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Friday, 01/17/2014, 09:19 am

QUICK TWITT | Mike Swick Back In Hospital Following Motorcycle Accident

Some guys just can’t catch a break.

According to his twitter feed, the UFC’s, Mike Swick, is back in the hospital following an unfortunate motorcycle accident that really looks like it hurt.

Here’s word from Mike:

Slow down Swick, you’re moving too ‘Quick’.



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  1. realfighterfan says:

    Stupid driver. Mike Swick is al but washed up. His chin is 100% gone and ever since he dropped to WW he ruined his body and messed up his entire system. Swick used to fight at 205 lbs and was BONE skinny at 185 lbs. Everyone at AKAsees Fitch cutting 50 lbs to make WW so they think they can do it to. Fitch is a FREAK weight cutter. All Fitch will ever be remembered for is a guy who is a natural LHW who got beat up when he fought guys his own size so he made a career out of mastering weight cutting so he he could lay n pray much smaller non-wrestlers

    • realfiighterfan says:

      IMO I feel if he had trained more with GSP up in Canada he would have become a much better fighter , more disciplined. GSP is the master at overall training and his fellow Canadians are taking note. I expect to see GSP return and win the belt back from Lawler after Lawler destroys Hendricks.

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