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Wednesday, 11/09/2011, 08:30 am

QuickTwitt: Chael Sonnen Starts Up On Anderson Silva Again


145 Responses to “QuickTwitt: Chael Sonnen Starts Up On Anderson Silva Again”

  1. Kalani says:

    Disgrace to the sport. This ain’t the WWF

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Right. This dude is a damn fool, and I’d hate to see the state of MMA if all fighters acted like this

      • Bobbydmma says:

        I don’t u guys can’t except the fact that chael fucked anderson up… Why are you on andersons nuts? Why would you want him to keep fighting guys that you know he could beat when he has a real challenge? U want him to just keep the belt forever so you can say he invincible!! He’s not! He already got his ass kicked! To set up bs fights when u have a real challenger just so he can keep the belt….. That’s “wwf” corn balls….

        • chris says:

          They said nothing of the sort. They never even mentioned the Silva-Sonnen fight. They just don’t like how Sonnen acts. How is that nut-hugging?

        • BJ Penn Fan says:

          good point, bro.

        • Dondangerously says:

          He’s still funny as shit.

        • BJ Penn Fan says:

          why are you chael’s nuts? and chael did beat up anderson, but still lost. chael always says stuff like in the “mean streets of portland” no way anderson would be the winner after getting beat up for 24 minutes and then wrapping his legs around a guy’s head for 30 seconds.

          well i think bass said it best… if it were on the “streets” chael would’ve been passed out with a broken arm b/c there wouldn’t be a ref to stop the “leg wrapping” after 30 seconds.

        • david says:

          hes chaels nuts? crazy how can chaels nuts type?

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Phael fucked Anderson up, but he tapped? Uh, okay….

        • ricky says:

          Yes, douche bag, he fucked anderson up with his striking, wrestling and ground and pound for 4 and 1/2 rounds. and then got caught in a triangle.

        • gdub says:

          Andersons one elbow did more damage than all Chaels weak ground and pound! Plus Anderson would have put Chael to sleep or broke his arm if he didn’t tap, so who really got “fucked up” dumb ass!

        • Ian Mearns says:

          seriously and its accept not except i hope sonnen retires after getting pounded by silva. The “mean streets of portland’? Seriously? Get the fuck out of here

        • BAaron says:

          Did you watch the fight? Just sayin!!

        • Jerome says:

          Hmm roids with Sonnen, and Silva had a broken rib when they fought… Hmmmmm first a real challenger would not have used roids, but a cheat would, then the champ took on the fight with a jacked up rib, and ohh yeah who won again??? Maybe Silva did get beat on for 4 rounds, but it was by a roided up idiot that committed fraud, the same type of fraud that played a part in this global recession causing banks to fail because people like him straight up lied to get money. No matter if you win with 1 second left on the clock you still win, regardless of the previous minutes, the winner is still the winner, then take into account the above and proven roids usage and it makes his win even greater. What if Sonnen was clean? I bet even with the broken ribs it would have been a totally different fight ending like all other fights with him laying face down on the mat or running out of the ring like a little bitch

        • ulises alcantara says:

          you are fucking retarded if silva actually had a broken rib why did he take the fucking fight huh dumbs even if it was just hurt the whole reason anderson said no rematch is cause he said he was hurt sounds like an excuse to me if the first time coming in injured was no problem why not do it again cause silva knows he’s a fucking fake and silva is black chael is white no shit white skin isn’t as rough and tough as black skin so of course chael would be opened up with an elbow

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          ulises (i hope that isnt your real name but unfortunately i think it is) anderson is 36 years old. believe it or not he fights injured, almost all fighters do. but in case you didnt know when you get older your body doesnt recover as fast as when you are younger. anderson was injured in both the chael and okami fights. after his okami fight he said he was going to take the rest of the year off to rehabilitate his injury. unlike other guys in the sport who cancel on their main event less than two weeks before a fight, at least anderson keeps his promises.

        • Pretardead says:

          Friendly reminder, this is a mma forum. Not Occupy Wallstreet. Plus, was not roids. Testosterone levels were high.

        • ricky says:

          Did you see his xrays? were you at the doctors with him? How the fuck do you know that the rib bullshit was factual? you dont know shit. youre just an anderson nut hugger. guarentee you’d deepthroat his cock until it fell off if u had the chance.

