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Thursday, 07/19/2012, 08:31 am

Quick Twitt | Miesha Tate Fires Off At Rousey For Posing Nude In ESPN | MMA NEWS

The former Strikeforce bantamweight champion, Miesha Tate, recently took to twitter to fire off at the woman who dethroned her title reign about her recent publication in the ESPN Magazine “Body Issue”.



59 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Miesha Tate Fires Off At Rousey For Posing Nude In ESPN | MMA NEWS”

  1. punchkick says:

    go post your nude pic miesha! we won’t talk crap about it

  2. Roy G Biv says:

    Yes. That is the first thing I thought of. Rousey is gross too. She is nasty. Tate the only way to solve this is to pose that nude ass of yours for us all to see. Do it.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Rousey is a hypocrite. And her body is way too manly anyway.

  4. stephen riddle says:

    I would take either one!

  5. Mike Diaz says:

    Cmon Miesha, we know the real reason behind you trying to stir up the kool aid! You got bumped all the way down the ladder and if you don’t rally the people up by getting into a heated rivalry again with Ronda, your going to be stuck with a long road back to another title shot! Ha ha ha ha ha……Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  6. Mike Diaz says:

    Cmon Miesha, we know what your doing trying to stir up the kool aid. We know if you don’t get a heated rivalry going again with the fans behind it, your going to have to take the long road back to another title shot! Ha ha ha ha……Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!

  7. Mike Diaz says:

    It aint going to work Miesha, you can’t stir up a rivalry and get da fans behind a quick rematch. So take the long road because we see what your trying to do! Ha ha ha ha ……Diaz Bros and Team Penn!!!!!!

  8. Josh rosenthal says:

    Rousey’s body isnt attractive at all … She looks like a fucking male

  9. DMAC says:

    Ronda looks straight if you like that body type, now Meshia shhh now that’s body! Both are ugly but I’d let them ride shot gun!

  10. jbeamazing says:

    Miesha Tate vs Rousey in a Strikeforce nude off that’s the only way Strikeforce will get ratings

  11. McLovin says:

    Sounds like Miesha is a bit jealous.

  12. ZC says:

    Anyone else think its stupid to talk shit about the person who just essentially broke your arm?

  13. cheap says:

    she wasn’t naked in espn. you couldn’t see her titties and snatch. case closed.

  14. Rhawk says:

    It is a little hypocritical, but I’m not complaining.

  15. Kingsforge says:

    People who talk shit about their bodies are fucking idiots. Of course they don’t have amazing curves or anything, they’re top athletes, they need muscle and they have to cut loads of weight, which means stripping down as much fat as possible.

    Guys in top shape are shredded as fuck, so why would a female athlete look any different?

  16. ricky tan says:

    just mad cuz she got whooped…now kiss..LOL

  17. gh0st says:

    Can’t really argue with that. She’s 100% right.

    With that said, if they want to show a little skin and more, its all good!

  18. sofakinggood says:

    Sure Rousey did pose nude, but did noit show pussy or titties. All she did was display her athletic form in an artistic manner, for a shoot dedicated to displaying the body of a top athlete. SI did a similar shoot with athletes from various sports (hockey, track&field, swimming, etc..). Kingsforge has it right, if Rousey was soft and curvey, she would not be the athlete that she is. She has to be lean and hard. Those who think she looks like a man, WTF is that, you looking through beer goggles?

  19. zach says:

    Sounds like you are still pretty butt hurt from getting your ass kicked maybe you should focus on yourself rather than obsess over someone who dominated you. No it is not hypocritical its artsy not exotic its in a sports magizine not a mens magizine. Get over yourself

  20. scottDavies says:

    To be fair i love rousey but i was a little disappointed.. i think it was a little hypocritical but at the same time she didn’t show of the goods and she is still that person.. i just hope its not the fame getting to hear head to bad. No matter what tho she will still be a great fighter.

  21. Dewey says:

    Man i tell u what, when i saw that pic of ronda rousey i had to jack it three times before i went to work that day, and meisha i would definantly blow a nut in her face , she’s pretty fuckin hot herself,

  22. Nuge Higger says:

    holy shit…u guys must either very rarely get laid or have some fat girlfriend if u honestly find either of them hot

  23. John says:

    it’s not that she posed nude. i saw the interviews of rousey talking trash about meisha and thought that was hilarious. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH RONDA. what happened to “women don’t need to do that kind of publicity.. just be MMA fighters. don’t degrade yourself”. in rousey’s words.

    i like her as a fighter and she got booty :)
    Tate took some nice pix in some booty shorts when she was Champ.
    Rousey posed nude as Champ.

    BOTH are HOT! nothing wrong. just don’t be a hypocrit.

    as fighters. I’m a HUGE ROUSEY FAN. i think her fight game is top notch.


  24. tonycabron says:

    I would have them both…..i would wreck those chicks…..

  25. Tony Cabron says:

    I would have them both ….i would wreck those chicks …..

  26. Logan Hayes says:

    Really, this is why these forms are stupid. There is a big difference between Playboy and ESPN Body Issue. (Not that I have an issue with Playboy, I think its fine, its not Swank!). However the body issue focuses on a athletes form and strength in a need form its not meant to be sexy. Its meant to showcase what it takes to decent yourself to staying in top condition.

    As for the fat comments, those are not smart comments, just haters.

    Please people Meisha is just stirring the pot here.

  27. Shawn says:

    I have nothing bad to say about the photos. lol But, “hypocrite” was the first…ok…second thing that came to mind. This is from a girl who’s biggest fear (admitted by her) is showing camel toe when she’s fighting. That’s why she’s also pull down on her shorts when she fights. lol

  28. snoop froggy dogg says:

    I wanna fuck both of them 😛

  29. meisha who? says:

    meisha should stop trying to be (chael) and worry about her arm be removed next time

  30. Omar says:

    Hypocritical for sure!! Plus the ring girls didn’t do it to be slutty they did it to Get Paid$$$$$$! Rousey Cant Hang wit Cyborg!!

  31. Pijan says:

    I’ll break down this simple science.

    RR > Meisha Tate > Cyborg

    RR – Wart = Hotter than most.

    Gina Corana = Hotter than her.

    Cyborg – ugly = …loaded question, I’d rather look at China’s acne filled roided out ass crack then look at Cyborg. She gives my dick the chills.

  32. April says:

    we can’t all be like Miesha and post picture of our ass in a thong on twitter or the internet.

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