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Thursday, 03/01/2012, 02:22 pm

Quick Twitt | Rampage Responds To Derogatory Dan Henderson "Tweets"

Earlier in the week we published the comments made by Dan Henderson while observing the Rampage vs. Bader fight at UFC 144.

If you missed our prior run check it out HERE.

The comments made by “Hendo” obviously caught the attention of the former UFC champion and as such he responded with the following:

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Dan Henderson fought at UFC 75 back in May of 2007. At the time Rampage was the UFC light-heavyweight champion and Henderson just came over from the PRIDE acquisition to unify his title with the UFC strap. Rampage won.


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41 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Rampage Responds To Derogatory Dan Henderson "Tweets"”

  1. banks says:

    Id like to see this fight tho theres no reason for hendo to take it

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Are Hendo and Rampage friends or not?

  3. danriverapv says:

    haha. seriously. but same with lil nog… he lost to him aswell n he didnt want to take that fight. he prob wont take this fight, he wants a belt. and i bet a Rampage that showed up to fight jones, like he would if he fought Dan, would most likely beat Dan. styles make fights.

  4. "H"BOMB says:

    dan would beat page at this point the way he fought shogun (a shogun that was much more prepared than when jones mauled him) and we all know how badly shogun would put another beating on rampage again

    • haha says:

      sounds pretty biased

    • Grimss says:

      Hendo uses TRT, now Rampage uses TRT…..the fight would be equally cheated..

    • lex walker says:

      i agree i dnt think rampage would win this 1

    • Serious? says:

      Really dude? It’s not a matter of the fighter, it’s the matter of the stylistic match up, the heart, and the endurance. When do most fighters that are real solid warriors get KO’d if they do? Late rounds. Know why? Their jaw slacks because they can’t breathe. They open their mouth for air and take one on the chin that knocks them out. With a closed jaw, that can’t happen nearly as easily.

      Also, how can you talk about someone fighting Jon Jones? In this division, he’s the most dominant fighter around. He’s got so much reach on absolutely everybody that no matter their game plan, their style, they can’t touch him. This is the one case where a fighter could have Jones’s number, and lose.

      That being said, it only takes one punch to KO, only takes one wrong move to get tapped. Oldschool Rampage showed up to the Bader fight and it was almost a beautiful display, and it was a good fight. No two fights will ever look the same, and no fighter will fight one guy just like the next. I’m sure Henderson trained SPECIFICALLY to Shogun’s strengths, and SPECIFICALLY to his other opponents too. It’s all about how much time and effort you put in, and how good your partner is. If you’re sparring with a guy who’s supposed to be like Lyoto, and he doesn’t know Jack all about Karate, you’re not going to be prepared to fight Lyoto when the time comes. You have to have great training, great heart, great endurance, a strong, sound mind, and a grasp of how YOU fight so you know what YOUR weaknesses are so YOU can be ready to counter, and defend. Just to say that “Well, he fought well against _______, he’d beat ________” is wrong. Just wrong.

  5. Nick says:

    I think Rampage would take him.

  6. Sweet game plan says:

    It would be a good fight just cause of the shit talking that’s going on..those are the interesting fights.

  7. joshuah says:

    MMA fans read too much into things in no way is this leading to a fight, rampage isn’t taking offense dan gave his analysis, page made a joke.

    I think page would beat hendo, but I also thought he would beat Rashad, Jones, & bader ….. IN SHAPE UNINJURED TRT rampage beats trt hendo IMO …

  8. hitmanclark says:

    Dan should shut his mouth. Hendo plays right into Rampage’s style. Unlike Bader, Hendo won’t shoot for constant takedowns. He’s stand and trade, and sorry, but Rampage is still a better boxer than Hendo.

  9. Robert says:

    Hendo should be quiet… he took a five round ass whoopin.

  10. Alex says:

    There’s rumors between Rampage vs Rua rematch so theres no need for hendo to fight Rampage..

  11. David says:

    I dont see rampage beating hendo or shogun

  12. Jason N says:

    Hendo all the way

  13. ucantbeserious says:

    as we all know Rampage already beat Shogun and Henderson..a healthy Ramppage would smash them again…both shogun and Henderson were healthy when they got beat..Shogun is so overrated!! come on lets be real about it..shogun beating Rampage…lmao..not going to happen!!!..if anything i give props to Henderson because he is a beast…but he is not a better fighter than Rampage..everybody wants to hate on page because of the Bader fight..come on…get real Bader got lucky..i know it..u all know it and trust Bader knows it!!..its interesting how Henderson is talking shit about Rampage considering they were cool..seems a bit out of character…could be a publicity stunt..Rampages response is short sweet and very true!!!!!!!!

  14. DLo says:

    Hendo is only taking this fight because he’s under a lot of pressure and he probably feels that Rampage has the name and lack the skills, but he’s making a huge mistake because Rampage would kill him especially if it goes past the 1st round.

  15. John_S_ Adams says:

    Oh good, maybe we can have the battle of the TRT roiders. I think the UFC should just have a TRT tournament and crown a TRT champion for this growing population of apparently handicapped fighters :/

  16. ucantbeserious says:

    @ DLO i agree…@john adams since when is low testosterone levels a handicap? if u were to go to the dr and he told u u had low levels does that mean ur handicapped? alot of fighters are doing it..Rampage just had the balls to admit it !!

  17. jonsey says:

    funny rampage nevert took his belt,,,the pride belt was just a joke…if rampage took the belt then i guess jon jones still hacve the pride belt now…rampage fought hendo for the ufc belt only and to unifie who the best lhw…idiot rampage…he is 2 face coward..i just saw interveiw of him last week sayiong how in pride they not test for testosterone an how he still would never take it…and how he know many on it but he think it for cheaters…now he is using same bs low test shit…all guy after 35 ttest is not high like when 25..fuk at 25 u are at peak…this low test just a loop hole,,100 percebnt every guy in ufc at 35 has higher test than another 35 off street and they aint crying to doc…

  18. James Dubya says:

    Rampage vs Henderson 2 would be sweet.

  19. ryan says:

    this would be a good fight for rampage they both like to brawl and i realy do think rampage would come out the winner again even if he isnt as good as he was just the style of these to guys rampage edges it in my opinion

  20. kush says:

    Hendo should lose but rampage has been a little off i reckon.

  21. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Ramlet all day

  22. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    in shape rampage has money on him..

  23. guamy says:

    letem battle for the steroid championship lol.

  24. Jujitsu Player says:

    IMO a healthy Rampage would beat Hendo all day. I rate Hendo and hope he gets and deserves the winner Jones or Rashad but I’m not with the Hendo groupies who forget he lost a fight to Jake Shields…..

  25. fflex says:

    hey i would like rampage to win … although id have to say dan is a fighter at this moment … mr jackson been hollywood …. not hate’n but its true .. dan couldnt go hollywood …. thats all he has … rampage needs to get that anger back adn more endurance … if he does .. he gots anyone at 205 all day long .. untill then … its a mistery

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