        • Anthony1994 says:

          First off who mentioned Silva-Sonnen? Sounds to me like your the one on someones nuts. Also in that fight I wouldn’t say Anderson got fucked up, in fact after 289 punches by Sonnen who was on roids Anderson left with barely a scratch so get off Sonnen’s nut’s and look at the evidence before you make bs statements

        • retard. says:

          Roids and testosterone therapy are 2 completely different things.. know your fuckin shit homie.

        • jp says:

          fucked him up? hahahah your fuckin comedian bud

        • Dyjamison says:


        • tom says:

          Chael put up the best fight against Anderson so far but “fucking him up”? Don’t think so. I think Chael is a bad ass fighter but he was on top for so long and couldn’t finish him. Chael looked worse than Anderson at the end of the fight. He needs to shut the fuck up and take his ball sucking submission like a man. I hope they do fight next, which Chael knows he’ll get the fight if he keeps up his disrespectul antics, and Anderson knocks him out. I also hope Anderson doesn’t respect him either. He should give Chael the Degeneration X “Suck It” sign when he’s out cold since Chael likes to be like the WWE.

        • rob says:

          He didn’t even fight Silva, he layed on him for 24 minutes

        • FightClub (my dick) says:

          I wish he would too, but he won’t. He has something that asswipe Chael will never have…class.

        • kuuussshhh says:

          okay i agree chael did beat on him for almost the whole fight, but the fact the guy had to use performance enhancing drugs is a sign this guy is a coward an cant fight fair…

        • Russ Phifer says:

          I agree.

        • White says:

          You guys really thinks Roids made the difference in his performance ? Grow the fuck up, hes not a better wrestler with or without drugs. His test levels were a bit too high, and silva did not fucking fight with a BROKEN rib. Do you have any idea of how i broken rib hurts ? he wouldnt have taken the fucking fight for FUCKING sure. Shut the hell up with thoses excuses, Sonnen beat the shit out of Silva, and Silva won by submission. WELL PLAYED, and now he deserves a rematch for being the ONE guy that fucked him up the worst. End of story, make it happen, and fuck the rest

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          white power! lol please spare me the bullshit. now youre the one with all the facts cuz u saw everything through the tv right? his test levels were a bit too high? nice was of downplaying the fact that his levels were 6 times that of a normal adult male yeah i never knew six times the regular amount of anything to be “a little” anything. and anderson fought through the pain, he isnt bitchh ass gsp who quits fights he manned the fuck up and handled his business. now go back to brainstorm what other bullshit you can come up with moron.

        • david uppercut says:

          I think you mean “accept”


    • MMA Doctor says:

      u guys should shut up

    • Coffee409 says:

      You guys are dead wrong! Chael is the funniest guy in MMA. I love his schtick. Lighten up guys, don’t take yourselves so seriously. This stuff is FUNNY.

  2. Chael is the man and you FAGZ can’t handle it..period! That’s right Dana is making the pansy fight the monster.. sign on the dotted line and let’s get the rematch aired on FOX 2!

    • chael sonnen says:

      how does my dick taste?

    • Heath says:

      Chael will tap again.. I hope Anderson takes his arm home with him..F@ckin big
      Great wrestler but I have lost all respect for this asshole..

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        i agree heath. i hope anderson doesnt release the hold this time around and lets chael go limp and have his bitch asss convulsing in the octagon. maybe then all the sonnen nuthugging queers will realize how fucked chael was in their first fight. if i was anderson i would not let go until they could pull me off of the douche and then take my suspension with pride.

        • SaberTooth says:

          IceJunkie get of the meth dude it’s making you stuuupid again. Sonnen beat Andy’s ass and it would have been worse except the ref was on Andy’s side letting him up. This time Sonnen will punish this scared bitch.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          the ref let andy up? obviously you dont need drugs to be stupid your genetics did the job on its own. if the ref didnt save sonnens life he would have been left unconscious in the octagon with a broken arm u snaggle toothed idiot.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Hey dumbass, did you watch the first 4.5 rounds? How many times did the ref save that bitch Silva? Count then if you can meth-head. oh yah and Silva got pounded for those 4.5 rounds. What you got to say about that bitch? Do you actually know what genetics mean??

