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Saturday, 12/07/2013, 01:32 pm

QUICK TWITT | Matt Brown Confirms Injury, 2 Discs In Back To Blame For FOX 9 Withdrawal

We recently learned that UFC welterweight Matt Brown was forced to withdraw from his scheduled bout against Carlos Condit.

On just one week’s notice this news caught many fans by surprise.

Matt Brown himself just took to twitter to confirm earlier reports and explain what happened.

Check it:

At the time of this report the UFC had yet to release any additional information regarding the future of Carlos Condit as it pertains to next week’s UFC on FOX 9 event.

We will keep you posted as details come out.


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  1. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    Canceled fights in UFC has to be one of the worst parts of the sport right up there with corrupt judging like in the Hendricks/GSP fight

    someday the truth will come out in a tell all book about how probably upwards to 75% of reported injuries that caused fights to be canceled were nothing but bullsh’t where a fighter used an old nagging injury as an excuse to get out of a bad match up. Bisping is famous for this as is Jon Fitch. I have a feeling Pettis has used a few B.S. injuries to get out of fights where he would have been GUIDA’d/ ie: LAY N PRAYED AGAIN

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