I hope condit vs GSP happens as planned! I hope their both 100% and I hope condit talks like he’s going to rip Georges head off. Then we all get the outcome we all expect.

  15. Scott says:

    I think another point everyone is missing is what if Nick did win. He would be stripped of the belt and things would be worse then what they are. Also, Condit didn’t accept at first because he wanted GSP. When it became clear that GSP was not going to be avialable for an extended amount of time, Condit was willing to take the rematch. I don’t blame him for seeing first if he could fight GSP to become the undisputed champion. You can always go back and fight Diaz, but if Diaz came up with the decision the second time then he is out a shot at GSP. The right guy won, and it is even better that he did now. Would have sucked to have Diaz win just to be stripped less then a week later.

  16. Ruben says:

    Lol those clowns are trying to spin the shit and blame everything on Carlos, hey dumbasses, Condit not only beat Diaz but even if he hadn’t, Nick wouldnt have gotten a title shot cuz he had smoked pot prior to the fight….all the complaining about the decision is pointless, had Carlos fought Diaz’s fight and lost then guess what? that would have been over turned and called a no contest and there would have been no title shot regardless….if anyone is to blame its Nick for being stupid and doing drugs prior to a fight.

  17. Joey says:

    yeah the ufc probably didnt want condit to look like a pussy so they told him to accept knowing it would not happen anyway.whats sad is he won the official decision but Diaz realy won the fans and the ufc’s respect because he was the only one that came to fight.

  18. x UFC fan says:

    Y cant Dana man up and jus cut the dude? d bros, I cant stand them. Yes, I know, they can scrap but attitudes gotta go. Im gone. Bye UFC!!!

    • zach says:

      I know you haven’t been watch mma for long because you call it ufc like every other noob that thinks uses ufc like its the name of the sport, attitude has nothing to do with this mma I mean come on they fight for a living. That’s like telling a hor to dress less trashy because is tarnishing the name of women who have sex for money.

    • Pijan says:

      This is what makes you hate the UFC. Not the fact they signed Kimbo. Not the fact they gave Lesnar a title shot after beating 3 trash cans. Not the fact TUF is WAY past it’s time and needs to be cut. Not the fact Chael is twice as annoying than both Diaz bros put together, got busted for roids and laundering and still has a job. Not the fact Dana White is probably a bigger hypocrite than Gorge Bush. It’s the fighters like Diaz, Penn, Silva, and Leben that keep us coming back, the fighters that still…you know, fight. Point is, UFC likes fighters that fight, their good for money (which is what this is all about), and their good for business. Plus, pot really isn’t all that big of a deal..coulda been PEDs.

  19. thirsty_fish says:

    Greg Jackson: “Jon Jones! Go Check on Lyoto, Get Some Fans!”
    Not surprised if this about the rematch is true also

  20. gil says:

    The laws are not meant to represent the people. its too bad he lost all that money for a silly thing likeweed.

  21. Dj scrap master flex says:

    Did you guys see Gsp mic’d up? He said to Diaz “I hope you win my friend” while sitting cage side to Diaz after the fight. All the preflight bs is nothing but hype. Gsp and diaz are fuck buddies. At least boxers promote fights without tipping their hat like UFC fighters. No one in the UFC dislikes eachother. Chael and Anderson are probably best friends. They’re gonna sell out a 80k seat arena with their bs beef…

  22. onanz says:

    Why fight again? Cmon, Condit won fair and square. If Diaz was not on weed, he’d feel those leg kicks man. The weed somehow helped numbed the pain during the fight. What a fucking homie Diaz.

    • MMAfan93 says:

      not at all true man.. anyone who smokes weed knows this is not the case.. condit just threw baby leg kicks that did no damage at all.. 68 leg kicks and diaz wasnt limping or bruised? come on condit..

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Are you kidding me??? Marijuana is not morphine. You blaze, then get punched in the face or kicked in the leg you ARE going to feel it.