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          so the ref should have stopped the fight while silva was intelligently defending the pillow fists? lol and yes i know what genetics means thats why i said your genetics made you the idiot that you are because im sure your family is full of morons such as yourself.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Hey don’t bring my family into this. They may be retards but hey I love’em. But I digress (you know what this word means, right?).
          Now, did you actually count how many times the ref stood up Sonnen when he was on top of Andy beating his face in?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          if by standing sonnen up you mean the bell rang and the fighters returned to their respective corners then yeah i guess the ref stood them up because its his job to separate each fighter when the round ends. did you see him save chael’s life without any bells ringing? or are you going to digress from that fact to make stupid statements about how regulations in mma matches is what hurt sonnen?

        • FightClub (my dick) says:

          Refs tend to standup boring lay n pray fights. Your druggy cheaters M.O. in the octagon.

        • Junkie.. Calm down big guy! If Chael taps and Anderson doesn’t let go and Chael sustains injury it would be criminal and a large civil suit, let’s not get carried away. Chael was also following the UFC rules while dominating the 4.75 rounds and if Chael wanted to he could have struck him w illegal blows and Andy couldn’t do anything about it, but c’mon it’s a sport. Andy knows what’s its like to be choke out also ..

  3. doc says:

    You are all too sensitive.

  4. jon doe says:

    thankfully this chump is going to leave the ufc after that silva fight.

  5. FightClub (my dick) says:

    piece of shit. so is the Fartmonster…

  6. Isaiah D says:

    Chael is good for the sport weather hes bringing bad or good attention to the sport. Attention is what the sport needs and as far as the fans go for not being the “champ” hes prolly got just as many fans.

  7. Zack says:

    I hope Anderson puts him in a knee bar and shatters his shit. End his worthless career

  8. TheBraveReply says:

    Chael FTW!!! He will take the rematch.

  9. Jb says:

    Wow this is about mma not talking shit but all the keyboard Herod feel brave

  10. thehammer says:

    Chael is that kid in school that talk all the $h*t and lost and said that he won. We called those guys lil girls.

  11. I can’t wait to see how many fans Chael will have left if he loses.Most of his fans did’nt know who he was before the Anderson fight.Those same fans will drop him like Anderson dropped Vitor IF he loses.

  12. The funny thing about this fight is.Everybody expected Anderson to walk through Chael in the 1st fight.But Anderson got out by the skin of his teeth.Now alot of people are expecting Chael to walk through Anderson.I would’nt be surprised if Anderson ends this fight within 2 rounds.

    • I would agree, but ANDERSON CAN’T STOP THE TD and HE’LL GET DOMINATED AGAIN and ANDY KNOWS IT MAN.. Shit talk aside! ALL THE TOP BJJ GUYS even bradduh Bj couldnt stop a top level wrestlers td ..that is scary! Chael is too strong (TRT) and too fast and conditioning is INSANE!

      • henry Kobasky says:

        100% correct!

        • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

          Wow as good as Chael is trying to advertise himself as, he still freaken lost! I don’t care if he beat Anderson Silva to the brink of near death, with all that dominance, with all that momentum, and elevated “testosterone” he still ended up losing definitively to a “submission-tap”! I mean if it went to a debatable decision, then sure that’s a lot easier to talk around! The man has skills sure, but he’s no champion!!!

        • FightClub (my dick) says:

          two clowns rooting for the loser/cheater. Got some issues ladies? Anderson is not your dad OR your abusive boyfriend; they can’t hurt you anymore.

      • Jerome says:

        This time will be different Anderson wont have a jacked up rib, and if you have ever done ANY type of condition you would know how bad a cracked or even bruised rib feels, and how it truly limits your ability, then throw in the fact that Chael will have to actually do his TRT the RIGHT way this time and not get it jacked up so high it fails again and then you have a totally different fight. You will have a pissed off Silva (BTW like he was with Vitor calling him fake and we know how that fight went down) and a healthy Silva at that, then throw in the fact that you will have a Chael that will not be able to do extra training to make him stronger and have better training this time, and on top of that you wont have him in a fight with the same unfair advantage he had last time. All of these things go into account in their upcoming fight and none of them favor Chael and even with everything in his favor before he tapped like a punk, didn’t act like Tim Silvia and let his arm bet broken, or pass out like other real men, NO your hero tapped like a little bitch when he was juiced up and had a no where near 100% Silva in the ring.

