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Friday, 09/23/2011, 09:32 am

Quick Twitt: Rampage Jackson Outs Spy



67 Responses to “Quick Twitt: Rampage Jackson Outs Spy”

  1. jay baines says:

    Fuckem give him hell rampage

  2. Diego says:

    Lets do this rampage!!! hit this so “humble” new champion with the strong energy you been holding onto!!

  3. Steven says:

    hell yeah! Jones is done in now..

  4. Justen says:

    Johnny Bones is gunna dominate.

  5. bruts says:

    jones being humble? really? hes only like the biggest douche bag! but hey i guess being a douche bag is the new humble!!! fuck jones this guys a joke first of all who spys on camps? get real jones you’re pathetic and wasent it jones who came out and told rampage who was “Spying” soo jones dumb antics got this guy fired not rampage, you added fuel to the fire jones WAY TO BE A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and think that rampage paranoia got some one fired, it was you’re stupidity which got him fired! way to be a fucking douche bag joke!!! *clap clap* but yeah go on people and keep thinking this “prospect” is humble because hes not, people who think they are the shit, aint humble hes just on a high ass horse bein a faggot

  6. YhwhDesign Media Solutions says:

    Look, I think this fight is going to be great. As long as rampage does not cut to much weight and not give himself enough conditioning to actually fight. Then it will be a good fight, and well worth the money. Regardless of new or old school, if the PRIDE rampage comes to fight then bones will find out just how “old school” rampage is and what being old school brings to the table… its called experience.

    Bones is a great fighter, dont get me wrong I love the guy. I just think that to underestimate rampage and think he is to old for the game is a mistake and if he is underestimated then bones will find out really quick why jackson is called rampage.

    • MMA Outbreak says:

      Rumors last week were that Rampage was already at weight so should be no issues with weight cut. There were reports this week though that he was training 4 days before the fight. I don’t know how smart that is but we’ll see at fight time. I haven’t been this excited for a fight in a while!

      • Ryan M says:

        The video of him training 4 days before the fight was just him working on footwork and striking defence. So don’t worry MMA Outbreak. I think both of them will be in shape, make weight and be about 100% for the fight. I’m excited too.

  7. jeff says:

    Rampage gonna knock this kid out

  8. Fortyb4five says:

    Rampage just focus on Jon Jones now. Your fight’s tomorrow! I’m counting on you to get that strap back.

    Rampage 4 Life!

  9. Joegun says:

    I hope Rampage hurts Bones Jones Badly to the point where he questions himself as a fighter.he’s got no respect and is way to arrogant.Rampage has fought and beaten the best.Jones fought a sub par shogun and now thinks he’s the g.o.a.t. Fuck dis guy and knock his skinny lanky ass out!! I pity the fool who takes Rampage lightly!!

  10. Joegun says:

    RAMPAGE 100% and your winner by knockout!!……. AND NEW!!

  11. bringbackbabalu says:

    Made weight five days ago fool he is so ready war rampage to bad Evans will finally get his belt back straight after haha

  12. Joegun says:

    RAMPAGE clipped glass jaw evans last time and he was hurt for a few minutes. Rashad looks a little more cut now but im all Rampage!! Rashad will run like las time.

    • mike says:

      Glass jaw means to get knocked out easily, Evans wasn’t knocked out, a better statement would be Rampage has pillow hands since he couldn’t ko anyone since W.silva 3 years ago lol

  13. Ninjaman says:

    Joegun I understand you enjoy wathching these fights but please grow up and please dont be so ignorant and aggressive to mention you would like another fighter to get hurt badly so he questions himself as a fighter. Jon Jones is a great up and coming kid who has earned respect and has done nothing to lose it. Please show more intelligence and tact in your posts. Enjoy the fight!

  14. Mo says:

    Rashad himself said that Jones will win, they were training partners and he’s fought Rampage himself and beat him. He can gauge both fighters cause he’s fought both of them. Rampage always has that “punchers” chance but if it comes down to skill…Jones all day

  15. Matt says:

    You Jones haters are crazy. All your hate is just means more dollar signs are headed his way. All your poor asses should be happy you get to see, or read about, this fight and hope that Rampage gets the KO he has been so desperate for or witness Jones’ domination of another former Pride star. Good luck to both guys tomorrow night.

  16. James Wolfe says:

    Its all about the fight folks. Who cares about the drama, the soap opera, really come on, get real.

    I like both fighters and Rampage has a punchers chance. That being said, Jones has the reach, the speed, the skills to dominate.

