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Saturday, 02/18/2012, 09:43 am

Quick Twitt | Tim Sylvia And Cheick Kongo Exchange Words

Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia has been reaching out to MMA fans through YouTube as of late to try and use social networking to get back into the UFC. It hasn’t been working, which is why it would appear that he has moved to trying to pick fights.

Cheick Kongo remains one of the UFC’s most imposing strikers but could he take out the former champ? Is this a fight Sylvia could prove his worth in or would he fall like many men before him against Kongo?

Share your thoughts guys!

(Props to for the find.)

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34 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Tim Sylvia And Cheick Kongo Exchange Words”

  1. EdSoares says:

    Sylvia wouldn’t last 1 minute with Kongo. He got knocked the fuck out by a TUF reject for christ’ sake.

  2. The UFC HW champs of timmy’s day aren’t what they are, nowadays. Also, the one guy he fought who’s still in contention, broke his arm.

    Cheick will walk through ol’ Timmeh.

    Come to think of it, is there anyone in the mid tier at HW that timmy would stand a chance against?

    Mark Hunt comes to mind, then Timmy could just wall and stall for 3 rounds….

  3. BJC says:

    Silvia needs to get a reality check.He was washed up years ago.Like Dana says him and Orlovski were knocking one another out every other weekend when the division had no talent.

  4. stone cold says:

    tim is way too slow. kongo would break his legs and face.

  5. joshuah says:

    I’m PRO Sylvia back into the UFC, but its obvious what he’s doing. He’s talking disrespectful shit to Kongo, to start a ‘fued’, Kongo didn’t bite, Tim turned it into a nice thing.

    I love Kongo but he is far too hesitant & his counter punching style would lead to him getting pushed against the fence & lose a decision.

    Tim needs to offer to work his way UP THE LADDER & not be unprofessional about it.

  6. The Unknown says:

    Ohhh Tim, Tim, Tim …. let’s not get too ahead of ourselves shall we … you fat ass fuck. If it wasn’t for that damn poser against the cage bullshit you wouldn’t have won your last fight against Andreas. everytime he hit you, you clinched you glass jawed bitch. Cheick would end you!

  7. The Unknown says:

    Ohhh Tim, Tim, Tim …. let’s not get too ahead of ourselves shall we … you fat ass fuck. If it wasn’t for that damn poser against the cage bullshit you wouldn’t have won your last fight against Andreas. everytime he hit you, you clinched you glass jawed bitch. Stand up guy my ass, Cheick would end you!

  8. lol says:

    lol at Tim trying to get attention by picking a fight with someone way ahead of his class. Tim was garbage and always was. only reason he won the belt was because the heavyweight division was super garbage when he was in the UFC. Tim is GAR’BITCH.. hahaha

  9. deepcountrykauai says:

    Tim the soft guy sylvia…

  10. Koshchek Loves Cock In His Ass says:

    Have Big Country whoop his ass!!!

  11. Dick Niaz says:


    Timmeh: I wanna come back to UFC

    Cup Cheick: LOL- U’r fat!!

    Timmeh: I wuz da champ

    Cup Cheick: a big fat fatty says what?

    Timmeh: what?

    Cup Cheick: hahahahahaha!!

  12. Jacob Kindt says:

    1- fight contract Sylvia v Rizzo. Winner get a 3 fight contract.

  13. wyman says:

    Tim Silvia is one of the most boring fighters in the world

  14. Dave says:

    Seems like desperation has set in……I say give it to him, Give him his walking papers from the sport for good

  15. Tim Boylan says:

    bring back Brock for a easy fight,Tim has a chin worst than Brock

  16. your mom says:

    Give him a shot at low pay on an under card to see if he can pull some shit off. He was winning fights before all you little fags started watching MMA and talking shit. Quit hating on a guy for trying what he can to get back to the top you fucking pussies.

    • tim sucked without steroids says:

      ur a moron.. timmeh was always garbage.. he had to use steroids to win the belt.. then got exposed by couture .. he was always a chump.. and if mir didnt have his accident.. tim would have never got that belt back

    • Tim sucks and so do you says:

      yeah exactly he WAS winning fights lol he doesn’t anymore and looks like a fat chunk of wasted flesh stuck to mix matched bones with the dumbest facial hair ever seen on a man…it wouldn’t be safe for Tim to compete in the UFC anymore even an under card HW would ruin him easy the wobbley knee’d fuck

  17. Jiujitsu630 says:

    Tim Sylvia is washed up Cheick Kongo shoulnt fight this loser. I know I wouldn’t watch it. Kongo will whoop that ass. Tim Sylvia is pathetic !!!!!!

  18. JeFfReY LiKuN says:

    The funny part is way back at a older ufc event, Tim called out Cheick in a post fight interview saying that Cheick needs to pick on some one hiis own size….

  19. Jujitsu Player says:

    Cheik would have destroyed Tim when he was in his prime never mind when he’s all fat and washed up. Schaub would be a better match up or Struve, if he does get another UFC fight…

  20. Jobber says:

    Tim Sylvia could be the Brooklyn Brawler of the UFC….. unenthusiastic announcement, the silent crowd reaction, help boost the “up & coming” superstars of the WWE, OH I Mean the UFC! LOL

    Tim Sylvia, you have to admire his delusions, oh I mean “confidence”!!! =P

    Even PED’s couldn’t boost him!

  21. Mike cannon jr. says:

    I got mad at him when he got busted .. And suspended..for juicing <— generic term.. Don't remember what he was on… So he was kinda like a bad guy for me… And I liked to watch him fight.. Cause I always wanted the other guy to win.. Lol… Wanted cabbage to beat him… And that was before he got caught cheating ..lmao…. SO I SAY LET HIM IN !!!!!! he's a great bad guy for me to hate on…. Lol… Has appeal to all the grown ups… Here … I'm sure.. If I enjoy rooting against someone… That makes it almost as fun..It's just about as fun…. As cheering for them… Ahahha unless it's one of these guys… That don't finish fights…just wrestle to a w.. I hate em… Would rather see.. Tim..

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