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Sunday, 08/05/2012, 09:40 am

Quick Twitt | Rory MacDonald Tweets Picture Of Injury That Forced Him Out Of BJ Penn Bout | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Rory MacDonald tweeted a picture of the 38 stitches he received above his eyebrow after he was injured in a sparring session. The photo comes via MacDonald’s Official Twitter Account.

Along with the picture he also left the following messages.

“(part-1) 2day i was cut at sparring i needed 3 layers of stitching In total i needed 38 stitches Im very sad right now that i willl not”

“(part-2) be healed in time to fight sept 22 i am hoping that @bjpenndotcom will agree to have the fight on a”

“(part-3) later date in november”

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64 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Rory MacDonald Tweets Picture Of Injury That Forced Him Out Of BJ Penn Bout | UFC News”

  1. Xaninho says:

    The sooner you get your hands on him, the better BJ. I find it hard to believe he got such a severe injury in sparring, but I guess we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I hope he follows through with the VADA testing so we have a clean, fair fight. War BJ!

    • Xaninho says:

      You messed up huh? Forgot to take my name out of the name field huh? hahaha!

      I know because you’re not trying to discredit my name in this post.

    • People get injured all the time in sparring. A vast majority of injuries happen during training.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      well one things for sure Rory ROIDER got out of the VADA testing. I think VADA should show up at Rorys door today an d get samples

      my guess is FARAAAAAZZZZZI HABBBBBABI came up with this idea to get Rory out having to do this VADA testing until they could make sure Rory was clean

      noone other than maybe Greg Jackson is more of a sleezbag in MMA than faraarzzzi hababbbabi

  2. Eric says:

    i can’t believe he cut himself to buy time so that the roids flush out of his system!! HAHAHAHA

  3. Milkman says:

    Wow that’s deep. And nice lump around the cut. Headbut?

  4. Yo says:

    So did you or faraz cut it?and with scissors or a knife?

  5. Zk says:

    He clearly got p

  6. 757 says:

    I don’t like the kid but nobody cuts themselves like that unless they are mentally ill. You see the picture and 38 stitches is major. I find it hard to believe it’s a fake. Again I hope the kid get’s his ass kicked but this is not fake.

  7. B-rad says:

    Yeah that was definitly either a headbutt or an elbow.. i got a cut like that a few years ago from a grazing elbow and it knotted up big time like that.. Someone said they dont know how that happend in sparring but if he wasnt wearin headgear all it takes is a little clash of heads and you can be leakin fast

  8. Bd says:

    Looks kind photoshopped .. The area around the eyebrows looks in higher def

  9. Dick Diaz says:


  10. Bob'O says:

    No head gear 8 weeks prior to the fight? Talk about stuck on dumb dumb. Very suspicious. ~Bob’O

  11. Bob says:

    He couldnt cycle off the roids in time so faked a injury.. hahaha bitch ass nigga

  12. Xaninho says:

    He cut himself on purpose. When a fighter is so close to getting caught for PED’s it’s a little sacrifice to make if he needs to protect his name and career.

  13. RJKANEAO says:

    Omg! Suspicious for sure.. I think photoshop can’t be ruled out but on the other hand a public address and or odors report cold cure that reaction.. But it is what it is.. No headgear? Hmmm? Crazy.. But my personal opinion is that it’s his way out f vada..

  14. Me says:

    To all the guys that think that Rory faked his own injury, ask yourself one question; Why would the guy ask for someone and then fake his injury and put the fight ever happening in jepardy, I do hope they do fight soon so BJ can beat that punks ass!

    • Xaninho says:

      Because BJ played him with the VADA thing.

      • ASDF says:

        That must be from Rory’s camp again. Probably the dumbest comment of this post…

      • allmightysandman says:

        BJ didn’t play anybody…he nearly decided to bail himself…kinda suspicious rght?? lol

        Rory FTW whenever they fight.

        blah blah blah so many idiots on this site it’s become a joke.

        • Yo says:

          Looks like that was part of the plan,and it worked lol…EXPOSED,you busted steroid luva numba 2 hahaha.Show us how mad you can really get,entertaining watching you bitch and moan and make excuses since you back this guy up…..