  13. ThaGreenBandit says:

    too strong, too fast, and evidently, too easily tapped

  14. Brian B says:

    I just don’t understand how this fight is looked at differently than others. Most fights when a fighter is down on points and comes back everyone talks about how resilient he is. In this case the Chael nuthuggers just talk about how Anderson got messed up. In this sport, styles make fights, you don’t have to always be the better fighter. You can come with a gameplan and pull off the upset. This is what happened in this fight. Chael was winning the stand up…does this mean he is a better striker? No! He had a strategy that took silva by surprise and it almost worked…except it didn’t. Now if Chael could throw Munoz style bombs on the ground it would have been over early but he didn’t…he love tapped him and humped him for 4 and a half rounds, then slipped up and lost. Thats MMA…stop watching the fight through smoke and mirrors.

  15. chris says:

    everyone is quick to talk trash about anderson, chael, does it really matter. You have to take some damage on the bottom if your gonna try and secure a submission. Why do you think that Minatoro, at such a young age looks jacked. There is no guard on the bottom in MMA you have to take some sort of damage to secure that submission and no one was good at that better than minatoro. Anderson silva had to weather the storm to secure his submission. Im a chael fanatic but a win is a win and if you couldnt keep a guy in check for 30 seconds to win then what does that say about your ability.

  16. Zachar Snyder says:

    Why anyone would come to these forums and wish for PROFESSIONAL fighters to have career ending injuries is beyond me. Anderson Silva is clearly the best fighter in the middleweight division and the only one who can stand up to him is chael so why not make the fight happen. You people wag this sport and get too caught up in the drama, chael is and will always be a fucking dickhead but he’s still a great fighter nonetheless. I think the reach on fox would be great for the ufc, just sayin.

  17. Ninjaman says:

    For your consideration:

    Have you ever noticed that the fans that like what Sonnen says and does are the ones that are swearing and saying the most inappropriate garbage. The fans who dont like what Sonnen says for the most part are polite and tactful in their reprove.

  18. Brian B says:

    Hey Zachary, how do we know Chael is the only fighter that can stand up to Anderson? Why not try someone who hasn’t had a turn yet since Chael failed at it. He is a good fighter that has been easily submitted on many occasions…lets call it like it is.

  19. Lex w says:

    Chael is tha man n he funny ashell y’all just sum haters

  20. i speak the truth ya herd!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    chael has to win 1 more fight before hes talkin about silva enough said and he did a realy good performance against silva yea but was he normal no was silva fully fit no enough said silva will destroy chael in there next match enough said ok i like chael but he dosent deserve the shot yet i think munoz and bisping should fight for number 1 contender if bisping beats mayhem that is!!!

  21. mmaislandjunkie says:

    see chael when you mock the champion he can return the favor by ignoring you because he has already beaten you.

  22. Voice in the desert IS Chael Sonnen says:

    Anderson Silva got lucky the last time…Chael will knock him out in the 2nd round the next time around.

    What most people fail to admit is just how good Chael is. He clowned the so-called p4p champ – the real one is Georges St-Pierre, but I digress…

    No wonder Silva wants no part of a rematch 8)

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      what most people fail to admit is that sonnen’s testosterone levels were increased as high as ones levels would be if they had injected themselves with a steroid. but like most douche bags that support CHEATERS say “chael sonnen and gsp are the greatest!” stupid sheep following boring fighters who cheat to get by in the sport.

      • SaberTooth says:

        Dude and you don’ think your hero Andy doesn’t or hasn’t ever taken steroids?? Come on now, how old are you? That being said, Sonnen is the best at TD’s and he will finally get this Silva out of the way. Andy has outstayed his welcome. His time is up no matter how much you and all the other ‘Karate Kid” huthuggers want to deny it. Hey Einstein, what does supercilious mean? (now now…don’t google it!!) Cuz you bradduh is a supercilious nuthugger. Hey but that’s ok!!

        • Jerome says:

          Why can’t he google it when you did? Ohh wait, you are one of those that think Chael can cheat and it is okay, and regardless of him cheating in a fight that he ALSO lost in still means he beat the champ??? You are as delusional as Chael is, no go ahead and google delusional, and it will have a picture of Chael Sonnen and yourself as an example 😉 Just speaking the truth bradduh

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          snaggletooth taking ppl down and inflicting barely any damage and waiting for the jugdes to give you a win is not something a person should be proud of. and andy isnt the karate kid that nickname belongs to machida so get your nicknames right cuz you sound ignorant. btw i dont act like i know more than you or the other chael sonnen nuthuggers, im stating facts and by doing so i guess it just shows i know more than you. chael was caught cheating, when has anderson tested positive for steroids or trt or whatever other testosterone supplement you wanna name? maybe if he was a constant runner up or lost every big fight of his life or just a low class scum bag like chael, maybe just maybe he may actually resort to such despicable standards chael has gone to and continues to use til this day. fortunately for andy and true mma fans who dont need gossip to enjoy fights, hes a born winner and the best ufc champion, and by that i mean best mma champion, to ever live. ooh that must be hard to swallow. keep your hopes up though w chael, you got a winner there lol.