  17. Greg says:

    it’s cute how J.J. is worried about Rampage’s tweets, like he cares about some guys job when he doesn’t sign lil kids replica belts, this is the shit Bones is called a phony for… Just be you Champ, quit trying to please everyone and trying to analyze every interview or p.o.v. people have. It’s almost to a certain Bones is one of the best but he keeps coming off just the wrong way.

  18. zack says:

    either rampage is gunna knock him out or jones is gunna lay on him the whole time

  19. mike says:

    Some of Rampage’s great qualities:

    – He disrespects interviewers and sexually harasses them (ex. Ariel Helwani and Karyn Bryant)

    – He has been seen in video’s making fun of fat people

    – He bullies people and makes fun of them for immature reasons (Rashads fighting shorts)

    – He went on his own Rampage with his 4 wheeler and hit a pregnant woman’s car while she was inside of it.

    Some of Jon Jones terrible qualities:

    – He is a respectful guy and mature at his young age.

    – He doesn’t do any drugs or drink.

    – He retrieved a purse from a theif and returned it to the innocent by-standard, this was weeks before his fight. (omg what a douchebag)

    – He doesn’t talk much trash and is an honest guy (what a prick, eh?)

  20. walker smith says:

    Wow. Greg Jackson’s camp is really getting a bad rap for cheating: you got GSP and Marquardt greasing, Marquardt getting busted for TRT, Carwin named in a steroid trial and now Jones managers spying. Anything to win, I guess.

    • Mo says:

      Don’t believe the spy hype man..Are people that ignorant to the fact that they are just trying to hype the fight?? The more idiots blogging and posting useless info about the fight the more $ the UFC makes in the end. A spy? haha are you fu#@ing kidding me? Does Rampage have nuclear secrets that we need to worry about? C’mon guys use your freakin’ heads…

  21. Keola says:

    Narcs dont get my vote. And Jones is a NARC!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      WTF? How is he a narc? Is he a narcotics officer? I’m assuming you meant snitch, right? Who has he snitched on lately? Please tell. Are you calling him a narc (but meant snitch) because he assisted some old helpless couple? If that’s the reason, I’m assuming you’d rather someone just walk on by if they saw your grandparent being victimized in a crime? The dude’s attitude has definitely taken a turn for the worse since he won the title, but some of the shit being said about him boarders on ridiculous

      • Keola says:

        when did u start watching MMA? since the beginning of Jone’s career he was known to be a snitch yes, but what he was snitching on was pot smokers. So in terms he is a NARC u fool !! In one of his first interviews he says ” I was always the kid who snitched on the kids who had pot” Google it you may get educated.
        You’ve been LEARNED.

        • Dana Black says:

          what does pot smoking and snitching have to do with MMA and UFC ? haha wow, talk about ignorance, Did your feelers get hurt when he said he snitched on pot heads?? grow up

        • Keola says:

          do u just surf the forums like a internet tough guy?! whoa there mr moderator im sorry this conversation caught ur attention. your opinions dont matter to me and mines shouldnt matter to you
          wise up

        • matt says:


        • Dana Black says:

          tough guy? I just stated that your comment was ignorant, what’s tough about that? that’s what forums are about! somebody expresses their opinion and other people comment on it, genius. So I guess my opinion which I’m obviously entitled to in this “forum” mattered enough for you to comment on it..

  22. JAT says:

    cant wait to get on here sunday and see all the shit talking about how bones destroyed rampage and kept his belt. then i cant wait to see all the excuses about how jones “cheated” and thats why he lost. bunch of bullshit. lets go jonny bones jones you got this.

  23. The natural says:

    Jones is a cocky arrogant fool who will b destroyed tonight just because of his own words mike is jones aka or his biggest dick rider I’ve read about but rampage is goin to make him look young tonight like a toddler without his candy jones has been very arrogant and a douche in all his interviews and way he handles him self is just no class trash bag.

  24. james says:

    Jones is for real. And you can tell the animosity between Rashad and Jones is real…should be a good fight. I wanna cry at the outcomes of tonights fights lol.

  25. Big J says:

    As much as I wanted Jones to lose, it will be difficult to beat him. His unique reach advantage gives him superiority. I’m curious, who do you guys think can beat Jones? He’s got reach on everyone! BTW, the fight between him and Rampage was boring to watch…

  26. james says:

    or Rashad, he’s quick, good footwork, head movement and he knows Jones. I guarantee Jones wouldn’t throw that many kicks against Rashad.

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