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Saturday, 03/03/2012, 09:34 am

Quick Twitt | Miesha Tate's Boyfriend Says He Will Knock Rouseys Teeth Out And Break Her Arm

Ultimate Fighter veteran and UFC fighter Bryan Caraway, who may need to change his name to Bryan “carried away”, takes to threats on the eve of his girlfriends main event fight in Columbus, Ohio.


“Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey” takes place tomorrow night from Columbus Ohio’s Nationwide Arena. The main card is set to air live on SHOWTIME.

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0 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Miesha Tate's Boyfriend Says He Will Knock Rouseys Teeth Out And Break Her Arm”

  1. Seriously says:

    lol this shits going way too far haha

  2. Gank Train says:


  3. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    What a little punk gonna go beat up a girl after your girl talks a mile of sh’it then gets her arm broke now you say you will go break her arm? Rousy could kick your scronny ass carraway. Miehsa will dump Carraway withing a year mark my words. she will go find herself a stud not a 5’4″ midget who trains at TEAM ALPHA MIDGET.

    100% positive unless ref stops it from happening we will all SEE Mieshas arm get broken tonight.

  4. uncle chael says:

    chill homie..You don’t hit women…

  5. Pele says:

    ha! he said she was an unintelligent bimbo, then he wrote “she’s not a women”… what a dip shit

  6. Justen says:

    I would bet she would break his arm first. Within a minute lol. What a punk.

  7. Joey says:

    and then NICK DIAZ would beat his lil punk ass!!!

  8. MARV3L0US says:

    I’m pretty sure she said something about him first then he reacted .. that’s a pretty natural reaction if someone says something to you then you react back doesn’t matter who it is.

    • EdSoares says:

      That may be a normal reaction for you and your wife beating, drunkard of a father, but for normal men who have confidence in themselves, respect for women, and respect for their profession, that is not a normal thing.

    • Rob says:

      Who cares if she said something! Its a women! Regardless of if the women that can take him out or not it is a women none the less. He just lost all respect from most of the people who he had it from. What that also tells me is that if he is that defensive there is a reason. Maybe he is not so sure his soon to be ex-girlfriend can take her.

  9. JAC says:

    Why is Meisha Tate even dating this guy? From the looks of it the guy has an I.Q. below average lol.

    • Eric says:

      He was such a pussy on the show as well. Guy is so insecure and his girlfriends rise to fame just adds to it. He wants to remind the public who he is and that he is with Miesha. He is a never was and she is a rising star and he cant handle it. Its time for Miesha to put the dude in her past.

  10. Ray says:

    On the Ultimate Fighter, he was scared shit-less, to the point of vomiting, he’s tough enough to challenge a chick tho i see lol. Biatch

    • jrog says:

      what a punk ass bitch. These guys need to get a handle on themselves.WTF is goin on in Team Alpha male. Last time I looked it didnt take a Alpha Male to run his mouth about beating up a girl. Your suposed to be a professional you douche bag.

  11. true mma says:

    He has to go through me first.

  12. Richard Payne says:

    Bryan is a punk, got crushed on the ultimate fighter, performed very poorly. im sorry, but, i think rousey could ACTUALLY submit you in a fight, not just a grappling match, but a fight. I’m not just a shit talker, i know what im talking about.

  13. Nick says:

    Wow, Stay Classy Bryan. The fact that Tate is even dating this douche makes me lose respect for her….

  14. david says:

    hey brian ill knock your fucking teeth our fagget and break both your fucking legs stupid bitch think your tough trash talking a woman? just making yourself look like a low life scum piece of trash fagget. fucking loser. hopefully you die in a fire nice and slow and then they hang your corpse somewhere public for people to piss and shit on for weeks like mussolini

  15. James Troy says:

    brian caraway is scheduled to fight chris brown at ufc 150. winner gets heavyweight scumbag championship.

