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Wednesday, 07/10/2013, 11:06 am

Quick Twitt | Tito Ortiz Hints At Return To Action, Notifies Bellator & UFC

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Tito Ortiz, took to twitter recently to announce a possible return to action.

Check it out!


16 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Tito Ortiz Hints At Return To Action, Notifies Bellator & UFC”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    No. Just no

  2. PRODOGY says:

    TITO you are washed up as hell. Last 10 fights you had 2 wins and one was a Really washed up Ken Shamrock. You made a career out of beating bums and Ryan Bader. You’re not UFC material, maybe this time you should drop to MW and go fight whats left of Falcao

  3. 757 says:

    OMG please stop!!!!

  4. ^ says:

    Go home tito, you’re drunk.

  5. blah says:

    If he makes a return, he owes chuck lidell his fight. Then chuck can come out of retirement too to smash him and close off both their careers that wway. #supressedTUFrage

    I wonder if this new found motivation is from TRT. I have nothing against TRT when used to bring your levels back to normal. But it would be funny since Tito is always anti-TRT.

  6. Jim says:


  7. Mike says:

    Who doesn’t look jacked while taking a poo?

  8. Kenny_085 says:


  9. Usi says:

    Fucka, stay home

  10. Jon Lazar says:

    I think as an athlete, we all have our time …. fighting in MMA is not like playing golf, tennis, or a sport you can play in your late 60’s and 70’s…. One has to look in the mirror, and understand 1 fight will not secure a future for your kids.. Those winnings will go to a new car, house or clothes.. Unless, he is making 500K to a million… the world is not so easy these days.. He did pave the path for great fighters… like, when he fought Shamrock and totally dominated and beat him up… Tito was a new ERA.. there are fighters now coming up that will do the same to him … He needs to pass.

  11. stu snyder says:

    Tito don’t do it. You have done enough, you have nothing to prove anymore. The fighters today are light years ahead of where the fighters were when you started. Stay retired and make money elsewhere, not worth it.

  12. Ken says:

    Im only interested in his return if he challenges The Iceman and brings him out of retirement for 1 fight…

  13. witchyjessa says:

    oh no… that’s a pretty bad idea. It’s too late for him to come back inside the Octagon.

  14. Keitho says:

    Your better be ready kuz UFC aint what it used to be their are some mean ass motherfuckers with will box your jaw bone out of your face. Good to see anyone making a comeback but a comeback into the UFC haha you better be wearing you MAN GEAR

  15. Xcelence says:

    Everyone’s bein negative about this…if u’ve ever had a job u loved and were away from it 4 awhile..I’m sure u would wanna go back 2 it at some point…and if ur a fighter which I doubt most of u r or ever been in 1 unless on the losin end…combat is in ur blood..u become addicted..u can’t down a guy 4 missin wat he loves 2 do..if he loses he loses but if he wins…now that would b a totally different story altogether.

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