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Tuesday, 11/20/2012, 02:11 pm

Quick Twitt | Kongo Answers Criticism: Says He Didnt Turn Down Nelson Fight, Just Refuses To Fight On Short Notice | UFC NEWS

UFC President Dana White has never been a fan of his employees turning down short notice opportunities to help salvage events, just ask Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida.

Recently he called out Cheick Kongo for his unwillingness to step up and replace Shane Carwin against Roy Nelson.

Kongo took to twitter this afternoon to respond:


32 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Kongo Answers Criticism: Says He Didnt Turn Down Nelson Fight, Just Refuses To Fight On Short Notice | UFC NEWS”

  1. m says:

    i understand dw’s frustration but i don’t understand why he’s trying smear the reputations of his employees

  2. Gack says:

    I tries this “smear campaign” IMO, as a way to “encourage” them to step up and accept fights. He has to know that a lot of these guys make a substantial amount of money from sponsors and their overall “Marketability”. If you know your boss is gonna openly flame you and paint you in a bad light, possibly turning away sponsors who might be looking their way…then yea. I can see how something like this is maybe his only way to influence his fighters. They’re contracts protect them and do give them the right to turn down fights, so he can not make them fight, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make it “difficult” on them when they don’t take a fight.

    My guess it’s something like that.

  3. stevo the great says:

    Real warriors never needed 8 weeks and videos of every move and fight their opponent has been in…..a real warrior is confident in their skills no matter what their opponent does or can do. Kongo….you my friend…..are no warrior. It’s not like you life is on the line……

    • Boom says:

      The game has changed my friend

      • stevo the great says:

        Yeah cause a lot of fighters have gone soft…..not one of the fighters in the UFC besides Belfort had to fight multiple times in one night… tournament style bracket. These fighters now days got soft hands…and soft hearts. If you are going to be a fighter act like it….take opportunity when it is presented….show you are fearless and confident in your skills. It’s not a math test you shouldn’t have to study like it. Just saying… a warrior….not a “game plan” Greg Jackson style fighter. In real life… don’t get 8 weeks to prepare for a fight… are lucky if you even get 8 minutes. Quit your crying……

        • jojoismyname08 says:

          Well said Stevo!

        • MIKE says:

          Its easy to sit behind a computer screen and call professional mma fighters soft. You dont know what there situation is, you have no clue what its like to have your job on the line every single fight. You dont feed there families. This is not just a fight to them, this is there career. Its also easy for Dana to to bash fighters as he sits on his $300 million dollar net worth. No matter how many fights a guy turns down ANYONE who steps in the octagon in front of millions of people is a “real” warrior.

      • m says:

        Tru. Fighters have a lot more to risk these days. The reward is greater for those that step up and succeed, but for some stepping up and losing can be a huge setback.

        demarques johnson recently stepped up to fight a new-comer to the UFC. after missing weight and losing to gunnar nelson, his 3rd loss in a row he was released by the UFC.

        stakes is high.

    • lionstrangler says:

      lol..said like a man who has never been in a real fight. That is probably as stupid a statement as I’ve heard. ‘Real Warriors”? have you ever taken a punch? They fucking hurt. Same as being choked out. It feels like you lost time. This warrior nonsense is perpetuated by idiots who don’t know how not preparing can put you in a world of hurt. forget the fight, try and follow a fighter AFTER the fight. The constant headaches, the pissing blood, not being able to play with your kids, staying in bed and not being able to train sometimes for months after a fight. If you make it to the UFC, you are a warrior because you have fought in the shitty shows like I have for a few hundred dollars and a pittance of a payment.Camp allows him to build up confidence and have a strategy. If you think fighters aren’t shitting themselves and second guessing everything before a fight and are as nervous as heck, then you don’t know anything. It’s easy for Dana to talk shit to these fighters, he has never been seriously punched in the head. Every fighter has the right to camp for his safety and to intelligently defend himself

  4. Big Steve says:

    If he really wants fighters to fight PAY THEM that to me would be the best incentive not degrading them. Regardless of whether they do it for the love or the sport they still want to be paid. Give them enough money they’ll fight ijs…

  5. Jerry S. says:

    Dana White is worried only about money. If Kongo feels he wasn’t ready, than he did the right thing. With that all said, I think a GSP Vs Silva fight is retarded. You take a massive man at 185 ( Silva ) who walks around over 210lbs and have him fight a lesser talented, naturally smaller, weaker opponent in GSP? Not a smart fight for GSP. It would be a disaster for GSP. It would be a mark on his record, that never should have been there to began with. We have weight classes for a reason. fights like this, shouldn’t be allowed. The Fighters in the U.F.C are talented warriors, each of there own weight class ( There are weight classes for a good reason. ) and each possessing there own abilities. Why would you ( as a professional manager of these fighters ) then allow for the slaughtering of your stock?

