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Saturday, 01/25/2014, 08:55 pm

QUICK TWITT | The MMA World Reacts To Benson Henderson’s Controversial Decision

UFC on FOX 10 is over and the main event has left many with a sour taste in their mouth. The fight was a great back and forth battle that went all five rounds. Ultimately the judges gave it to Benson Henderson via split decision, with one judge scoring it 49-46 in Henderson’s favor.

Fighters took to twitter to voice their opinions and thoughts on Saturdays main event:







12 Responses to “QUICK TWITT | The MMA World Reacts To Benson Henderson’s Controversial Decision”

  1. XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

    the thing is in an exchange you can throw a Rocky Balboa haymaker and if he counters with a grazing jab it counts the same…..judging needs to be changed….recently they are dragging the winners broken bodies from the floor just to raise their arm in victory while the “loser” is standing their virtually untouched wondering what happened

  2. wormy#8 says:

    Josh won 3-2.and pettis beat henderson twice.pettis will be champ for a while

    • Jeremy says:

      Exactly!! I get so tired of the fans stupidity. Ok, the guy you wanted to win got his hand raised due to shitty judging. Now these people sound stupid trying to justify it. Those of us who know MMA. Know that Henderson lost that fight.

  3. Ryan Gorda says:

    ..since i saw a few Pettis dick lickers comment already im saying it, both could have beat Pettis if they could drag him into that style of fight, why? Neither are giant pussys.

  4. T.Daddy says:

    I absolutely loved seeing Pettis overhyped lil brother get choked out… That was great!

    • Andrew Brown says:

      Over hyped how so ? The guy has never lost a pro fight and hasn’t lost since he started in 2011 and held his belt in the same division as his brother just different MMA fed – He unlike his brother won his first UFC fight where as Anthony lost to Guida – and with all due respect to your eye sight and you being a retard Pettis was kick Bruce Lee Roys ass until the choke !!

  5. Andrew Brown says:

    It should be noted that Fight Metric scored rounds 1, 2, and 4 for Thomson, round 3 for Henderson, and round 5 a draw. under the 10-point must system Thomson should have taken the decision

  6. Phlthy Rich says:

    Its funny how people are caimng that wrestling doesnt win you fights… but mos of these dude with great win to loss records are dudes that just lay on top of dudes or press them up against the cage. You guys gotta pick one. Either only power wrestling scores points (i.e. dan severin or matt hughs) this is a fighting league not a wreatling league. The main problem is there is no actualSCORING. ITS UP TO THE JUDGES TO DECIDE WHAT THEY THINK IS WINNING. N boxing and other striking sports. Its numbers. He hit you more. Whos to say that holding a dude down for 3 mins is worth more points having landed a few hard shots for the first min. Cage control should be less of a factor in scoring because it makes wrestlers able to steal fights. whens the last time a striking match went to a controversial decision? It seems like this “Grapple” heavy focus is giving alot of other companies traction. Ufc had the premiere athletes but if you never see good fights who really cares?!

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