  23. ryan says:

    @ billy the kid. u say diaz piss dirty for weed come on if diaz didnt smoke weed he would be a killer not a fighter weed does not help u in anyway for a fight at all would make your fightingg worse

  24. BigHurt says:

    Hey who lost….Oh that’s right Diaz. Less QQ more Pew-Pew.

  25. Xaninho says:

    That’s bullshit. Condit accepted cause GSP has still a long road to go. He was estimated to be ready to fight around november, and that is without complications.

    So then Condit, who like everyone else likes to fight more than one fight a year accepted the rematch.

    Funny that the Diaz bros call BJ a sore loser. This tweet has LOSER written all over it.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      I think what you said is plausible, as is what was said in this Tweet. No offense X, because 99% of what you write on here is intelligent and valid, but there’s no way you could possibly know that without speaking to Condit first-hand and then verifying it with Dana White/other UFC personnel. If you did that, then I’ll retract my statement and admit I’m wrong. Otherwise, we don’t know the truth.

  26. Thom says:

    F*ck camp jackson.

  27. true mma says:

    Fuck condit, and fuck Greg Jackson. Two bitches that are made for each other.

  28. BJ PENN. says:

    I want a rematch with Diaz, this time it’s on bruddah! I’m over here in Hilo training my bjj and getting my scrap on.
    This is really bj penn, I promise.

  29. BJ PENN. says:

    Nick Diaz called me immediately after the Condit fight and asked me if he smoked a joint right before his post fight drug test, if it would show up in the results………………..I told him NO, he’d be just fine. LOL
    Now it’s 1-1 guys.

  30. true mma says:

    After ellenberger kicks Diego’s ass let’s see if condit has the balls to challenge him. Or will he play the little bitch role and say no I want to wait for GSP. Either way he getting his ass kicked by ellinberger or GSP.

  31. BJ PENN. says:

    I would fight Ellenberger and Condit at the same time. 2 on 1. Bring it!

  32. pthance says:

    He might be right.

  33. BJ PENN. says:

    If anybody has any questions you can ask me here. I’ll be holding a Q&A over the next hour.
    Thanks and I look forward to your questions.

  34. true mma says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better. Fuck the scoreboard and fight. This is shit ain’t tennis…

  35. BJ PENN. says:

    Lol, you turd burglar. You’re on to me.

  36. true mma says:

    Did people really think condit wanted to fight him again. He is fucking scared because Diaz now knows what condit wants to do (run). Diaz would now take him to the ground and submitt that ass.

    • If’s and if they were too…this and that….bitch…they fought and it’s done with.Diaz didn’t do shit with his sorry ass coach that couldn’t come up with a counter game plan…condit schooled his ass and now Diaz and his camp are crying cause now they know they have to take a few fights vs the kos’s , fiitch, Ellenburger, Sanchez, pierce, rory and get back to the top. They know Diaz can’t stop a takedown..they got thrown straight to the top without having to face wrestlers and now their through…

  37. big furr fan says:

    Hey bj we just had our little girl 6 lbs 12oz 19″ long and yes i would love to watch you put on an ass whooping show on Condit and ellenberger I would love it. Ok bj my question for you is this if diaz would of won what would of happened to the interm belt after the test results came back would they have declared condit the winner.By failed posse test ??? Or no contest ? Thanks

  38. Matt says:

    Yeah I can see why condit is scared. Winners of fights are always scared of the person they just beat. Makes perfect sense.

  39. Philippe says:

    Condit accepted the rematch and Dana made a statement after it that the rematch was going to happen. If DW didn’t know how would Condit know ? Diaz camp is just being a camp of crybabies making excuses all the time for their own actions.

    • mitch says:

      Completely agree with this statement. Theyre still talking trash even though the rematch will not happen because Nick couldnt pass his drug test. Im happy Condit got the decision or the welterweight rankings would be all f@&%’d up.

  40. Matt says:

    And enough with all this ” the mean streets of stockholm” crap and all that tough life garbage. Kid has trained under ceasar gracie his whole life. Wow what a terrible way to live huh? To me any man who has a chance to fight for the UFC belt and cant lay off the ganja is a straight up mental midget. At least he can always double as eddie munster when the ufc stops paying him.

