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Tuesday, 03/18/2014, 07:22 am

QUICK TWITT | UFC Fighters React To Hendricks vs. Lawler Fight Event

UFC 171 was an event packed full of hard-hitting, back and forth, powerful action that wasn’t all limited to the electrifying main event. If you were lucky enough to watch the show from beginning to end, you know exactly how gripping every fight was and how it was a terrific build up to Hendricks vs. Lawler. But what if you didn’t get to rush home and start from the beginning? What if you missed a few fights before the end? What better way to catch up and get a true opinion of the fight than Twitter? Here are some of the best Tweets about the last three fights of UFC 171.

About Hendricks vs Lawler:

(As a side note, Derek Brunson did a full play-by-play of the Hendricks v Lawler fight. If you were rushing home or missed any part of that, he would have been an absolute JOY to be following.)

And you know our favorite boys are going to pop up with mouths wide open:

About Carlos Condit vs Tyron Woodley

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