  23. mmaislandjunkie says:

    so chael lost to a mangina? you just make it sound worse for the cheater.

  24. Voice in the desert IS Chael Sonnen says:

    Yeah…I suppose high testosterone levels not only give super-human strenght, it also give super skill-sets and reaction time!

    Thank you sir!

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      ok with that theory then its absolutely preposterous for there to even be any ban on steroids, gtfoh. sonnen and all the other douches that use trt are cheaters and their blind fans are idiots.

    • Kal-EL (aka Superman) was on TRT as a baby before he came to earth! Can we just call Chael superman bc he had elevated his T level slightly above normal. How’d u think he got all those TDs and 300 punches in. Super Chael.. I like that!

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        u like cheaters we know, dont need to mention them with superman or bj to give them credibility. gsp and sonnen = douche bag cheaters of mma.

        • U make it seem like bc he was on TRT it gave sonnen this incredible super powers and doesn’t. That was my point junkie..Chael the kryptonite to Anderson fighting skills…can’t use your striking skills if your on your back getting worked over. Munoz v Vitor or Stann v Vitor..

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          u make it seem like bc he was on trt it didnt give him extra strength and endurance when the sole purpose of trt is to give you both. lol ur so obtuse, do you understand why steroids are illegal in almost all sports?

        • TRT is used to bring your natural levels up its not like straight up roids that mark Kerr/ mark Coleman use to take or Brock during wwe. that’s why it’s legal and dr prescribed thru the athletic commission. Marquardt v Chael both were on TRT at the time I wud assume, but it didnt do crap for Nate bc he got dominated…can’t remember if they got tested after that fight bc nothing came of it guess their levels were good.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          the lie that is used by fighters on trt treatment is that it is used to bring their levels up to normal. the truth is that they use it to have the same advantages a person who uses steroids has, increased strength and endurance. ppl get fooled easily by slick talkers like chael but the truth is he was suspended for elevated levels of trt, not because of paperwork or whatever bs he spews (the sentence was reduced from 1 year to 6 months based on the fact that the commission acknowledged that chael may have in fact submitted his paperwork re: trt but the 6 month probation was still upheld based on his trt levels being higher than normal.) spin it however u want that is the truth of the matter.

        • Jerome says:

          Yeah both levels were good because during THAT fight NEITHER were CHEATING but in the Silva Sonnen fight Sonnen was CHEATING!! HOW HARD is that to UNDERSTAND???

  25. i speak the truth ya herd! says:

    no1 is saying that chael isnt good hes 1 of the best but he got beat it dosent matter what he did u got beat and has to make his way up the ladder again, beating stann dosent cut it for me stann is over rated yes if u stand and bang with stann hes got a good advantage over most and could ko any1 but he isnt a complete mma fighter so much holes in his game if sonnen beats belfort,bisping or munoz yes then he is owed his rematch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Voicein the desert says:

    At the back of what line can Chael go back to? Fair question?

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      it is a fair question. the fair answer would be the line where theres guys waiting to fight anderson. since anderson is injured chael should have accepted vitors offer to fight him to determine the true no. 1 contender. vitor got caught like chael got caught but vitor has the possibility of actually stopping silva, chael not so much. chael would need to expire the time off all 5 rounds and get the judges decision for a win, vitor is capable of ko’ing anderson. if ppl really hate anderson as much as they seem like they do then one would think they rather see the ko artist ko the spider instead of the guy who needs all 25 minutes to get a decision.

      • Voicein the desert says:

        Akiyiama was not much of a test for Vitor. One does not applaud a tenor for clearing his throat. Belfort got KOd by Silva RECENTLY. Nobody wants to see a rematch this soon, not even Belfort himself. Another clowning and that would be the end of his career. Besides, he already has a dance partner.

