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Monday, 02/20/2012, 04:08 pm

Quick Twitt | The Latest Jab At Anderson Silva Delivered By Chael Sonnen

UFC middleweight entertainer, Chael Sonnen has released his latest hit at Anderson Silva. The burger comment is of course in reference to Anderson Silva’s Burger King commercials currently airing in Brazil.

Just wanted to pass it on for all those Sonnen fans out there!


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34 Responses to “Quick Twitt | The Latest Jab At Anderson Silva Delivered By Chael Sonnen”

  1. George says:

    If Michael Bisping can stifle your game plan now, what do you think Silva is gonna do to you in Brazil?? Idiot.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Bisping would knock fuck outa a lazy fake like Silva .

      Bisping pushes a crazy pace & lost a fair but close decision to Sonnen who also pushes a crazy pace .

      Welcome to reality .

      Silva cant fight , Sonnen proved that in the 1’st contest .

      Silva can win (Fixed?) sporting contests within sporting rules tho but when it comes down to an actual fight ?… Bisping or Sonnen would out fight him each & every day of the week .

      Them old school Team quest boys , Lindland , Couture , Henderson & Sonnen can all fight like crazy , they live , breathe eat & sleep fighting , they are a rare “Champion” breed .

      Bisping like Ricky Hatton comes from a very aggressive area of a very aggressive country , Bisping would stand & fight morning to night if he had to & would never back down .

      Only Dan Henderson has finished him & Dan Henderson is one of the greatest of all time in any combat sport .

      You are living in a media hyped dream world .

      • Xaninho says:

        And Dan henderson got choked out by Silva, the man who according to you can’t fight….There is something wrong with your argumentation.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          How ?

          I have acknowledged Silva knows how to win a sporting contest within the rules of a sporting contest .

          I didnt say the man was useless did I ?

          Knowing how to survive & choke is no different to surviving & striking to the groin or eye gouging like is taught in each & every womins self defense class .

          Silva displays self defense skills while Hendo , Sonnen , Lindland , Couture , Leban , Mike Price & all those old school Team Questers are FIGHTERS !

          Whether they win lose or draw the actual contest , from the opening bell to the final bell they are on you like pure hell , pushing you back & dictating the fight for every minute of every round .

          Credit where its due man .

          A Fight is one thing & theres a hell of a difference in being a great fighter & being a self defense expert .

          Silva is no fighter , Silva is no Champion .

          He is a fake .

          He is a media hyped Token , a paper champion .

        • Anderson Silva is G.O.A.T. says:

          Yup, that’s why Anderson has beat half those guys on your list that you claim are real fighers. You are an idiot and your stupid logic is senseless. Just do society a favor and shut the hell up.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          LoL @ do society a favor !

          What society ?

          Or should I say what element of North American Society ?

          Go beg for charity elsewhere , I owe you or yer like absolutely sweet fuck all .

  2. Xaninho says:

    Would be a good idea for Sonnen to stay on the couch all by himself. At least he has less chance of being forced to TAP LIKE A BITCH that way.

    • Jtmacri says:

      As much as I dislike Chael it pales in comparison to how much I hate reading things like “tap like a bitch”. Tap like an intelligent human being if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself on the receiving end of a competent submission. The gamble is whether or not the other guy has the intestinal fortitude to snap your limb if it a lock. The other choice is whether or not you want your loss accompanied by silly noises if it’s a choke.

      • Xaninho says:

        Tapping to an armbar makes sense, getting your arm broken is real damage so a foolish move, but to a triangle it makes more sense to keep fighting it off and hoping the opponent loses grip and risk going out for a few seconds. Afterwards you still get to walk away and at least you know you done everything you could.

        • spyro says:

          lol you’ve never been put in a choke submission by a professional fighter. But of course you internet kids have think you’re gurus by watching a few clips.

          When you get stuck in a good triangle (like chael did): you immediately lose strength, acquire tunnel vision, become disorientated and confused, then dizzy, and all this gets substantially worse every second. Chael is a professional, you are an ignorant kid. He stayed in it as long as he could.

          You think getting put to sleep is smart? You will suffer permanent brain damage (however minor or severe) and the quality of your fighting skills is put at risk. If it’s really bad, you might never fight the same again. How is any part of that “smart”?

          But of course, the professionals are wrong and you’re right so who am I to disrupt your god complex.

        • Xaninho says:

          Us internet kids? So I guess you are a professional fighter? At least I can say I do have real experience. You should get off your keyboard and get some real experience instead of pretending you know what you’re talking about.

