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Saturday, 03/17/2012, 08:19 am

Quick Twitt | Rashad Evans Posts Photo Of Jon Jones In Full Drag

And the war rages on…

In Rashad Evan’s latest jab at UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones he took to twitter and post a photo that is allegedly the champ in drag attire. The photo has been confirmed as not being a photo shop, but is it really Jones?

The answer is no, so don’t get too excited, it’s just a look-a-like.

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76 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Rashad Evans Posts Photo Of Jon Jones In Full Drag”

  1. mike r says:

    almost looks like him the jaw, the chin, nose and eye brows is a little off

  2. Justen says:

    That actually looks more like Rashad then Jones. lol

  3. ry tay says:

    i thought it was impossible to confirm anything as not being a photo shop. but i think it’s a lookalike. no scar on the forehead

  4. Axeholes says:

    What would be hilarious is if on fight night, Jon Jones actually walked into the ring dressed in drag, and beat Rashad Evans…just to dawg Rashad on his own shenanigans.

    Oh well, maybe at the weigh ins!

    • Bla DeBla says:

      That wouldnt be one bit funny , it would be creepy , gay & would leave a lotta genuine fight fans feeling alienated & not to mentioned outraged that their children are being exposed to that kinda thing .

      • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

        i detect a closet homo trying to act homophobic to put people off the scent that you are actually a complete raging battybwoy

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Naw you are dreaming I’m playing the same game as you .

          You find that picture up there a turn on & yer upset I’m condemning it .

          While I find that picture & you disturbingly creepy & have tha heebie jeebies just looking at it .

        • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

          im not remotely talking about the picture or getting upset about the response to the picture.
          I find your trolling rather refreshing to the whole of the bjpenn website. people debate in here far tooo strongly. you however debate strongly about troll like comments and just explode in to a frenzy of ultramasculine antifag delusional mentalist shit it makes me laugh.
          it does smell of closet gay but i have say that to see the reaction you have.
          plus his wig is blonde, im more of a brunette fan so id still hate on him anyway ahahahah.
          i aint at fag, i just find antifagism funny

        • deez nuts says:

          heebie jeebies? this isnt the 1930s nobody says that anymore…

          im the bees knees

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Yer protesting yer innocence way too much Twatty , nobody cares that yer a disease spreading pathetic faggot looking for a husband on BJPENN.COM , get over yerself & get over me while yer at it , I’m not interested .

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Deez , I just said it so that tells ya that it must be the 1930’s , you dozy fashion victim .

          Style never goes outa fashion boy , try developing some & maybe one day you will be tha actual bee’s knee’s like I am !

        • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

          no, bla. im just lolling at your trolling

        • Bla DeBla says:

          I believe ya Twatty …. but thousands dont .

  5. Armando Alvarez says:

    Jon Jones sure does have a purty mouth!!!!

    +100 points to Rashad in mind games

    Whats the best Jones has a text message where Rashad calls him a white boy!

  6. diek says:

    Maybe it was Halloween. Who cares about this, in the more important big picture Rashad is getting his ass handed to him.

  7. mike r says:

    I want to know why or how Rashad took a pic of a drag that looks like jon jones? ….rashad got some thing to hide? … maybe be moonlight at gay bars?

  8. Derik says:

    Dude how old is Jones? He’s young and probably doing that for some jokes how many 20 yr olds do you see doing dumb shit for a joke I’d so some shit like that if it’s just my family or a group of friends having fun.

  9. KenFlo says:

    Jones is young and probably during his initiation period wih the guys of the gym he went all drag.

    Next thing u know pictures will surface of Jones with a blow-up doll, 2 midgets, a goat, and a extremely fat chick in a hotel room in Wyoming. With the great photographing skills of a certian Suga Rashad Evans!

    Also can’t forget the dildo show in the backround. I Kenny Florian love dildo shows!

  10. Ronda shite says:

    well im not surprised jon boner jones does fashion and fashion is changing nowadays lads…

  11. Bored Man says:

    Gotta share this on facebook!

  12. Oyston says:

    Are you all dumb it says its not jones learn to read.

  13. true mma says:

    It’s not really Jones but that was funny.

  14. lex walker says:

    Lmao I hope that ain’t jones

  15. "H"BOMB says:

    yeah it’d be pretty funny to see rashad get tossed and have bows thrown in his face by boney jones in full drag!

  16. NotEvenClose says:

    LOL it isnt Jones.

  17. omgaghost says:

    All you morons that think its Jones need to learn to read the article before opening your whore mouths to comment.

  18. hahaha says:

    Nuthugger city on here lol its called a joke an its rather funny, get off bones nuts ppl, he’s phony as hell an cocky too, he shud expect this kinda shit too, sonnens a racist tho n erryones on his nuts, man ppl have some double standards

  19. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Damn, I thought we were getting new ring girls.

  20. SC00B420 says:

    This is actually a pic I saw on the other day Chris Brown was posing with this tranney at a club herei the link

  21. The natural says:

    That’s funny

  22. rayed says:

    haha!! evens is like a black chael sonnen.

    or chael sonnen is a white rashad evens.

    either way, funny as fuck

  23. Tug Magroin says:

    That is funny. Good one by Rashad

  24. Ruben says:

    Jones must be furious over this

  25. wayuk says:

    now this is funny

  26. jbeamazing says:

    if you think its jon your retarded but it looks like him in drag and its fucking funny bones has a fragile ego if people can’t see that evans is trying to mess his mental game up your stupid

  27. Kevin says:

    spitting image of Serena Williams….. scary

  28. Dick Diaz says:

    lol kind of looks like him.

  29. Ronda Rousey's Camel toe... says:

    That very well may be Jones’ mom….

  30. David G. Hall says:

    It’s good to know that Jones is ready for when Rashad makes him his bitch.

  31. Mighty says:

    Leave it to Rashad to stir the pot! Very funny bro!! LOL….Woweeeeeeeeee….!!!!!!!!

  32. GJJFan says:

    LMFAO loose a bet like Pat Berry did, JJ??? LOL Even tho not him, still FUNNNN-EEEEE!

  33. J SL8 says:

    is it weird that i got an erections from this picture?

  34. RVG says:

    i seem to remember a pic of rashad when machida kncked him the hell out. that was a good one.

    war bones

  35. captfish says:

    not him. he has a scar on his forehead over his left eye. there isn’t one on this person.

  36. baydenb says:

    rashads a joke he has beaten 0 ppl ….i lov chuck but past his prime…….rampage past his prime 2……..machida tebowed his ass ….jones will punish rashad evans watch and c hes gonna rip rashads ass up

  37. Zetoe R10 says:

    she’s got style, she’s got grace. she’s a lady.

  38. Ray says:

    Looks like Jon had to take the oath

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