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Monday, 07/22/2013, 11:21 am

Quick Twitt | Roy Nelson Goes At It On Twitter With Popular MMA Sponsor For Non Payment

Popular MMA fighter, Roy Nelson, took to twitter recently to call out popular MMA Apparel brand, Cage Fighter, and CF President, Mike DiSabato didn’t take it lying down.

Because of his outgoing response to ‘Big Country’ DiSabato is finding himself on the bad end of this argument for taking it too far.

Check it out and decide for yourself.


0 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Roy Nelson Goes At It On Twitter With Popular MMA Sponsor For Non Payment”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Oh that was GRRREAT!!! I would love to see mullet head BC fukc up baldy…So now the boycott is SaintApparel and CageFighter…..Damn I need to start sponsoring fighters with my Gargoyle Wrestling MMA gear?? I actually have money…Hey and if any of you bitches on here think you can take my apparel line and run with it, go ahead and I’ll sue the fukc outta you cuz it’s trademarked…oh yah, that’s right I WILL SUE…lol>>

    • Broman says:

      Nobody asked.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      Who wants to be seen as a one dimensional lay n gay mma wrestler anyway? That shit doesn’t sell bro, you need a few lessons in good marketing before getting into business. Doing business is not as easy as wrestling you know.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        You are right about business being more challenging than wrestling, kickboxing, or bjj or etc. BUT, your dead fukcin wrong about eveything else, but what else is new?? lol..
        On a side note, I have great Gargoyle Logo that is being tweaked by some really talented artists. It was my nickname in the wrestling world I was in. We are looking for a certain look. I will unveil it soon. The apparel line will be simple and to the point. I will sell at the gyms and at small shows and online of course. I know you are a business man, even though I disagree with what you are selling, but people want it and as long as you are being fair, I can’t judge you for that. (I’ll still rip you up and it in future posts though, lol) Maybe I can get some pointers. How do you market?

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          Your nickname was gargoyle? ok I’m not trying to be mean here, but why? Don’t tell me you look like one cause I’ll start laughing until I choke hahaha. It’s gotta be something else right? RIGHT?

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          LOL, Yah, I’m a butt-ugly black dude, but that’s not where the nickname came from. (it could have though!!!) It cam form the overly aggressive wrestling I do, especially the vicious hand fighting I do. Tend to throw people around and come at them with swiping hands. Great way to get them off balance. So go ahead and laugh, but don’t choke. It could actually be that I am a butt-ugly black dude with vicious wrestling. Your choice it works either way.

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