  16. john says:

    lol first off i didnt know caraway was making his way to the womens division, and he still wont be a good fighter… Ronda by whatever she wants on him or Meisha

  17. Nick says:

    Kind of a low blow, Ronda did say things, but come on man. She’s a woman for god sakes.

  18. Ray says:

    On the Ultimate Fighter he was scared shit-less of Diego Brendao, to the point of throwin up! He tough enough to fight a chick tho i see lol. Biatch!

  19. simoh says:

    This dude is a pathetic child. Seriously, he sounds like a 12 year old. Can’t let your girlfriend fight her own fights? Sounds like he gets pretty pumped thinking about hitting women. Pathetic. Keep this garbage out of MMA, and get this fucking tool out of here.

  20. Gangsta Bone says:

    That nugga is trippin dawg – I’ll bust his lip, then smack some bone snappage on his appendages. Gangsta Jiu Jitsu fo lyfe!

  21. david says:

    hes a fucking coward and a pussy, stupid little fagget i might start a twitter account just to go trash talk his pussy ass

  22. Ewok says:

    Caraway has to pick on a woman cuz he won’t beat anybody n the ufc. War rousey

  23. Christian says:

    Where’s Roger Huerta when you need him?

  24. jbeamazing says:

    i agree with him i hate girl beaters but shes been campaign that shes gonna beat his ass guess cuz shes got a medal for judo against girls guess what i man with little skill and a 0-8 record with mma can beat a female world champ cuz at the end of the day shes a fucking girl people lol

  25. Liam says:

    Punks like that give MMA a bad name! Thought we were going forward with this sport.. Guess not when we have women beater like him around.

  26. b_lum says:

    Yeah, she should be dating JAC!

  27. jbeamazing says:

    fuck cocky rousey hope tate beat that ass

  28. Meeman says:

    Oh we got a tough guy here fellas

  29. Eric El Burro says:

    Bryan “The Pimpslaper” Caraway

  30. Eric El Burro says:

    this twitter shit is gonna fucked up a lot of careers

  31. David Burciago says:

    Wow if he had this confidence on TUF he might of won the whole thing lol….. He has also just gave his woman zero confidenceby defending her.

  32. Edgar says:

    He’s got a point with the last tweet tho, if a female “challenges” a man then she should be ready to deal with the consequences. Now I’m not saying a verbal challenge is grounds for any man striking a woman , but if a bitch started swinging on me and was really trying to hurt me, I’d knock a bitch out, want to act like a man you get treated like a man.

  33. Mma junkie says:

    Ronda has a big ass mouth, saying shit like gsp isn’t good for the sport, and more shit like that. She keeps calling him careaway out, that he’s a no one n shit. He responded to her bs talk.
    Mieshas gonna KO Ronda,n her big ass mouth!

  34. Junior says:

    Is that the guy from the ultimate fighter who was absolutely craping his pants about fighting that brazilian dude

  35. E says:

    wow what a tough guy.

  36. jacob says:

    Bryans mad he couldn’t make it in the ufc!! That’s all I have to say about that

  37. Alfonso Alvarez says:

    This guy is a Tool . its one thing to stand by your lady , quite another to threaten harm to a woman. Meisha is hot and obviously attracted to stupid. let the girls fight it out

  38. Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:

    She would beat his wimp ass.

  39. aren’t legitimate threats a crime in some states? This guy should be sent to jail until midnight tonight when Ronda Rousey is the new Champion. He already told the whole MMA world that he is weak minded so it isn’t a surprise that he reacted this way.

  40. Miesha Tate's jockstrap stinks of cod says:

    Poor dude has napoleon complex

  41. Woman Beater says:

    Smash that Bitches Face in!!!!!!! Make her beg for her life and than show no mercy.!!!

  42. Dream says:

    talking smack, about beating a girl up doesnt prove your tough caraway.

