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Thursday, 06/21/2012, 08:17 am

Quick Twitt | Overeem Undergoes Voluntary Drug Screening | UFC NEWS

UFC heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem took to twitter recently to let the world know he is taking steps to prove he is a clean, “all natural”, fighter.



63 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Overeem Undergoes Voluntary Drug Screening | UFC NEWS”

  1. Sonthechest says:

    Clean as a sink full of Dirty dishes! Come on Reem!!!!

    You dont go from 205 to 265 (Cutting from 275) like you did. Its not humanly possible with as much as you were fighting.

    • Xaninho says:

      You’re taking the 205 cut weight and the walk around weight he has now as a reference. By doing that you’re implying he has added 60 lbs. of muscle mass, this is not the case.

      He used to walk around at 235 and cut to 205 back then, he walks around at 265-270 nowadays. He doesn’t have to cut that much anymore.

      • Bob says:

        Reem use to cut back then now he just lets himself be. Oh and it shows a ton of ignorance when ppl try saying how can he get so big. Look at NFL players. Reem would be average size if he was in the ufc playing TE or DE. I am 6’5 245 with 11% body fat and i want to slap the shit out of everyone who ask me if i juice. Not saying that reem doesnt. Im implying that ppl are born with good genetics and with hardwork and correct nutrtion its not impossible to be that big without roida unless you wanna look like pro bodybuilders such as Ronnie.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        X – Why is it you rip on Sonnen for a legal TRT use and you give Reem a pass on his illegal steroid use??? Does it have anything to do with your bias and his country of origin??? You can NEVER say you represent an logical unbiased opinion. You’re as biased as they come….Therefore, you opinions suck and HOLD no water!!!

        • Xaninho says:

          Where did I say he didn’t have high testosterone levels? You’re crazy, you’re now starting shit over things I never stated.

          And btw, there you are talking about Sonnen using the words ‘legal’ and ‘TRT’. While blatantly linking Overeem’s name to Steroids.

          Wake up! Sonnen’s 16.9:1 ratio’s were just as illegal as Overeem’s 14:1 ratio’s!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Not starting shit at all here. You are commenting on a post that someone is calling out Overeem for his bullshit stance on not using steroids and what do you do?? You defend him by stating that he doesn’t really need to cut that much. Implying that his growth is not that unusual so therefore, by LOGIC, maybe he didn’t use steroids to get where he is physically. I call BULLSHIT on you. You from Holland, you know that he is a well known HGH and PED user. So quit the sanctimony.

          Me personally, I think he is awesome. I could care less if he juices up. The truth his ALL do at one time or another either illegally and/or by using precursor supplements.

          So stop with your obvious bias…

        • Xaninho says:

          Really dude? Really?

          And you were the sperm that made it first?

          All I did was correct some facts. Where did I present things different from the truth? He did NOT walk around at 205 back then did he? He DID walk around at around 235! He DOES walk around at 265-270 without the need to cut down much nowadays. I did not say anywhere he DID NOT use any form of steroids.

          I DID imply gaining 30-35 lbs. in 5 years isn’t impossible without PED’s, which it isn’t at all. It’s NOT that much.

          YES I know I used caps here and there, but you obviously have so much trouble in reading comprehensively that I feel the need to emphasize certain area’s in my comment!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          That’s your problem X.You are so obstinate you can’t admit that you ARE biased as hell and therefore, your comments hold ZERO water. So when you make points, they are NOT reasonable nor are they to be considered useful because of your skewed outlook. So now we all know that what you spout is propaganda!! I have known this for along time now. I’m cool with it….

