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Tuesday, 07/23/2013, 09:42 am

Quick Twitt | Nick Diaz Ditches ‘The Voice Versus’ Filming, Host Calls Him Out

Somewhere in Stockton, California there is a man who couldn’t care less about this story, its contents or who is putting him on blast through social media.

That man is Nick Diaz.

Nick has apparently botched a shoot with AXS TV’s ‘The Voice Versus’ host Michael Schiavello. Check it out:


27 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Nick Diaz Ditches ‘The Voice Versus’ Filming, Host Calls Him Out”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    No Surprise here. Stoners and druggies in general are ALL unreliable weaklings, especially weed tokers!! Those piss ants are the worst.

  2. Todd says:

    Nick is one of my favorite fighters, but this no show shit is old… Pisses me off…

  3. pikajew says:

    You gotta understand he has social and anxiety issues. You can’t just heal those. You can work and improve on them, sure, but he’s dealing with a lot mentally than you think or can even fathom. It doesn’t make Nick a bad person. He expresses himself in a bad light because that’s how he feels he is in control. Just don’t be so critical and understand. On the other hand, a no-show is unacceptable and he could have at least asked someone to call Schiavello and say Nick isn’t going. There is at least that sense of responsibility.

  4. Ramiro says:

    Regardless of what problems he has it’s his job. If you agree to do something, stick to your guns and don’t waste someone’s time. Diaz is such a clown and a waste of talent and money he should stay retired. There is clearly no need for him in the ufc

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