  43. david says:

    i hope rousey kicks meishas ass then talks shit to her bf after lol, it may be poor sportsmanship but that asshole deserves a public humiliation

  44. Rock says:

    Great reporting again by BJ RR was talking shit about caraway saying she could beat him up. He made a accurate statement.

  45. Golly says:

    Caraway is Irrelevant

  46. Rousey's Pousey says:

    Seriously. If a woman thinks that much of her that she talks shit to a man who is trained; albeit not the greatest fighter but still a man who is trained to fight, she can deal with the consequences. Start a fight with him and see what happens. People need to be accountable, not just men, not just women, ALL people need to be accountable.

    That being said; if a woman like Rousey talked shit to me I would be afraid of getting my arm broken. So if the bitch came at me I would gouge her eyes out and drop her on her head. She is bigger than me…

  47. fewfwe says:

    alistair overeem should hit this dude and snap his shit up if he hits a woman lol

  48. Artemis Entreri says:

    I wish he had this much enthusiasm when he fought Diego on TUF instead of shaking with fear like a little bitch. Meisha fought on the boys wrestling team in high school, I wonder if Bryan fought on the girls team.

  49. the original steve says:

    lol bryan caraway. i would think meisha has a better chances of beating ronda than u do

  50. Nicky d says:

    Didnt Bryan cry after he lost on the ultimate fighter? When you Keep getting beat up by men I guess the next step is to go beat up on women.

  51. CodyB says:

    He’s just jealous cuz his GF is 100x a better fighter than he is.

  52. BX81 says:

    I’m a firm believer in not hitting women. If you want to run your mouth, you can call me what ever the f@ck you like. But if you wanna put your hands on me like you’re a grown ass man then best believe I will dog walk your ass. I wouldn’t waste my time calling out a chick like this guy though. If your girl is gonna fight her then that’s on her but there is no reason for this cat to put his 2cents in.

  53. Pijan says:

    What a class act. When’s your title shot bro?

  54. saxs says:

    This dude is just mad his girl is gona get smashed. Ive never been into females in mma but this rousey chick is making shit way more interesting, talking shit cuz she gets paid more then you smh.

  55. Thomas Byers says:

    Bryan caraway would have to threaten rousey. He is a piss poor fighter who is over shadowed by his females success. He is a pussy who can’t do shit in the cage, he might have to fight women to get mma success. I wouldn’t feel good either if my woman was a more successful athlete, especially if we competed in same fight

  56. Chris says:

    Bryan but you aint a man. Youd punch a woman and break her arm?! Dude you must really hate women. They must have kicked your little skinny ass all your life. You aint a man your a little pissed off punk.

  57. Somebody need,s to teach that boy some manners, can,t believe they let a tool like that in the ufc!!!!!! Hope some of his peer,s have a talk with him at the next event..

  58. Luis Livesay says:

    cara-who? yo just wants some spotlight because he knows nobody gives half a shit about him

  59. ricardo says:

    *waits for Dana White to fire him

  60. D Josie Wales says:

    Nice Caraway, real classy.
    Tate is a proven warrior, yet
    you cheapen it with this banter.

    This girl may be for real so have momma dig in.

  61. lol says:

    hitting woman is fine..

    In the bedroom that is.. har har har

    • i know it’s controversial but ive been king hit,stabbed,headbutted, 6 punch combo’d,kicked,kneed in the junk,eyes gouged,junk punched kicked kneed and headbutted. if they wanna fight like a man then hey. they can fight like a man they can even fight outof their weight classs which they normally do. fuck em…… all for equal opportunity

  62. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Who the fuck is Bryan Caraway?

  63. chee says:

    i agree… if you step up to a man, you can get knocked down like a man. twentieth century, if bitches can vote they can get knock the fuck out.

    ronda talking all this shit that she use to beat up boys… put her in a match again a man then, lets see that. fuck her shit up.

    i hope she arm bars herself and breaks he own arm and then has her period in the match. dumb bitch.