        • kman says:

          Man take it from some one who has ben choked out by a triangle. I have ben on the receving end quight a few time’s when I was taking MMA classes. Let me tell ya If you get put in it by some one that realley knows what they are doing. you will think alot diffrent. its hard to fight when you cant breath. A triangle choke is just what the name means. It chokes the crapp out of you. And if the reff dosent get to you in time to brake the choke. and you stay in it to long with out taping you end up voiding your bals, and your bladder. Personley I would rather tap than go through that humilation.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Would be a good idea for Sonnen to stay on the couch all by himself. At least that way he has less chance of being forced to TAP LIKE A BITCH.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Would be a good idea for Sonnen to stay on the couch all by himself. At least he has less chance of being forced to TAP LIKE A BITCH.

  5. mma is my religion. says:

    Sonnen has to be the biggest fucking idiot in the world. Were are his friends to tell him “shut the fuck up dude”. All he speaks is bullshit. I think he trying to make up for his sorry ass stand up and bjj.

  6. tim says:

    poor chael, still suffering from his daddy lust

  7. cody says:

    i know hes not gonna be able to leave oregon after whats going to happen to him without people laughing at his joke ass writing alot of bad checks andersons going to beat the shit outta of him

  8. John Blaze says:

    its pathetic how most of you muthafuckaz use to ride chaels cock.

  9. Lucifer says:

    Hilarious. We’ll see how Anderson’s TDD has improved. I’m guessing that Chael easily puts him on his ass again.

  10. Hightower says:

    Oh how i laugh at all these retards with andersons nuts on their chins. Grow the fuck up, chael or any guy in the ufc could beat any of you couch potatoes and make you “tap like a bitch”. Pathetic excuses for human beings, your mothers should have swallowed you.

  11. mmaislandjunkie says:

    tap or snap bitches!

  12. sorry but I see Sonnen taking this one, as much as I love and idolize Silva. I believe Sonnen ha his number, his striking has become much better and he has evolved from just a simple ground and pound expert. Silva has his skill, yet as was stated to me when I began my MMA road. ‘An angry mind is always the most defeatable’ Sonnen has Silvas number, I expect fireworks an this to make fight of the night.

  13. siez says:

    Silva will take it by ko it will be one aggressive fight

  14. Anderson Silva is G.O.A.T. says:

    Chael is gonna lose. All of you that think he didn’t do steroids, let me ask you this… why do you need TRT? Realistically, there are only two legitimate reasons why Sonnen would require TRT:
    1) Chael Sonnen is experiencing a genuine case of Andropause (a.k.a. male menopause), lowered testosterone levels due to age. Although possible, at a visibly healthy and vital 33 years old, that should lead folks to suspicion.
    2)Chael has congenital hypogonadism, meaning he was born with it. But if this were the case, Sonnen would probably have a record of TRT spanning his MMA career.
    As for the obvious, more logical illegitmate reasonings:
    1) It’s likely that Chael Sonnen, as an attempt to get an edge in this strenuous sport, may have cycled anabolic steroids, and as a result he experienced decreased testosterone levels. In order to bring his “test” levels back within normal range, he was prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. But, then again, his post-UFC 117 test levels were above normal — suspicous yet?
    1)This whole TRT thing is a paid off doctor’s mask for an anabolic steroid cycle.

  15. Chryz says:

    Ah Christ! Is Chael flapping his gums again?! If you lose a fight with an injured guy after boosting your testosterone, WTH do you think will happen when the injured guy is fighting at a 100% ? Hey Chael, here’s a free tip … don’t choke when it’s clutch time.

    @Bla Debla , the name of the game is Mixed Martial Arts … The Guys from Quest are Wrestling or Grappling based. That’s why they stick like glue and try push their pace. But that is only one aspect of the game. Effective striking, counter striking, ring cutting, sweeping, transitions, fortitude, cardio and submissions are also part of the game. Something the guys you mentioned seriously lack, or need some more work on. Except for Capt. America, who worked on and tried to balance his skills in MMA. Chael, has cardio and has good take downs… but he lacks in the other aspects of the game. Once he gets an opponent down, he grinds on them. But a guy who has great sweeps can change the game, and obviously a guy who has great submissions can win the game off his back.

    @ Xaninho , Dude, if applied correctly and if the guy applying the triangle has enough leg strength … they can break the C2 – C5 vertebrae, or do some serious damage to the shoulder joint… to the point of dislocating it. Just saying, man. No offense meant.

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