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Sunday, 11/18/2012, 11:39 am

Quick Twitt | Nick Diaz Is “Not Impressed” With GSP’s Performance | UFC NEWS

UFC welterweight fighter Nick Diaz took to twitter following last nights main event to comment on the performance of Georges St-Pierre.


45 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Nick Diaz Is “Not Impressed” With GSP’s Performance | UFC NEWS”

  1. DogSac says:

    The same could be said about his fight with Condit…

  2. David says:

    Haha hilarious. Anoyone going to run their mouth saying diaz is cocky or whatever this is exactly what gsp said to matt hughes @ ufc 63. Classic been saying it for 4 years and i’m even more sure after yesterday Nick Diaz is the guy to beat GSP. If GSP doesn’t fight Silva first

    • Thom says:

      thanks for telling us gsp said that before, im sure no one knew that yet.

      • SinCe 2004 says:

        That’s the point, Diaz is making fun of Gsp. Gsp fought last night the way Hughes did back at UFC63, a pretty much “lay & pray” style, only difference is Bj didnt have the gas tank that Carlos did.

        • Guss says:

          You obviously are a newb. What figh were you watching? “Lay and pray”. Lol! That phrase is so over used by people who don’t understand the fight game, and only consider it a fight when someone gets ko’d or subbed. There is no comparison to Hughes vs Penn, and GSP vs Condit. For a guy coming off an ACL injury, and 18 mo, I don’t think anyone would have done as well. Just imagine what he could have done if he didn’t have the layoff. And yes, that’s just Diaz’s way of picking a fight. Edumacate yourself.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        yeah GSP had that one coming and he had a good laugh himself when the reporter at post fight conference told GSP what Nick said. I may be a critic of GSP because he let Greg Jackson turn him into a boring fighter but I will be the first one to say I was glad to see some of the GSP of old come out last night. Not too many other welterweighst could have survived that headkick. Not only did GSP look good (without Greg “NO ACTION” Jackson in his ear but he showed that he didn’t want to just show up and fight to not lose. The way GSP fought last night did not matter if he finished Condit or not because when you fight a someone as baddass are carlos Condit i don’t care who you are he will survive at all costs. I hope that GSP will distance himself from Greg jackson and continue what he started last night win or lose. I am not too happy that hendricks will now not get a title shot for at least another year or so because GSP maybe fighting Silva next. Not GSP’s fault but i still don’t think its fair to hendricks so have to take another fight after beating at least 3 top 10 fighters in a year. AGAIN despite what i have said in past about GSP disapointing me and alot of other peopel i still never said he wasn’t a really nice honorble guy. Really happy to see him back 100% and showing that he not only could dish it out but he could take it to. Hendricks and his world class wrestling will be a whole differnt fight for GSP than Condit was as all fights have there differnt challeges. I do believe by far Hendricks is the best wrestler GSP has faced and IMO has the biggest punch also

    • Michael More says:

      nick diaz couldn’t beat condit. he will get his ass served to him by GSP. I LIKE NICK DIAZ but if you really know anything about this sport or about the fighters you are referring to you would know better. All GSP Vs DIAz would be is a good controversial fight to draw butts in seats and PPvs. Thats it, the same story will play out with gsp coming up on top.

      • SinCe 2004 says:

        You assume Gsp will be able employ the same ol bullshyt, but i respectfully disagree. Condit and Diaz are very similar, accurate strikers with amazing cardio, but the difference is Diaz has far superior BJJ. When Gsp was on top of Condit you can see how much Gsp struggled, well Diaz will do even better in that position than Condit. I honestly believe Diaz is the one to dethrone Gsp.

    • 757 says:

      Couldn’t beat or stop Condit so your point is mute. Like it or not

      • primalmasher says:

        look like you can’t spell, so your point is moot

      • BX81 says:

        I watched the conduit vs. diaz fight again and I give the 1st, 2nd, 5th round to diaz and the others to conduit. If I’m correct compu-box also had diaz ahead. I didn’t think either fighter fought super great. I just think conduit was on his bike way too much for that fight. I think a GSP vs. Diaz fight will leave diaz the victor. Diaz will bust up his face on the feet and GSP will bust up his face on the ground. GSP will take him down when he can’t deal with the volume of punches on the stand up. The difference between conduit and diaz will show and it’s his bjj. GSP looked open for a lot of subs that conduit just couldn’t get off that diaz would capitalize on. Not saying he subs GSP but when on the feet your beat and you don’t want to be in his guard there is no place left to go. I see a good fight either way.