  41. Zack says:

    Its Probly true. Condit is just enjoying the limelight cuz Gsp is going to dominate him in a very boring way

  42. BJ PENN. says:

    Big Furr, congrats on your little girl, that’s great!
    I believe they would have declared it a no contest.
    Also, I’m a bjpenn impersonator…..sorry brother

  43. banks says:

    Im pretty sure they are jus trying to keep people talkin. like dana said weather u like him or not doesnt matter as long as ur talkin bout him.. or sumthing to that effect..

  44. Steven says:

    The Diaz brothers are two thugs that think the whole world is out to get them. Too bad Nick got himself. Once a thug always a thug.

  45. true mma says:

    How can any one defend Carlos bitch ass. People bullshit themselves saying it was a good game plan, or stick and move. Knock a motherfucker out or make him tap, that’s a game plan. Not throw a kick and run then pray you got the decision.

  46. true mma says:

    If mma is going to become about points they should just make tko’s, ko’s and submissions illegal.

  47. x UFC fan says:

    @Zach, :) ur right, only followed UFC, didnt like Strikeforce much but saw some, Lawler CLe Carrano to name a few. Learned which UFC guys fought in Pride… Is this the 10 minute round event where u get flagged n fined if u dont fight? If not, pardon me. WEC, glad it merged into UFC. Being a mom with a fulltime job, I couldnt keep up w/ all the MMA stuff. Thanks to sites like BJ’s and twitter, I try to read up on UFC. So all that said, u think I should just totally lose interest and maybe get into football? I know all the rules for it. :) Penny for your thoughts @55 h()13!

  48. x UFC fan says:

    @pijan, u got it right on! So true. Still, UFC w/ 2 ppv events per mo. & now on fox, cant afford it. I’ll need to wait till it airs for free. I will fly to wherever for the most humble @GSP, though. Lucky I live next to BJ 😉

  49. Shawn says:

    Lol. ‘cry babies’. Love the excuses they have for everything they made themselves look bad for. Its always others, never them. The guilty are always the most to speak out, and they still dont make sense. They really need to change their attitude. You guys are professionals. Act like it. Not like a bunch of whiny kids that got in trouble for doing something they shouldn’t have, and got grounded. Losing respect for the Diaz. And Cesar is giving making the Gracie name look bad, buy spoiling already spoiled brats. No such thing as bad students, just bad teachers. Think ‘Cobra Kai’. Lol

  50. true mma says:

    Fuck condit and that lame ass game plan. Next he better fight or get the fuck out of the division and let ellenberger, hendricks or Rory fight. Plus he needs to change that fucking nick name. He ain’t no natural born killer anymore he’s Greg jacksons little bitch.

  51. true mma says:

    If condit truly thought he won and really wanted Diaz again he would have said at the end of the first fight “we can do this again.”

  52. true mma says:

    Carlos needs to have the balls and call out the winner of ellenberger vs sanchez.

    • Cage Potato says:

      This true mma guy is fucking hijacking the thread with nonsense. A win is a win. If you don’t like the way Carlos won, then step in the cage earn a shot against the guy beat his ass and make him retire. If you can’t do that then STFU already. Get of Nick Diaz’s dick already. Why the hell should Carlos fight him again, that shit is for kids. The fight was not even close. If Diaz couldn’t handle Carlos Condit, he definitely would have been dog food for GSP. MMA fan boys kill me. This sport would be so much better if we could limit the fan base to those who have either participated or actively participate in it.

  53. jamespmma says:

    Who cares?…even if nick won…it would have been fucked up cause of the failed test…carlos out pointed him…on his way to a decision…a better question is whats worse for the sport, fighters edging out decisions because there is “a lot on the line” or because the are “scared homie”…or fighters finishing quickly because they are juiced out of their right mind with steroids and performance enhancing drugs?

    side note: best thing to come out of this recent fight is to show that someone can be a serious athlete while remaining a diligent pot head…thumbs up!!!

  54. true mma says:

    Fuck condit and fuck cage potato. And fuck there lame ass game plan. You know what they say bitches run in pairs.

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