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Friday, 11/09/2012, 09:23 am

Quick Twitt | UFC President Reacts To Strikeforce Demise And Signing Of Rousey | UFC NEWS

UFC president Dana White reacts to the news of Strikeforce closing and the UFC swallowing the female division.


9 Responses to “Quick Twitt | UFC President Reacts To Strikeforce Demise And Signing Of Rousey | UFC NEWS”

  1. chris says:

    It finally happened damn! maybe now there will be much more talented women to join the ufc.

  2. Dothraki says:

    I wonder if this means Gilbert Melendez will come to the UFC 145 division?

  3. milos says:

    motherfucking asshole criminal low life piece of shit…it took year and a half to see the buissnes as usual shit happen with strikeforce,nevermind they wont be able to systematically destroy competition forever,sooner or later there day will come…

    • koolg says:

      relax u lil bitch competition is good however SF was no competition, it sucks and was boring except a few fighters, and frank shamrock is a huge douche bag that whole organization was run by tards that didnt know how to put on good production and half the time good fights.

      • areyoustupid says:

        are you out of your mind? did you even watch strikeforce events or do you just suck the bullshit out of the zuffa tits? strikefore consistently had incredible cards with epic matchups and constant finishes. Fighters fought to finish and not LNP boring decisions. diaz-daley card really sticks out every fight but 1 was a big KO or sub. either your trolling or the most uneducated mma fan ive ever met

  4. buckfastmonster says:

    aw well the ufc grows nd so dos the sport watevr lik

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