          Now I may be a dumbass as your propaganda seems to indicate, But then may be I’m not..I’ll let the jury decide if you are a genius and I am a dumbass…Done…

      • Schweez says:

        Haha that’s funny obviously neither of you know what your talking about he weighed in at 256 with his pants and shorts on at the lesnar fight he didn’t cut any weight

        • Xaninho says:

          Nope he weighed in at 263. Weigh-ins lesnar-Overeem You were right about the part keeping his jeans and his wallet in it on though.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Did you guys miss me huh huh!! I have been on vacation No fighter in all MMA is a bigger CHEAT than Sonnen. He has made the UFC into a complete circus and if something isn’t done soon new fans won’t know the difference between UFC or WWE. UFC has spent over 10 years trying to become a LEGIT sport and Sonnen has RUINED most of their progress in that direction. Sonnen is not only a STEROID CHEAT he is a FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON who should be in prison.


          Fake and gay

        • GRT 3000 says:

          +1 well said…& something will be done man. Silva’s gonna beat the living shit out of him in July.

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  2. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    it would be so funny if he took himself to get tested and failed
    such a backfire lol

  3. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Easy to kick a guy when he’s down The Reem is a smart guy he’ll be back Stronger than ever.

  4. Donnybrook says:

    He’s going to be coming for Cain cause that’s who’s going to be holding the belt when Alistair is ready to fight again.

  5. danielrchargers says:

    He better be worrying about his TDD

  6. Anti-Hater says:

    He come up clean. I’m sure he’s done everything humanly possible to reduce his testosterone. People are stupid, but when it comes to getting a paycheck they smarten up pretty quick.

    He’ll be clean, he’ll fight, but he’ll get his ass kicked.

  7. jones says:

    the funny thing is reem never tested positive for steroids at all…people have no idea what all that bullshit science talk was about (myself included) but i know that everyone was wrng to jump on the reeem wagon

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      So he was taken out of the championship fight, and suspended because of…?

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      So he was removed from the championship fight, and suspended because of…?

      • Jordon says:

        Because of elevated testosterone. He didnt piss hot for any drugs, just high testosterone… They feel that his levels are indicitive of ped use, but they didnt catch him using anything whatsoever.

        • chardt says:

          14x the normal amount of Testosterone…that is something that CANNOT happen without injections. Testosterone injection is considered a PED when it’s that HIGH.

        • Not You says:

          So then Chael is indicative of testosterone use or TRT use. There are lots of ways around the system. Overeem was prescribed and anti-inflammatory that contained an aqueous form of testosterone and his doc didn’t inform him. Same with Chael, he’s cleared to use TRT and maybe something went wrong with his doses.

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  8. Clay says:

    He was cheating. Simple as that. He’s not all natural. What if jds was on TRT? He would probably kill somebody.

  9. thetude says:

    Im not gonna say who would win the fight but reem is about to become the most tested athlete in the history of sports, im talking olympic stle tests everyday

    • Busta Move says:

      He is getting tested on his own to see if his new masking agent works, you foolz is ignorant
      if you don’t think Reem has stuck a needle in his ass. He has to get tested when the commision want’s not on his own schedule.

      Id think C Velasquez beats JDS and Reem fights Cain for title and that would be a great fight also.

  10. B-rad says:

    glad to see this. i hope he does come back by the end of the year. I love the reem only because he went over to K-1 and beat basicly every big name in the heavyweight division. But hes also an awsome mixed martial artist. i think he is getting too big, when he won the k1 tourny he was 250 i believe and thats where he should stay, he was massive but still had good speed, its gonna be hard to have much speed at all with the ridicioulus size he is now, he made brock look like an undersized HW lol which is not the case at all

    • Schweez says:

      Dude brock was still way bigger than overeem you must have been on drugs when you watched that. He’s better defined had a smaller waist that doesn’t make him bigger they weren’t even close In size

      • B-rad says:

        i wasnt on drugs mane, may have smoked some bud that night but weed isnt a drug. anyway , brock was the heavier fighter but reem is 2-3 inches taller , maybe 15 pounds lighter but he was fuckin shreded for 263 or whatever he weighed in at. but size only matters if you can use it. both guys know how to use their size but reem smashed him good… getting broken down with body shots like that is horrible, and imagine those knees and that liver kick look what it did to a guy the size of brock, he moved brock back 3 strides with the first knee he landed

