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Tuesday, 02/11/2014, 09:51 am


QUICK TWITT | Mayhem Miller Latest To Call Out CM Punk

Either Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller is insightfully making fun of the trend of calling out former WWE star CM Punk, or he truly wants to fight the man in a parking lot…

By Christopher Murphy | Twitter

It seems we could start a daily tab of who calls out former WWE star CM Punk, and without fail some MMA fighter will willingly add their name to the list.

This past weekend, former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller joined the club, but in a much more tongue-in-cheek fashion than those before him.


— RANDOM (@mayhemmiller) February 10, 2014

So here are CM Punk’s prospects for a debut in MMA so far:

-A fight with the Green Power Ranger

-A fight against Phil Baroni in Bellator

-And, last but not least, a fight with Mayhem Miller in a Dairy Queen parking lot

With the trend just kicking off, only time will tell who will be the next to offer CM Punk a fight.


0 Comments to QUICK TWITT | Mayhem Miller Latest To Call Out CM Punk

  1. Miguel de la Pena says:

    Mayhem should be calling out his psychiatrist, not pro fighters.

  2. ^ says:

    this is the first fight so far i think CM punk would win haha

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