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Monday, 12/10/2012, 10:40 am

Quick Twitt | Josh Koscheck Calls Out Rory MacDonald | UFC NEWS

Longtime UFC welterweight standout Josh Koscheck took to twitter to throw his name in the hat as a possible opponent for the fast rising Rory MacDonald.

Rory wants his rematch with Condit, but if that can’t happen is Kos a suitable option?


11 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Josh Koscheck Calls Out Rory MacDonald | UFC NEWS”

  1. Reality says:

    Nice way to call him out. He must respond to that one more so than Carlos to Rory’s callout IMO…Even though I’m confident that all parties called out will respond to our liking.

  2. Wowzers says:

    Koscheck just lost to Hendricks.. And Condit just lost to GSP. I think Hendricks and Rory should fight to see who gets GSP next. GSP obviously doesn’t want to fight Silva.. It’s a stupid fight in my eyes and would only be done to fatten up some wallets. Other then that, it’s pointless. MacDonald vs. Hendricks is the next fight.

    • Kurupt says:

      Macdonald and Gsp will never fight , He even said it himself . In my opinion Condit will take up Macdonalds challenge Im sure condit would love a chance to get a win over tristar . And Macdonald doesnt like Condit . Pretty simple really.

      • Reality says:

        Never say never…Rory said “We’ll cross that bridge if(or when) we get there” when asked the question. He said he wouldn’t want to sellout his friend. However, I’m sure that if GSP said okay then it would go down. If Rory continues on this winning streak it may be inevitable.

  3. BJJJB says:

    Agreed. Silva would dominate GSP and his chin would not stand up to that striking..

    Rory VS Hendricks would be awesome as would Condit VS Kos

  4. Makana says:

    Is it just me or does Rory remind you of Christian Bale in American psycho? He seems so socially awkward.

  5. Kenny powers says:

    I think koscheck was actually calling out Roy Nelson.

  6. qbraceletrtion says:

    Love is blind

  7. josh says:

    can’t even takeout GSP and now calling out rory?what a dumbass…no one’s gonna buy that sh*t kos, stop calling out people and watch the 170lb gate…

  8. outlet says:

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