        • Schweez says:

          Yea true but lesnar is a true freak never tested positive for anything and he was about the same size in college. This guy had over like 50 fights as a pro come on man you can’t compare them Brock wasn’t brought up like these guys he never fought any cans. Top 10 guys since he got into the UFC that would be almost impossible for anyone to become great that way. Look at the way he trained on his ranch with a few ppl he selected come on you don’t become great like that no one does you gotta have ppl that take you to your limits every single day and if you don’t you never get better. You don’t punch and punching bag and wrestle a bunch of guys you know you can beat any day and become a goat you must travel to where the best are at or bring them to you and he never did that.

        • B-rad says:

          yea reem has 10x more fights than brock..but everyone was picking him to win lol

  11. grandma killer says:

    Obviously half of you have no clue what effects diet and nutrition have on the human body. The guy trains like an animal and eats like an animal. One of you retards stated, “You dont go from 205 to 265 (Cutting from 275) like you did. Its not humanly possible with as much as you were fighting.” I would kill you like I did my grandma for eye ballin’ me you glass bitch.

  12. T.DADDY says:

    Sure you are buddy… Barry Bonds is a clean baseball player to…lmao

  13. cj m says:

    ya reem your clean.. When you need to be.

  14. Zack says:

    Of course your clean now? Why did he even tweet that? Lol fucking idiot. No one cares if your clean now you were dirty for the biggest fight of your life. You shouldn’t be worrying about junior you should worry about the UFC letting you back in. I personally wouldn’t and I for damn sure wouldn’t give him a title shot right off the bat.

  15. Anton Bosnjak says:

    Only does tests when it suits him. He wouldn’t do it if he had the substance in his system. I bet after his screening he’ll take some more roids wait a couple of months for it to clear out of his system and then take another drug test to say his clear. Overeem you are clever, but not the clever you CHEAT. Who honestly has 14 times more Testostorine in their system then says its natural at first, then blames the government afterwards.

    • Busta Move says:

      I couldnt agree more test when they want you to not on your own time frame Reem

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        If anyone needs to be randomly tested its CHEAT Sonnen. Why is it a cheater like Sonnen who has already been busted with 17 times more testosterone in his system (during a title fight) doesn’t have to be randomly tested monthy? Noone has ever tested higher than Sonnen yet they don’t even bother watching him like a hawk. Anyone can pass a ROID test when they know when they will be tested. UFC needs to start testing all KNOWN cheaters like Sonnen, Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquart monthly

  16. kjtrlt says:

    Hmmm…you have a few hils to climb before anyone will start talk about trusting you any time soon. It’s good you’re around and all, but dont be getting ahead of yourself.

  17. FamilyGuy says:

    OF course hes gonna do a test now that hes off whatever the F he was on and his levels dropped to normal human levels. What about when they asked him for a test and he was 2+ weeks late… this guy is a cycle machine, get off the roids you mutant. Its like a drunk driver doing an alcohol test when hes not drinking. of course he’ll pass.

  18. Monkey juice says:

    You fags Olympic committee or what? Fuckn cares. Roids are good for sports.

  19. shit talka says:

    Who cares about steroids. Let these guys beast each other. That is what we pay to see right. I dont want to see humping or weak padded punches. I wana see someone get knocked out. All these fighters getting hurt is due to overtraining. Its hard to overtrain on steroids.

  20. mike says:

    anyone can pass a voluntary drug test…. its the randoms he has problems with

    • Chris says:

      lets be fair and call it what it was. it wasn’t random in any way, they were clearly trying to pop Overeem. when the hell did they ever test people at a press conference?. Don’t get me wrong I’m not condoning his actions, I just wish they would test GSP, and they should’ve tested randy as well, obvious juicers right there

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