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Monday, 03/12/2012, 09:18 am

Quick Twitt | Sean Sherk Looking To Return This Year Against A Fighter Not A Chump

Former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk recently took to twitter to express his desire to return to the cage. He has been out of action since his UFC 119 loss to Evan Dunham in 2010.

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15 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Sean Sherk Looking To Return This Year Against A Fighter Not A Chump”

  1. Woods says:

    Nice reporting. It isn’t like Sherk beat Dunham or anything.

  2. Mat says:

    Sherk beat Dunham, but I like calling it a loss. He should’ve lost. I don’t know what the judges were watching in that fight, Dunham put a beating on Sherk.

  3. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    In all actuality I think Dunham won. DW blatantly said Dunham got robbed. But yea, Sherk got the decision.

  4. slacker says:

    One of the worst judge’s calls I have seen. Looking forward to Dunham making a run to top LW contender. The division is stacked as we know, but he has a great shot. Would love to see him and Maynard battle it out.

  5. JoeR. says:

    Sherk vs. Maynard make it happen Dana!!!

  6. The Godfather says:

    Sherk doesn’t want a chump when barely won against Dunham?

    • &; says:

      Dunham is legit!! That is a big win for him. It was tarnished a bit because most folks thought he lost then Dunham went and got knocked out by Gulliard, but a big with either way

  7. Brett says:

    I like how you said I like callin it a loss, like that fight is in your head every minute of every day

  8. Dosan says:

    Wow! For a roid head he sure is cocky.

  9. A.James says:

    He wants to fight? For what?

  10. Dick Diaz says:

    Sean Sherk – Anthony Pettis let’s make it happpppppppeeeeeeeeen!

  11. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    sherk always takes a few years off to get all ROIDED back up

  12. Edgar says:

    Sherk vs Maynard

  13. Black Jew says:

    Sherk vs Guida Clay is about as dangerous as a kitten, and established enough for Sherk not to complain. Thats one fight I could care less if both guys lose

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