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Sunday, 05/20/2012, 12:49 pm

Quick Twitt | Melendez vs. Thomson IV? – Champ Says "No" | MMA NEWS

Following last night’s razor thin split-decision victory over Josh Thomson many fans are calling for a fourth encounter between the two Strikeforce lightweights. However the champ, Gilbert Melendez according to this tweet from USA Today has had enough of Thomson in his life.

If the decision had went the other way, which many think it should have, do you think he would be singing a different tune?


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  1. Nick says:

    I didn’t even see the fight. It was close from what I’m hearing. If I was in a close fight I’d want to get in there and prove it. As the champ you shouldn’t be shutting down any challenges.

  2. Fuck Gilbert says:

    Josh gave Gilbert a ton of respect after the razor close fight and Gilbert just brushed it off and said whatever man. Now he tweets no to 4th fight? Fucking pussy ass nigga! GILBERT LOST THAT FIGHT!!!

  3. Xaninho says:

    I dunno, if Strikeforce and the fans wants them to face-off once more he can’t say no. His biggest threat right now seems to be thomson.

  4. A.James says:

    I wouldn’t want a rematch with a guy that just beat me either. So much for being “the best” lightweight in the world.

  5. Magik says:

    Third fight, but was really close, and it’s doubted he should’ve one. If someone is confident in their skill they’d do it over and over and over again. Like if you know theres a kid on the block tryna take yo spot, over and over and over again, What you do, You shut’em down. He’s not confident, he’s scared out of his knickers to fight him again.

  6. Secludedly says:

    He knew he was going to lose his title at the end of the fight, but by the sheer retardation of the judges, he was saved. He doesn’t want to feel that way again and risk his position. Thomson is the true champ right now.

  7. maurice says:


  8. jbeamazing says:

    He doesn’t want the rematch but that will have dana bringing over better competition then josh. Don’t get it twisted gill is a human you can have off nights just on his off night he landed more then josh and out pointed him. Josh put up a fight for sure but don’t hop off the bandwagon so fast like mma fans love to do gill is still fully capable of beating any 155 er

  9. Mr.Rusk says:

    I agree, gil landed far more eye rakes, kos would be proud.

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Nate hyped him too hard on UFC on Fox 3.

  11. Joe Rogain says:

    Gilbert “Gayness” Melendez has always been a pussy so this should be no surprise folks!

  12. donkeyballs says:

    all I can say is Gilbert can beat me and some of the people i train with so I cant talk shit

  13. jon says:

    I think Melendez is one of those guys who look good until they fight in the UFC. I think anyone higher ranked than Sotoropolis would give him major problems. I see him losing to Maynard, Pettis, Edgar, possibly even Guida if he had a bad night. Diaz is the better LW of the two in my opinion. Shame that fight won’t happen.

  14. Xaninho says:

    Great fight, outcome not so much. Melendez best 155 in the world? I don’t think so…….. he’s a good fighter, ton of heart but he wouldn’t even be a top ten contender in the UFC.

  15. DMAC says:

    You cant tell me Melendez won 1-3 convincingly, no way! JT won 4&5 no doubt so IMO either JT (W) or draw but I know you can’t draw in a championship fight. JT was all happy afterward because he knows he kicked Melendez ass haha.
    These guys both need to be in the UFC and a few others on this card, Strikeforce needs to parish.

    • Zulwali says:

      If Strikeforce is gone, where would the Women devision go? Dana aint having them, thats for sure. Cmon man…think.

    • UFC : Ultimate Fighter Corporation says:

      yes you can draw in a championship fight.. Edgar/Maynard 2??? pretty sure that was a draw and the reason we got to see Maynard gtfo by Edgar in the 3rd installment of the series.

  16. Fuck You says:

    I didn’t see any Melendez vs Thompson fight but if Melendez won 2 out of 3 then he shouldn’t fight again and shouldn’t have to rematch him if he doesn’t want to! Doesn’t make sense!

    • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

      At some point they need to stop doing rematches. getting real old. I know back in 70’s and 80, s 90’s in boxing if you didn’t put the champ away or totally dominate the decisions usually went to the champ. That certanly didn’t happen in the first BJ Penn/Edgar fight. I thought Hendersen absolutely dominated Edgar and laid down a serious beating on him which couldn’t be denied by the damage he showed after the fight whereas Hendersen didn’t even look like he had just fought for 25 minutes. Thats kicking someones ass when their face is f’up bad and you haven’t a mark on you. I realize alot of you think pitter patter is and layn pray is what MMA is all about. I have rewatched Melendez/Thomson at least 3-4 times and I had no dog in this fight and could careless who won and I thought Melendez won 3 rounds pretty soundly. Even the rounds i gave thomson Melendez prob scored as many shots as Thomson. 5th round Melendez was actually landing better shots off the bottom and it was obvious Thomsons plan was to try and “fitch” him until bell rang. Everyone including the fighters know they always give the round to whoever is on top at the end of each round regardless of what went on in previous 4 minutes and 30 seconds of the round. Rashad Evans has made a career out of winning fights like this.

    • Donnybrook says:

      You guy’s should do a poll on whom we thought won that fight… I’ll guarantee you that most of the fans will vote for Josh Thomson.