        Chael Sonnen is more than worthy. He made a dumb mistake with 2 minutes left. Vitor did not do a single thing to Silva.

        The truth: other than a Sonnen rematch, the middlewight division, which is the weakest one, by the way, is officially cleaned out.

        After Sonnen, Silva has only few options for a decent payday and to cement his legacy:

        1. Sonnen rematch
        2. GSP at catchweight
        3. Move up to light heavyweight and face any top 5

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i didnt say vitor should necessarily be before sonnen, i said i thought if the two were to fight it would leave a clear picture of who the no. 1 contender is especially since silva is injured. however that ship has come and gone vitor is already scheduled to fight rumble johnson now and by the looks of things it seems chael will be getting his wish to fight anderson on superbowl weekend. i dont disagree too much with ur statement about the mw division being weak, however i do believe the lower weight classes are now the weakest divisions: the 145 & 135 lb divisions. i see your no. 1 and no. 3 as possible options for silva but no. 2 will never happen. gsp is a coward and so are his fans who defend his style of fighting. gsp has ducked anderson for almost 3 years now i dont ever see him manning up to fight silva ever.

        • Rusk says:

          How is it that Gsp is a coward for not moving up and fighting a champ in a higher weight class and sliva isn’t?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          the silva gsp fight talk has been ongoing for over 2 years. at one point in time both fighters agreed to it only to have gsp go back on his word and make excuses over and over not to fight silva (cant make weight, if he beats silva he will retire, he rather move down to 155, and whatever other excuse he has.) silva has gone up in weight and defeated two challengers, one being the former champ one fight removed from being champion. now what were you trying to say again?

        • Rusk says:

          Chaels funny as shit but I don’t think He’ll beat sliva, I’ll give chael hella props tho the only fuud to get in there with the spider and not be completely outclassed.
          Seems like everybody else pissed their shorts as soon the bell rung

        • Voice.. Nicely done! Applaud a tenor for clearing his throat.. Lmao

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          u kinda sound like a penn state assistant coach with that tenor talk.

        • Jerome says:

          And Stan was that much of a challenge for Sonnen that after one fight (remember unlike Vitor he was caught cheating during his 10 seconds of fame) he deserves a rematch???? I would rather see Vitor get a rematch on those same grounds because unlike Sonnen Vitor was not juiced up!

  27. HawaiiRN808 says:

    This WWE crap is ridiculous. Anderson should just bypass Sonnen and fight the next contender.

  28. mick says:

    this is funny as hell

  29. Anthony says:

    Chael Sonnen is the Best at everything he does.. and he is going to take that belt from Andy! this time he is going to finsih him in the 2nd round.. after destroying him in the first..

  30. 3ric says:

    OMG so much trolling in this thread it leaves no room for me to troll :(

  31. CBrown says:

    Sonnen doesn’t deserve another shot, but seeing how it is happening Sonnen will lose AGAIN. Only thing is this time Silva will make him look like a amateur. It doesn’t matter if Silva couldn’t stop the TD or not Sonnen will either get knocked out or submitted AGAIN.

  32. RC says:

    Im thankful for the fighters who trash talk and create tension. It makes the fights that much more exciting when you really want to see one of the fighters get smashed.

  33. Facts says:

    Silva didn’t expect to get hit standing up, that’s the thing. Maybe the rest of the punches weren’t that hard, but Silva got caught slack-jawed when Sonnen threw that left in the first. I also don’t think there’d be much argument at all if after those first four rounds, Sliva knocked Sonnen out with a kick to the face, or an elbow to wherever. It would have been considered a done deal. Just like Ali won in Zaire. Silva won that first fight period.

    I think Sonnen has a chance if he can get Silva to the ground again, maybe. The problem is he can’t hit Silva hard enough to knock him out, or really even faze him. That’s another thing to consider. I mean what’s he got left that he didn’t throw? And Silva’s got a lot he didn’t throw.

  34. louis says:

    dude this is fighting the only thing that matters is what happens in the ring …. and its it entertaining so he’s doing his job

  35. Karl says:

    Indeed, Sonnen is a slimeball of a person, but as a fighter, he did warmed up Silva pretty well (granted he tapped). Also, love the guy or hate him, he sure does make the UFC a lot more entertaining, doesn’t he?