        • MMA all the way says:

          i think GSP is way to fast for diaz to land those small punches he throws. he has way too much strength inhis lower body for diaz to be able to control him on the ground. Plus he would be able to connect with diaz standing up. condit set a new record for leg kicks in his and diaz’s fight. diaz is tough, no doubt about that, but he isn’t even close to being on gsp’s level with speed. he relies on his ability to be one step ahead of his opponents and predicting their moves. which he is very good at, but gsp is a big favorite if they fight. too powerful, too fast vs diaz toughness. anyone can get caught with fighters on this level, but the odds are gsp wins via tko or submission, on the ground.

  3. Dick Diaz says:

    last night’s fight just pretty much answered the questions of whether or not Diaz would be able to dethrone GSP… Diaz’s renewed 15 minutes of relevancy disappeared as soon as GSP’s first takedown on Condit. This is a fight no one wants to see anymore and Diaz will be fighting and probably losing to gatekeepers.

  4. primalmasher says:

    Dick Niaz is a bum!

    incoming dick niaz fanboy buttmad! 😀

  5. Filthy Rotten Rousey says:

    I’m surprised this prick could spell performance properly. beat someone who can wrestle then open your mouth you ugly fuck

  6. Dee says:

    Diaz wrestling isn’t on the level of GSP. He will probably be taken down, but he doesn’t mind going to war, and I do not mind watching either. Also Condit didn’t beat GSP in a fight, he beat him runnning a trackmeet. Let the fight happen.

  7. slacker says:

    Diaz and Condit are both great, highly skilled, tough fighters. But they will both have problems with solid wrestlers like Koscheck, Fitch, or Hendricks. That’s the truth.

  8. J says:

    I don’t like Nick Diaz, but that tweet was funny. Also he may get taken down but his bjj is much better than Condit’s. I think he has a good chance against GSP. It’s a style that counters GSP’s.

  9. T says:

    Diaz and his team have said time and time again that he doesn’t have a twitter. I don’t understand why all you fucking dumb ass journalists think that this and @natediaz209 are authentic.

  10. GRT 3000 says:

    well it’s like GSP said – he did better against Condit than Diaz. I can’t wait for this fight to get lined up and watch all you wannabe h-boys see your King Gangsta Cry-Baby get his ass kicked.

  11. 757 says:

    Primalmasher …ok whatever… mash this. Your boy lost to Condit. He can’t stop smoking weed long enough to pass a piss test. So it really doesn’t matter. Having said that you and your pointless comments are moot. You F^&*()% smoker.

  12. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Do you morons ever get tired of crying about Diaz friggen weed. You guys are reaching so bad for a reason to ahte on him and make him out to be some kind of cheater for using pot when in fact he is one of the very few fighters in MMA that isn’t all jacked up on ROIDS and HGH, EPO’s. So please get of the pot its not cheating if anything its a hindrance to performing and probably lowers natural testostrone levels.

  13. Dana Is Greedy says:

    GSP definately had a much better performance then Nick did against Condit..But it was easy to see GSP has holes in is ground game controlling is not the same as finishing on the ground Nick can finish most top contenders Nicks problem is getting the fight to the ground GSPs timing seem alot better then Nicks when it came to takedowns but he still didn’t have the ability to submit or gnp Condit into a loss only a decision loss…BTW GSP looked atleast 190 lastnite just saying for everyone who believes he’s to small for Silva..

  14. 757 says:

    Not talking to you ^^^get rid of Fitch. I was talking to the comment made by the primalmasher ha ha. Diaz is a smoker though. It is illegal, and he is a good fighter and I like him but he is doing something that is illegal. GSP won he beat Condit and like it or not Condit beat Diaz that’s all I’M saying. That other dude was hating on GSP and his fighting style. He is the champ and Diaz remains suspended. I guess that’s cool with him now he has all the time to smoke weed that he wants. The other guys are making money and he is smoking…..sweet

  15. Underground_Hood says:

    If you dont like da weed then divorce yo FAT UGLY WIFE FOO

  16. Razorfingers says:

    Nick Diaz will lose to GSP,if he makes it past Koscheck and honestly I can’t wait for that fight to happen,because Nick and Koscheck are 2 of the biggest shit talking fighters in the UFC,lol. As Koscheck told Nick, “Don’t Be Scared Homey”. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Hendricks VS Diaz,as Diaz would have problems with Hendricks wrestling( when doesn’t Diaz have problems with wrestlers? LOL) and Hendricks could possibly knock Diaz out as well? Everyone wants to talk about how much better Diaz’ bjj is than Condits? I don’t think GSP is too worried about being subbed by Diaz. GSP’ bjj is just as dangerous and Diaz will get taken down at will every round. Diaz also will not be able to get into GSP mind to affect him with all of the usual shit talk that he spews out,just like Condit wasn’t affected by it. Any fighter who Nick Or Nate can’t affect with their trash talk seems to piss them off and that in turn affects their gameplay. It’s just hilarious to watch them get so bent out of shape when other fighters don’t feed into their bs