    • Erik says:

      Are you really that insecure about your own manhood? Wtf I wrong with you dude? What kind of horrible shit did your mother do to you as a kid?

    • jonesy says:

      i agree,,,if u talk about fighting men,,and wanna step up to men u better be ready get beat by a man….fukin bitch,,,cyborg would smash her and she is not quite a man but far froma women….

  64. Dick Diaz says:

    despite the many people that think these people are calling him an ass for saying things like beating on a girl… like one comedian said once… these females want to act like men until they beaten the shit out of them like a man… and this is one stupid bitch that needs a beating

  65. JHutch9490 says:

    Doesn’t this kinda shit get someone dropped from the UFC?

  66. Nick says:

    Its funny because I. Think she would win if they fought

  67. McLovin says:

    Dana usually isn’t too fond of comments like that. I think someone is about to get fired.

  68. Ronda whooped ur girl says:

    Ha ha ha caraway ur
    Girl got armbarred now what puss u want the rematch for her? She would have to knee bar u cuz ur arms r too shOrt loser

  69. Da Cocoa Kid says:

    Ain’t nobody above an ass-kicking. Nobody. I ain’t saying to go dot a chick’s eye just cause, but if you got a chick who is trying to blaze you up, what you gonna do? Let her hit you? Run away? Restrain her ’til you let her go and she punches you again? If she come out swinging at you first, she know what time it is. Ya don’t wrestle w/a lion and think that nigga will go easy on ya azz cause you ain’t a lion too.

  70. DBKlein69 says:

    chris sounds like a virgin who still has the pussy on a pedastal. the whole reason this got started is because someone stuck a microphone in front of a woman. bottom line is she should be home vacuuming, doing dishes, finishing the laundry and making sure dinner is on the table. but nowadays women wanna act like men and cry about being treated as equals. too bad they dont feel that way when ur out to dinner and the check comes. rousey clearly needs a man to put her in her place and slap the make-up off her face. if my girl ever opened her mouth to me like that i’d be in jail and she knows it.

  71. Dave says:

    I was gonna say Miesha Tate should find a man for a mate, but then after seeing Rousey throw her around I’d say that’s probably a match. I think Rousey should challenge them both at the same time for an encore.

  72. T.DADDY says:

    lmao she wud prolly break his arm too

  73. Nhan Diin says:

    I have spoke to the fans on base here at 29. All are in agreeance. We want to see BJ get a fight with Ben Henderson. The title would change hands not a doubt rests.

  74. upunk says:

    now that miesha tate got her arm broken, i would like to see nick diaz ktfo him n break his tiny arm !

  75. Akamai says:

    I guess we know who wears the pants in the Tate/Caraway household.

  76. BobO says:

    It would be great if some UFC fighter ends up beating his ass for threatening a female. She would probably kick his anyway. ~BobO

  77. So, What if... says:

    the same judges from the Abu Dhabi fight between BJ and Edgar are judging this rematch with Henderson, and give Edgar the most disgusting split decision???? Does that mean a third fight would follow???

    Damn, Dana. You keep saying that the UFC LW division is the most stacked and most deep in all of MMA, but you keep screwing with it !!!!

  78. CB3K says:

    Seriously I don’t understand why anyone’s upset about this, she is a professional fighter boy or girl she should be able to fight someone in her weight class. If she wants to sit back and talk shit about how she used to beat up boys then why not throw her in an exhibition against a dude. I’d watch it and while Caraway may have said his comments in bad taste but Rousey should man up and head on over to Brian’s gym. You want to get involved in a man’s sport then fight a man. End of story.

  79. WaG kA nA ! ! ! says:

    maybe Chris Cara-Gay wants to fight in the Women’s division… so he can make a name for himself… f*cking idiot for disrespecting women. You embarass your mother.

  80. ramon says:

    bryan is such a bitch and he absolutley sucks

  81. fail says:

    Sorry bro.. No cool points for talking about or actually beating up girls. :[

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