    • Bob says:

      Thats a dumb ass question. he called bj out and when Bj put him on the spot with the VADA testing he decided to cry about his little ass cut on his eyebrow so he can have time to cycle off.. everyone knows hes a roid head… look up steroids side effects and look at his past fights and you will see all that shit on his back… Most you MMA fans are dumb as fuck… I am the rare breed of knowing my shit bitches..hahaha

  15. gobj says:

    I say test Rory now and if he passes let him heal…if he says no or fails there is the proof. Im very suspicious right now and I thi
    nk the respectful thing to do on Rorys part would,be to say ‘here, btw , ill test now so you know youre not being billshitted and not wasting your time’

  16. Tristar is a joke says:

    TRISTAR GYM SUCKS! They get injured all the time. next time wear head gear!

  17. Scotty says:

    Either it was an elbow or headbutt.. BUT you don’t throw Elbows in a sparring session! U might pretend to throw an elbow to mimmick the fight but u wouldn’t actually throw one.. Also Rory could have purposely went in with his head up while his sparring partner has his head down coming forward… Happens in boxing, but was it done on purpose from Rory’s end or was it a incidental heads clashing? Funny thing is, we will never know… We can all make our assumptions based on the timing of the accident or an accident?

  18. RedBeardSon says:

    I love how all you cats are tearing Rory up for not wearing headgear, have any of you ever trained? Accidental headbutts, and elbows can happen to anybody at anytime. When training hard for a fight, or even just rolling for fun, accidental cuts can and do happen. Also, Rory has already submitted samples to VADA for testing, so I don’t think he’d cut his own face to cover up something he would already have on record. Maybe some of you ‘HardCore Fans’ should think about the fact that BJ Penn respects this kid enough to come out of retirement quote:”Because he deserves it..”, maybe some of you ‘fight experts’ should do the same. Much love to BJ, and all the best in his fight, but this forum seems to be filling up with immature shit directed towards one of the best up and coming fighters on the planet, the more you shit on him, the more you take away from BJ’s potential victory.

  19. A.James says:

    Rory can make the next PPV. Why push it back so far?

  20. Bradley Joseph Lawrence says:

    just a bummer,i bought tickets,booked my flights ,rented a car and hotel ….pretty tough pill to swallow and obviously these things happen.i had a feeling something would happen when i bought my tickets …no refunds lol
    hope you still fly to t.o even though i know you dont like the long flight B.j …in fact i think you owe me a drink…if not more sure the card will still deliver but i only bought tickets to see the prodigy scrap

  21. jesus korean says:

    he was putting on make up to look like marilyn manson.

  22. Nelsonx says:

    Seems pretty stupid I mean no headgear when sparring so close to problily the biggest fight in his career and how come no one at tristar made him put on some headgear.

  23. ya herd says:

    didnt the same thing happen to bisping think he got 19 stiches but he still wants it, imnot saingy rory is afraid but i mean im thinking he second guessing himself i dontthik he thought if he mentioned bjs name that the fight would happen this quick lol

  24. Twayne says:

    The person who put that on rory, could make it as an Hollywood makeup artist, hahaha!


  25. Twayne says:

    Put some Aloe Vera on it, he’ll be alright in 2 weeks haha! Then go get some real cuts from BJ PENN!!! WAAARRRRRRR “PRODIGY”!!


  26. repairman jack says:

    if GSP has never tested for PED’S what makes people think Rory MaC will? my personal opinion is that GSP , Rory and lots of others are all taking PED’S but the drugs are always way more advanced than the test , its easy to change the structure of the steroid strands to make them undetectable to these tests , we all recently seen the olympic 100metres and its clear to anyone with functional eyeballs that all 8 were doped but they will all past the drugs test , so Rory could take roids (depending on the quality) all the way up to the fight and likely still pass any test you give him , this VADA thing is good for the sport hopefully they can get on par with the progression of PED’S , it will level the playing field for clean natural fighters and take it back to being about who is the better fighter
    really good read on PED use google Angel Heredia he was steroid dealer to the olympians gives a great insight into what really goes on at top level sports

  27. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Who the fuck was he sparring? Chuck Norris?

  28. The Real Deal says:

    Hahahaha at the chuck Norris comment. Maybe it was van damn! He did train with gsp

  29. roidy mcdonald says:

    when he found out he would be doing VADA he sparred with a butcher knife. just needs a couple more cycles before hes ready for penn

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