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Saturday, 01/25/2014, 09:18 pm

QUICK TWITT | Pettis ‘Is Not Impressed’ With UFC on FOX 10 Main Event

A title shot was on the line tonight in the UFC on FOX 10 main event.

Unfortunately though, that bid was only in the instance of a Thomson win.

Former UFC lightweight champion, Benson Henderson, threw a wrench in those plans, but even still, the champ, took to twitter to give his thoughts.


6 Responses to “QUICK TWITT | Pettis ‘Is Not Impressed’ With UFC on FOX 10 Main Event”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    And no one is impressed with your repeated injuries either; the fight was a pretty great fight actually. Slowed down a bit, and I thought Thomson had done enough, but either fighter could have won. On that note if anyone won with 49 points I would have thought it would be Thomson.

    • Yeah because championship level training is completely risk-free, right?

      • THoff89 says:

        How many times has Silva been injured in traing or how about Weidman, Hendricks, Mighty Mouse, Condit I can go on, all fighters better then Pettis not getting constantly injured. Get your facts straight fool. If you train correctly and safe you don’t get injured. Pettis is just scared of TJ Grant and well most people in the division that pose a challenge to him. Since the Guida fight Pettis’ fights have been pandered to his style.

        • UFC 84 Forever says:

          ^ this man gets it right here. Whatever Pettis is doing he isn’t training properly or he’s simply scared. Whatever the case, you can’t get injured as often as Pettis does and then talk shit.

        • Yeah, because Cerrone, Lauzon, and Bendo are easily beaten cans adapted to Pettis? Particularly Bendo, how dare they match Pettis up with the previous belt holder! Such a scam! Several of the current or previous reigning champions have had to cancel fights because of injuries. Silva did it two or three times, Weidman just got his belt but he is hardly been injury free through his career, Velasquez has had to cancel fights, with your logic Condit was scared of Chris Lytle because he pulled out of that fight because of a knee injury, Hendrix was suspended for six months in late Nov because of an injury, I bet he’s dodging everyone too. Championship training comes with injuries, EVERY retired high level athlete suffers from injuries, particularly MMA-retirees. Look at Bas Rutten for example – all his cartilage in his knees are gone, same thing with shoulders, etc. – Forrest Griffin can’t lift his arms above his shoulders, and couldn’t punch if his life depended on it. These are two examples of champions who pretty much had to quit because their bodies can’t handle the extreme strain it takes to perform on that level. You can talk about “right training” all you want, I’d sooner listen to those who actually know about it, who have been there. Listen to Bas’s interviews or tapes, or hell – listen to Fedor or Wanderlei – Fedor had such issues with his hands from training punches, they took an X-ray and his skeleton was basically deformed. Wanderlei has had so many issues with scarring, mostly from training at Chute Boxe where they did full contact fighting in training. Sure, you might argue that it was “wrong”, but look at his performance in Pride. So yeah. You can go around with your blahblah all you want, the fighters who speak on the issue keep saying the same thing. And it’s not just Pettis.

  2. T.Daddy says:

    And I’m not impressed with your Lil brothers performance.. GSP voice

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