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Monday, 04/23/2012, 11:12 am

Quick Twitt | Rashad Evans: All I got Out Of UFC 145 Was This Fat Eye

“Suga” Rashad Evans recently sent out this twitter update and showed off the eye damage he received last Saturday at the hands of Jon Jones.


57 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Rashad Evans: All I got Out Of UFC 145 Was This Fat Eye”

  1. MMAnalyst says:

    He seems to have a sense of humour about it… maybe they can squash things

  2. Mike c says:

    He was way to timid I thought he knew jons earlier opponents lost cuz they sat back and let him paint a picture out of them… Disappointing we need fighters that are fearless to go and push against top guys like silva and jones not sit back and wait out a friggen loss cause they don’t wanna get hit

  3. mikeo says:

    maybe just maybe.. jon jones is the reason that every one lays back and doesnt attack.. maybe every one thinks the same thing but once they get in the ring realize that.. doing so would be a sure way to get knocked out.. So they carfully sit back and look for spots…??

  4. Oscar says:

    Mikeo agree 100%

  5. DMAC says:

    Suga did nothing he was suppose to do. I got so caught up in the build up of this match. I expected a lot more out of both guys but at the end of the day Jones leaves guys guessing and wondering rather then implementing their game plan.

  6. Dick Diaz says:

    damn, that looks sick…

  7. Searcy says:

    I actually had Rashad winning 3 rounds to 2 so…

  8. Bad Intentions says:

    He looks like he’s sucking his thumb…

  9. No worreh says:

    No shit thats all u left with act like u were going to leave with the 205 belt only people I see beetings jones machida gets a rematch and fights his game with his timeing countering and great foot work similar if anderson moves up but I think silvas head movement and timeing is better than machida so he has a better chance than machida and hendo has a good chance of closing the distance and putting one on jones chin. Unlikly to happen but I wouldnt mind seeing barry or big country come down to 205 and have a shot at it.

  10. maurice says:

    the only thing impressive from rashad in this fight was his chin. its almost fact, if you hit rashad hard his legs go. but he took a hell of a lot of punches, kicks, knees, elbows and shoulders straight to the head and recovered instantly everytime. jones looked good. ive slowly been becoming a jones fan since the machida fight. after watching him last night dude is good, if he beats hendo…he’s not going to be tested for a long time!!

  11. maurice says:

    not only did jones look good. but his chin looked outstanding. he took rashad power punches and a ko head kick to the head. wasnt even fazed by it. scary thought that jones might have a iron chin to go along with his crazy skills.

  12. Brend0magic says:

    At least he’s not upset and dwelling on the loss, I hope to see Rashad come back strong. Hell, he’s only lost 2 fights.

  13. mjd says:

    am i the only one hoping for a rematch?

  14. Wtf man says:

    No difference then thiago vs Alex fight. Thiago and rashad just didn’t look hungry I mean come on. if your gameplan didn’t work then try something Else!!!

  15. jonesy says:

    i hate rashad fuk,,if he had the best seat in the house an all he came away with was a fat lip then what about jon jones seat?? jon jones had nnothing at all but a soar leg…his face looked like it had not been in a fight at all..i dont like rashad trying act like all jones did was give him a fat eye…rashad did not even mark jones at all.. i hope machida beat rashad again…i would like to see a healthy silva vs rashad rematch..i think if silva was heathly he would have beat him,,he had rashad very badly hurt but was too tiredd to throw anymore punches ….he aint number top lhw

  16. TheThrashKing says:

    Rashad lost cause he sucks. He was scared. He got caught. All this fucking hype over NOTHING. Jones had SEVERAL opportunities to finish this fight. What a waste. The other fights were MUCH better.

  17. Nando says:

    Ohhh rashad, you fought well up until you got rocked & then your confidence went out the building.

  18. Demi God says:

    Truth of the matter, JBJ let Rashad live to see another day. Flat out, he did just enough to win each round because he ultimately respects Rashad. Rashad knows that too, if JBJ wanted to finish him he could have in ANY round. Jones is more compassionate than most think.

    It showed more in the post fight press conference. JBJ wants some kind of relationship & closure to this. Very sad to see 2 friends fight, both looked a little exhausted emotionally.

  19. James Dubya (@DJ_Nameless) says:

    Rashad got less than what I think he deserved.. I would have rather seen a broken nose and orbital, and maybe his jaw so we didnt have to hear any of his crap for a while..

  20. wishbone says:

    jones could have finished Rashad…a few times…..he let him out of the stand-up guillitine that caught Machida…….jones let rashad finish

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      You know Jones looked tired himself. Mercy for Rashad is kind of disrespectful to Rashad’s skills even if he does care to have a friendship in the future.

  21. RitualOfWar says:

    Im pissed off again at the Greg Jackson camp again. Turning possible ko fight into a gay patty cake fest. Jones shoulda knocked him out waaaaay early in the fight.

  22. The natural says:

    That wasn’t from his hand it was an elbow that did that. How about ur self respect as if u went in there just to show u can compete with jones if u didn’t think u were better and could win y did u even go in there u could have beat him or at least been the guy too put him in a bad spot but u did absolutely nothing

  23. BJPennRules says:

    After the Hendo fight there should be an immediate rematch with Evans, I thnk Evans with the right game plan can still be Bones

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