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      yes he does, but he certainly has a strange following to say the least. he has single handedly convinced a nation of idiots that its ok to cheat and be caught for cheating as long as you almost beat the most dominant fighter in ufc history.

      • Karl says:

        Oh without a doubt, man. He cheated on that fight. I completely agree. But I think …. Well, I can only say on my behalf, but whenever there’s a news about Chael, UFC related or not, I click it. The guy is just flat out entertaining (not to mention witty). Now bare in mind, i only check him out purely for the controversy and entertainment that he brings, and not because I look up to him or anything like that.

  36. P R O D I G Y says:

    haha yall are maddddddd. Chart is killin u mofos on this thread. Chael will retire this Chris Tucker lookin hype train. On a side note if u guys think sonnen is such a shitty guy i suppose u guys read this article below VV


    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      thats cool of sonnen to do that. i personally think off camera hes an alright guy just trying to find ways to get what he wants legally and illegally, theres countless criminals out there that are good guys who just do bad things and i guess chael is one of them.

      • P R O D I G Y says:

        LoL let me ask you junkie. If Chael wins and wins convingly and is a nice guy with a good attitude afterwards what will be your opinion on him in all honesty here be.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          if he defeats silva convincingly, without failing a banned substance test, and is a nice guy with a good attitude than i cant not give the guy his credit. unfortunately for chael though hes done and said a lot of pretty messed up things over the past year and a half and hes gonna be followed by that black cloud for what hes done in his past. it takes more than letting an 11 year old backstage and being a nice guy after a big win to make up for all the shitt hes said and done.

        • P R O D I G Y says:

          LoL i think its gonna take more than that to make up all the shit he said if ur a brazilian. if not than its all good haha. I wanna see Munoz vs Vitor fight the winner of that for sure though.

  37. dubmatic808 says:

    all chael had to do to win was not tap and let the clock run out but coulda woulda shoulda = /

  38. chael for president says:

    HAHAH!! i love this shit!

    he brings a little style to MMA. to many damn GSP santos!

    i cant wait till he smashes silva!!!

    oh and all you grammar police can suck a fat dick!!! you want grammar, go to school. this is mma. you dont need grammar.

  39. Man of Steel says:

    Wow…. What a forum we have. Sounds to me everyone has an agreeance of wanting these 2 to fight again. For the sonnen fans…. They get a second chance to win with no excuses and the silva fans get to see another great fight with no excuses. So far I’m getting Chael is not well liked cause of his mouth plus he dominated the ring for 4 rounds whilst having suspicious testerone levelsagainst Anderson. Chael has something to prove for if he wins he can say I tolld you so! With Anderson there have been questions around the way he won along with some of the fighters. I kind of disagree as for any fighter who is in the octagon are top elite fighters plus regardless Anderson is still champion. The solution to all of this to make all of us happy is to let them fight as we all know it will be one of the most watched fights in UFC history for many reasons. I look forward to the forum after and pre that fight. Loving the comments on the forum guys. Let’s keep me coming.

  40. craziedave89 says:

    Chael will win VIA submission

  41. Ryan says:

    I like chael very much and think he is the most entertaining fighter outside the octagon but everyone seems to forget Anderson made him tap! Yeah he beat Anderson up for nearly 5 rounds but he still tapped in the end and lost. It’s called mixed martial arts and goes for 25 mins so how can he diss Anderson catching him in a leg triangle? Also after he lost chael had a drugs test and was found POSITIVE for steroids, the man therefore is a cheat and would get a lengthy ban in any other sport. There are other fighters who haven’t been caught to be on drugs that deserve a title shot aswell. Chael had his and lost so should now earn the right for another and prove he ain’t on and kind of drug/steroid anymore and is fit to be a champion

  42. HarmZKR says:

    I still can’t decide if Sonnens being serious with half the things he says sometimes? I for one think he is one of the funniest guys in MMA right up there with Sean McCorkle.
    On a serious note though. If you watched the build up to the Silva vs Belfort fight, you’d know that Silva WANTED to submit Sonnen using Jiu Jitsu after what Sonnen said about the Noguiera brothers. And that was why he kept his guard low when Sonnen was on top of him. And what better way than a triangle choke right? And we all know that to pull off MOST triangle chokes, you have to be on the bottom with your opponent in your guard. And of course what better way to do that than let your opponent take you down right? Not saying that Silva purposely let Sonnen take him down all those times but it woulda made sense if you ask me?

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