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Wednesday, 11/21/2012, 09:53 am

Quick Twitt | Olympic Medalist Sara McMann Confirms UFC Deal In The Works | UFC NEWS

Undefeated MMA fighter and Olympic medalist, Sara McMann, took to twitter recently to confirm that she is currently in negotiations with the UFC.


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  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Sarah McMann is the only real (NON-ROIDED UP BEAST) that has a legit chance at Rousey’s title. Even with her world class wrestling she will need to catch up on about 20 years of world class arm bar defense. Even if McMann landed in top position and started some gnp that is easy picking for an armbar specialist as the higer she lifts her arms to throw hammer fists the more she becomes open for armbars. I think Mcmann would do her self a big favor by clearing out all the current 135ers and get use to the big show and the octagon and then challenge Rousey next year sometime. I realize alot of people think its as simple as comparing world class wrestling vs world class Judo. However i do think its about much more than that. Rousey seems so comfortable in the cage and doesn’t seem to rattle with nerves at all and even though all her opponents train nonstop for 20 weeks or however long armbars for 14 hours a day she makes them look like they didn’t even drill armbar defense. I doubt UFC is going to match up 2 best womans 135lbers in their opening match on UFC. I think UFC will pick up best 135ers in world from inflicta and whwereever else, Baezler, Coenen, Amanda Nunes and have all them scrap to see who’s best and then get some hype going behind whoever comes out on top and maybe land a co-main event on FOX to get Rousey’s name out to new fans on FOX. Regardles if Cyborg wa sable to go off ROIDS for long enough to drop some of that MAN-MUSCLE to make 135lbs I still don’t think the UFC is too excited about anything about her. I just don’t think GUYBORG is something the UFC wants to shove down newer (FOX) fans face and risk running them off thinking UFC is some kind of FREAK SHOW. i still remember first time my wife layed eyes on her when she walked into cage for the Carano fight. My wife at that point rarely ever watched MMA with me but i told her woman were fighting so she agreed as she was intrigued until she saw Cyborg and she stood up and said what “kind of crap are you watching” and I said these are the top 2 woman MMA fighters in world and she said that thing with the man muscles thats built like a gorilla is not a woman by any definition of the word. Then she said “i thought you said that steroids were illegal in MMA” and i said they are. She said why would they possibly allow a woman (if you can call her that) to use steroids but its illegal for men. Anyway my wife ahs been into health and fitness for over 20 years and been to some of the nicest gyms in the U.S. and mostly California and she knows what NATURAL CLEAN woman athletes look like. Regardless you don’t nned to know squat about womans fitness to see with your own eyes that Guyborg is the result of many many years of stacking massive amounts of steroids. GUYBORG is the thing UFC needs representing womans MMA. IMO Guyborg is a discrace to all the hard working (NATURAL) women athletes around the world. If dana white brings that ROIDED up beats into UFC i will lose all reespect for him because he will be sending a clear message that he not only doesn’t care about steroids in the UFC but that all he cares about is $$$$

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Guyborg is the “LAST” thing the UFC needs representing womans MMA

    (mistake 4 lines from bottom)

  3. Bob says:

    LMAO are you serious?
    USA wrestling is 99.99% roids.Women don’t have the same chemical build as guys.
    I bet if they released her actual ratios it would be right at the limit.
    People are saying she has passed,ya passed,that does NOT mean you are not on roids.I would say you only need a LOW level of common sense ot see she is on roids or at least often is but has a nice plan to get off in time to pass testing.

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