  6. Rafi Bomb says:

    Refusing to fight on short notice is just another way to turn down a fight.

  7. uhnomuhlee says:

    Typical Frenchman…
    He turns down the opportunity to be a main event, and this will probably be the last time he gets a call for a big fight.

  8. Bosh333 says:

    Guys…Stevo brate pozz. You are right man it sux but u gotta understand that it’s NOT just about the fighter no more. Theres a manager, promoters, sponsors erc etc who together decide if there’s a risk of their fighter loosing if He takes a fight on short time before fight ….and will be negative for the outcome, risk of loosing MONEY in any way. It would be awesome if no one refuses fight because of this but it’s not like that. Ok what about Sonnen ppl will ask? He fights whenever- true ! But he really is a FIGHTER and plus that is an easy way of getting great fights and he knows he will profit and has nothing to loose…. It’s not only about a fighter nomore….Just my opinion. No hate. I’m just a fan

  9. bunkylomax says:

    do any of you guys know the difference between Their and there? English 101

    • Howard says:

      The way Dana cuts fighters anymore after a loss then why would fighters want to risk that? Dana is greedy, uses this bullshit to pressure them into fighting and making him look good and rich.

  10. Nunya says:

    I understand there’s manager’s coaches and all, but at the end of the day, the final word is the fighter. In the fighting game it’s about winning big fights. Congo turned down the offer saying he’s not ready which means he doubts himself. Congo turning down this fight is completely idiotic. A chance for him to get momentum for his career. Lots of guys with no heart. Not denying they’re bad asses. Just doubting their manhood. No balls!

  11. blahblah says:

    I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I’m not going to flame those haters. The truth of the matter is everyone wants to win and undoubtedly that is where the money lies. You can’t just jump off a cliff because your boss told you to. Like anyone sensible enough, they want to minimize risk. All the great fighters out there will turn down a fight if the risk is greater than the reward. Anderson pretty much said no to a fight with GSP in May because he wants to be able to have enough time to train and do the right things. If the reward was there I’m sure Kongo would have taken the fight.

    • Nunya says:

      Very good point blahblah, but Congo is not a champ, defending his title. Anderson Silva, Jon Jones & GSP have the the belt & endorsements to risk. I feel if you dont have that, & Dana gives you an opportunity to advance your career (dont really care that Dana gains from this, thats not my point), than he should take the shot. I understand preparing for fights is vital, but if theres a chance to get more money, gain momentum from a win…then take it.

  12. saiasaka says:

    Congo is in trouble if he accept to fight nelson IMO

  13. Ash G says:

    why would kong duck nelson nelson is the most overrated havyweight ever

  14. K3vbot says:

    Dana should do more to give them an incentive to take a fight on short notice i.e. much higher purses for those with less fight time or guaranteeing an extra fight to those fighters contracts so they don’t have the pressure of possibly getting cut.

  15. Maleki88 says:

    Its true that that the fighter mentality is different from the pre Zuffa take over. Fighters then fought the fight regardless of preperation time, whatever opponent, and despite their condition ( a bit exaggerated ). But that was also their downfall. I feel like back then because they werent getting paid what they do now and didnt have the big name they can achieve now, the risk was worth cost. Now if you earned a top name, it can quickly go away and back to fighting for scraps. And how can you hate that? Its not your life on the line, its theirs. If you want to see those type of fights then follow the under cards. Matt riddle for example, always brings it. Also, prep time allows the fight game to evolve. Discovering new counters and modifying techniques to finish opponents is not a bad thing! Thats why any mediocre fighter now would probably dominate any top fighter during the preZuffa influence. Dont hate keyboard warriors!!

  16. Ghood Times says:

    Attention all keyboard warriors Kongo would kill you I’m short fight notice.

  17. jonathan says:

    retards he needs time to cycle off the roids, you guys are looking too much into this.

  18. Troy boy says:

    Kongo doesnt have shit to loose, no belt or nothing. Roy nelson is just an average slugger, i understand if it was jds, overeem or caine he had to fight but dam, eat a cupple of cheeseburgers like roy does n get in that cage and fight.

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