  17. Zulwali says:

    Well, i thought Thompson won that fight. I always knew Gilbert was just Hyped, for once i actually see a real competitor and he got Robbed and Gilbert knew he was in trouble so he shut it down. This is the man who wants to go to the Ufc and compete with the high lvl fighters?

  18. Jaedr says:

    I’d like to see him vs diego sanchez at 155

  19. Faaris Sheikh says:

    In my opinion Malendez won 48 – 47 the first 3 rounds were his he had more strikes more significant strikes, takedowns and controlled the centre of the octogan
    Regards to closing Strikeforce? Imo Zuffer need to send some UFC lightweights to Strikeforce, not the top lightweights but not the guys that won’t give Malendez a good fight so fighters like Cowboy & Guida etc
    Lastly I do agree he is getting too much hype from some media ranking him #2 lightweight but in all honesty until someone beats him he is going to stay that way until he enters the UFC

  20. James Dubya (@DJ_Nameless) says:

    Love it when the supposed best comments in ring arent what he says out of the ring.. I thought he lost that one, and if strikeforce doesnt give a re-match, then keep Gilbert and bring Thompson to the UFC.. he is a warrior.. he pressed the whole fight and did more damage.. I scored it split for Thompson.. Gilbert can go eat a grape

  21. elou26 says:

    Gilbert is highly overrated. No point in going to the UFC, he will be raped there. He’ll go as high as Dennis Siver or Terry Etim…

  22. Doc Santos says:

    Yes to a rematch? He’s won the last 2 fights. Why see a fourth? This isn’t Frankie.

  23. maurice says:

    if u guys really look at it in a positive way, lol, gilbert and thomson can both compete in the ufc. imo that third fight proved both guys are legit. gilbert is almost in a league of his own right now, and yet thomson still has his number. thomsons just underrated. i gave rounds 1, 4 and 5 to thomson. DANA put thomson and melendez in the ufc. dont let that much talent rot away in strikeforce


    The whole scrap pack camp is over hyped. They are just finally being exposed. They will NEVER hold UFC gold. Just too many idiotic fans building them up and I honestly can’t even see why. Their talent in general is maybe above average at best and their attitudes suck dick. Hell Nick straight up bagged a grappling tournament for chairty!! Melendez lost that fight just like Nick did to Condit. They don’t want to see them lose cus they’re will be too many butthurt Diaz fans. Nate will be the next exposed and sent back to lower cards maybe even prelims where he can join Jake “Mediocre” Shields.

    • dynomania says:

      I agree they are all over-rated. The only one that isn’t is Nate, in my opinion. He’s always been up and down and he’s been in some great fights. I love watching Nate compete, I just don’t know if he can beat Benson. I think he could pretty easily beat frankie by keeping him on the outside or getting him submitted in a 5 round fight.

  25. J bird says:

    Dont know why nate hypes him up like hes the best in the world, mabee when they train gilbert gets the beter of him, i duno… but nate would dominate and prolly finish thompson in a fight. Nate will be even beter once he realizes he is the best talent out of the scrap pack. Im a big fan of nate, nick and gilbert, i know he looks up to both of them but hes gota get it outa his head that hel only ever be almost as good as his brother or gil

  26. Donnybrook says:

    If Scott Coker and his ass lickin ball sniffin Gilbert Melendez biased ways don’t give Josh the rematch he deserves (because he clearly won) then fuck him and that welfare organization, I’m not going to watch anymore Strikeforce events. I’d like to see Josh ditch those Cokersucker’s and join the UFC… make it happen Dana!

  27. Dub says:

    Havnt watched the Melendez fight yet. I just really hope that many people think Diaz won the Condit fight.

  28. Gunner says:

    Was a huge gil supporter till last night he was acting like a fucking punk,Josh Thompson earned everyone’s respect and bigged up gill to the fullest and gill acted like he didn’t hear any of it..If anything for Josh worst case scenario it was a draw..Gill did not wi that fight…Lost a gang if respect for gill strp8 up..

  29. Gunner says:

    I really want to see Gill in the UFC now see if he is the so called man to beat at 155..I would like to see him some top LW’s Maybe Pettis,Maynard,Guida,Guillard,And of course Bendo

  30. saiasaka says:

    I would love to see BJ Penn come and destroy Melendez; he can easily school him on standing, ground, everything…
    It’s just because they’re friend that Nate said “he’s the best lightweight”; he’s not at all

  31. AIC says:

    Gilbert got beat up and in many eyes lost that fight. He sure as hell does not want to fight Josh again because he knows he won’t get lucky like he did this fight. As Gilbert Faded Josh got better.

    Josh will just have to move to the UFC and not be champ there either, I guess.

  32. Judge_Dreadz says:

    JT won GM lost point blank… oh yea Milendez is VERY overrated considering the hype he gets and then acted like a bitch after fight leave that bum in SF bring Josh over he’s the champ.

  33. jones says:

    i was on the band wagon saying gil was number 1 r top 2 lw in world,,i thought he was good,,but typical of his opponents,,,i always said thompson was not even near top 5…and he fuct gill up..this is a joke bj should have taken the fight anf the belt…

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