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Tuesday, 09/17/2013, 11:17 am

QUICK TWITT | Three Former UFC Champs & Legends Attack UFC/Dana White Over Fighter Pay

Recently three former UFC champions took to twitter and held a virtual rally over the UFC’s business practices and poor fighter pay.

Prompted by a video (below), the three encouraged each other until one started to attack the UFC boss directly.

Check it out:

Ken Shamrock continued his onslaught through a service called Twitt longer:

“So what you’re saying is that the fighters did not make the ufc what it is today that disrespectful promoter did all of that wow what a smart guy you are why didn’t I think of that who needs fighters when you can just disrespect the guys who made your promotion and talk trash and make loads of money and not give what is partially the fighters money.”

“No the contracts are agreed upon what there are being told what is made. And the numbers that they are being told that is made is no true. At the sometime if one of the fighters want to audit to find out if in fact the numbers are right just look at me that’s what happens when you want to know the truth.”

Here is the video that started this chatter:


0 Responses to “QUICK TWITT | Three Former UFC Champs & Legends Attack UFC/Dana White Over Fighter Pay”

  1. m says:

    Bottom line. If you are a fighter and you have an issue with the pay….find something else to do.

    • Veggie says:

      It wasn’t just the pay. Its also how Dana insults the fighters that help build the promotion.

    • Wax says:

      That’s exactly what is wrong with the world, people are too quick to just hop on social media and say “Give up your dream, give up what you love instead of voicing your displeasure and find something else to do!” I think that the UFC is making a ton of money that could be distributed better, like Shamrock said, they’re hanging up $100,000 paintings when they should be spreading that money around. Yes, they can say “Back in the day they made $200 to fight” and that’s cool but the reality is, the UFC is making a lot more money in 2013 than they were in 1993 and it’s probably disheartening for fighters to be part of a sport this violent and physically, mentally demanding as MMA and some bald dude who has never fought an MMA fight in his life, never trained for a fight, never struggled in MMA, is banking off their work and trying to chalk it up as “Well, in 100 years they’ll make boxing money.” They’re not even wanting 40 million, but a top guy like Anderson Silva or Jones or GSP, they should be making at the last 4-5 million a fight PLUS the bonuses, PLUS the sponsorships.

      • BoyInSpace says:

        UFC isn’t big enough yet to start making payouts like that! Boxing is very well established hence Mayweather getting 41.5 million+. The sport is still growing, and I promise you in 5-10 years fighters will be making triple what they are now, maybe even more.

    • Thulsa Doom says:

      Bottom line, if you’re being exploited, bent over, or just fk’d generally, don’t complain, don’t protest, don’t try to change things…just accept it. The people in power are there because God wants them to be. If we followed your line of thinking there would still be slavery.

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    People are so quick to forget all the great things Zuffa has actually done for their fighters and for the sport itself. People are quick to point the finger at the negatives and forget the positives. Remember before the fighter health care? We saw a lot less fighters pulling out of fights. We didn’t see cards change half as much as they do now. Fighters fought to get fixed; now they get try to get 100% before any fight. Hell look at TJ Grant. He probably could have fought Pettis both times but he wants to be 100% and he has that opportunity now. It’s always the same people crying too; Randy tried to pull this shit back in the day too, Shamrock? I’ve heard some fighters talking about what a bully he was back then too. They like to play the victim card, the wounded pigeon so to speak. Dana is right though; “no, everybody doesn’t win a fucking trophy”.

    • K2 says:

      Actually Couture did win a trophy or two being the former heavyweight and light-heavyweight champ a few different times. So I think he’d have a little room to speak. The Shamrocks won a belt or two but not under Zuffa so I dunno what they’re talking about.

  3. 757 says:

    They do make a low number for the work and risk they put in by comparison to other sports ….sorry.

  4. JD says:

    I work 40 hours a week and i make a 1000 dollars per month that’s 12 OOO a year i just have enough money to have a house and food… and trust me i work my ass off everyday… and i can’t complain cous there people having much worse so WTF are they bitching about ?

  5. 757 says:

    When you get cut after you lose one, two or three matches depending on who you are, why shouldn’t you want to be 100% when you fight? Some of the fighters feed their families doing this. The sacrifice is great. They have a short window to do well. I don’t like when some of the fighters milk it, but if they have health insurance they should use it and get well before they fight for what might be their job. Maybe it’s because the company doesn’t like paying out that insurance.

  6. Robbie Gerhard says:

    It’s just funny how all these people except maybe frank were some of the highest paid ufc fighters…. Why don’t these guys go after bellator, Viacom who owns bellator is worth way more than zuffa and there fighters make less than it’s fighters.

  7. mad says:

    This is a horrid clip. Want to hear what the fighters have to say can’t hear it over the “puppies dying” music.

  8. tim elmore says:

    If you were a fighter you’d understand.I tried to run this dream down, but it run me over . I’m 38, and my back my neck my knees are all blown out . Pay these guys what there worth . No one comes to watch Danas punk ass. He’s a poser, a fighter wanta be . He’s that pussy in school we all use to kick the shit out of……

  9. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Zuffa pumped millions and millions in the UFC to build the brand UFC and the sport MMA up. They were losing big money on it. Zuffa got a lot done for MMA. And that is something people forget easily. The fighters made the choice to fight for a living and signed on the dotted lines.
    There are people out there risking their lives every day for 20k a year. Or less bad but still fucked up have ot go to a boring job every single day just to make enough for food and a roof over their heads.
    And then I see Jon Fitch the most boring fighter in the history of the sport complaining about making just 1.3 million by boring the shit out of hundreds of thousands of people who bought tickets and PPV’s of their hard earned 20k year incomes. That was ridiculous….

  10. 757 says:

    You really can’t compare what they do to anyone else. Just like you can’t compare other people and their jobs to anyone else. The question is and will always be is the pay appropriate. I understand what people say about other people risking their lives for low pay etc……I myself do not make their kind of money. I will also work for many years like others making steady money, they will not work very long making that kind of money. The questions remains do they make appropriate money compared to other sports not like other jobs and people. My opinion is that they risk allot of injury and health issues. Yes, it’s their choice but the facts remain. Nobody is questioning the validity of other people and their professions.

  11. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Firefighters, cops and even the UPS parcel guys risk injuries and health issues. What do you think a thaiboxer gets a lot more than a UFC fighter does?
    Bottomline to me is they love to fight and they turned their hobby into their job, that’s more than most people can say.

  12. vba says:

    Can’t pay the bills with a hobbie. All those other people do a great job no doubt there, but c’mon these fighters train and fight their hearts out for the chance to be in the ufc, pay them what they deserve. The money they make is chump change for what they do

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