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Tuesday, 11/12/2013, 10:21 am

QUICK TWITT | Nate Diaz Fires Off At ‘**$$y Fighters’ For Cancelling Fights

The younger half of the Diaz Brothers duo, Nathan Diaz, has hit the twitter space once again, this time firing off at what can only be assumed to be Anthony Pettis for cancelling his UFC on FOX 9 main event due to injury.

We had Nate on BJPENN.COM Radio where he discussed his dislike for the UFC’s lightweight champion in length, and that same attitude has now spilled over onto his twitter account.

Check it:

With all the shifts in cards, Diaz vs. Maynard is now set to headline the TUF 18 finale card.


0 Responses to “QUICK TWITT | Nate Diaz Fires Off At ‘**$$y Fighters’ For Cancelling Fights”

  1. Kenshiro says:

    Nathan might wanna watch his mouth… Pettis would beat the living shit out of him in a fight!

  2. Ronin says:

    Wait…What? Nate just attends his High School Reunion instead of fighting but says he will Think about fighting Gray Maynard….kind of sounds like a Bitch out to me. And Pettis would run through Nate!

  3. paul says:

    hahahah thats some funny shit so NATE is basically calling his brother NICK a pussy bitch for quitting after receiving leg kicks in his last match hahaha im a ufc fighter and a black belt in jui juitsu but if you kick my legs i’ll throw a tantrum waaaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaaa what a baby..

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