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Thursday, 02/09/2012, 09:50 am

Quick Twitt | The Korean Zombie And Dustin Poirier Combat Through Twitter

After Dustin Poirier’s impressive performance at last weekend’s UFC 143 event he took to the post-fight press conference and called out “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung as one of the fighters he would like to face next. Jung has apparently heard the call and made reference to knocking out the rising prospect in six-seconds.

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21 Responses to “Quick Twitt | The Korean Zombie And Dustin Poirier Combat Through Twitter”

  1. the original steve says:

    the korean zombie speaks english?

  2. Reasonable Thoughts says:

    Hope Hominick get’s another shot in there someday with the zombie. Would not end the same way. Love too see these two fight too though.

  3. Justen says:

    Would love to see that fight.

  4. Thom says:

    Zombie is a cool guy but imo hominick would beat him in a rematch.. i hate it when that happens honestly, like hendricks-fitch.. but w/e

    • James Troy says:

      you hate it when what shit happens? when guys get caught with punches? then wtf are you doing watching combat sports. zombie fucked hominick up in 7 fucking seconds cause hominck is no where near zombie in terms of skill. hes like years behind. zombie is a fucking beast and if this poirier undercard douche bag thinks hes ready for zombie hes out of his mind.

      what could hominick have done differently. he tried to “surprise” the zombie by swinging right away and guess what it didnt work. zombie dodged him like it was a snowflake falling and put his ass to sleep. what can hominick do in the rematch? try to punch earlier and get countered even quicker? or wait a minute.. or wait til zombie throws first and hominkc doesnt get to throw anything. he cant touch zombie. he could throw shit all day and not land a blow on zombie. zombie is the future champ. deal with it bitch.

  5. Tim says:

    Hendricks is a legit threat bro.

  6. no worreh says:

    zombie via ktfo he got worked on the stand up by hollaway

  7. 209 says:

    zombie would wreck this fool. he got tuned up in the standup by baby holloway. careful what you wish for buddy

  8. Ricardo says:

    Korean Zombie is the MOST OVERrated fighter in the UFC..
    No where near championship level..
    Aldo would tear right through him.
    Even Mendez would kill him..

    • GCatMMA says:

      Zombie get chewed up by Garcia, the only man in UFC history to throw nothing but wild haymakers in every fight. This fight is going to “The Diamond”. imo, Poirier vs. Aldo is the closest we’ll ever get to GSP vs. Silva.

  9. Medicine Man says:

    just like mark, dustin won’t be dustin, he’ll be “in dust” after what the zombie will do to him. All the haters can discredit the Korean Zombie, but just wait and see whether it be by submission or knockout, don’t underestimate the Korean Zombie.

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