  17. CombatRusse says:

    I’m fan of Nick Diaz fighting style. But I really liked GSP’s performance. He was agressive, technical and was trying to do damage.
    By the way, the UFC released Condit vs Mcdonalds fight video for free. I watched it for the first time. And I must admit that Rory is a future champ. I hope the best for BJ Penn, but it will be a freaking tough fight

  18. ya herd says:

    just because condit beat diaz in a close fight dosent mean GSP would destroy diaz, styles make fights i know 100% Gsp wouldnt want to ride out a decsion against diaz, in my opinion diaz has the best abiltiy in mma to get people into tricky dangerous postions on the ground… GSP would try and hold him against the cage and land knees and punches.. let diaz fight GSP next. everyone knows diaz is the true number 1 contender, hendricks is doing very good but gsp would destroy him hes to slow to land one of those bombs on gsp, all the talk of silva vs gsp.. i dont like there is bisping,weidman, and vitor is back plenty of good fighters to challenge silva.. gsp and nick should fight before silva fight

  19. 757 says:

    Unfortunately Diaz missed his chance being a smoker. Like it or not it’s a business and Dana White said it many times you have to play the game. The guys who are successful have to become company men and support the promotion. Diaz is a smoker and the promotion doesn’t need him he needs it. Super fights why not. George should maybe fight Hendricks but all this Diaz talk is bullshit. That guy missed his chance being a dumb ass and a smoker, and then lost the fight to Condit. Go cry you your BS Diaz defense someplace else. His talent has nothing to do with it at this point… need to grow up as much as he does……..YA HEARD

  20. jr says:

    who cares what diaz thinks! he couldnt get passed condit or a drug test for that matter! STFU

  21. ya herd says:

    im a big ufc fan have been from the start all im saying is that i want gsp to fight diaz next, because im a true mma fan and i want to see an exciting fight im not a nick diaz fan, i just think he would beat gsp! if bj penn had a gas tank he would beat gsp, but diaz does, diaz beat bj penn in a way nobody had done before, hes got great hands cardio he dosent need good wrestling nobody want to go down to the ground with him he would catch u with something styles make fight diaz has the best style to beat gsp fact! and if he beat gsp alot of people would want diaz vs silva and he has a bad style for silva… im a fan i want excting fights, the gsp fight will be just like silva sonnen 2 boring first round silva by ko, least diaz will make it an excting fight etheir way

  22. Jujitsu Player says:

    Sour grapes….go smoke another bong and keep dreaming you could beat GSP.

    GSP is the best WW of all time and one of the best p4p fighters of all time.

  23. 757 says:


  24. Waterdragonrat says:

    I’m suprised that Diaz can even use Twitter. I guess his brain has healed from that beating Rory MacDonald have him. Rag doll

  25. syntaxvox says:

    Everybody seems to be neglecting the fact that Diaz is a self s destructing retard. He could be a great fighter but he is his own worst enemy. I mean he was offered GSP and bitched out and fought Condit….smooth move dipshit. Diaz does not have the head to fight GSP….and frankly I don’t think he has the skill. I’m not sure why so many people ride his nutts like they do. At best I see a gatekeeper….he does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breathe as GSP…AND I’M NOT EVEN A GSP FAN! Hendricks over Diaz no contest.

  26. cocojojo says:

    Diaz should say that shit. Look Diaz is a Gracie fighter. GSP trains with Renzo. Why in the hell did GSP use the last 2 minutes of almost every round to stay in the guard? What? Does Renzo not teach how to pass the guard? Does Renzo not teach SUBMISSIONS???? Are you kidding me? GSP did not try 1, ONE, WUN fricken submission. Thats part of the reason why Diaz is NOT impressed with GSP’s performance (I surmise).

    GSP plays the point game too much and doesn’t try to finish his fights – same ole GSP, even though it was fun watching him. I just want to see him EVOLVE. Knock a muthafucka out or submit a bitch every once in a while.
    All that ground and pound WITHOUT KNOCK OUT POTENTIAL is just trying to get points IMO.

    The Diaz’s try to finish shit.

  27. Heather says:

    We all know Diaz’s twitter was hacked! Plz people he can’t spell “impressed” and “performance” dead give away!

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