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Tuesday, 02/28/2012, 09:30 am

Quick Twitt | Jose Aldo's Coach Warns Frankie Edgar To Stay At Lightweight

Translation – “The biggest advantage that Edgar has he would lose at 66kg, that is his speed. Aldo keeps the belt.”

Famed Nova Uniao leader André Pederneiras took to twitter recently to give his take on the talks of Frankie Edgar moving down a weight class.


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65 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Jose Aldo's Coach Warns Frankie Edgar To Stay At Lightweight”

  1. Jason N says:

    Would rather see frankie at 145.

  2. Jimmmmmmmmy says:

    Edgar would drop to 145 for the weigh in and be back to his normal weight for the fight, he wouldn’t lose any speed and after what Homonick was able to do in the 5th round to Aldo after getting beat up is a vacation to what Edgar is capable of in the championship rounds. Fight Science said Maynard is the pound for pound strongest fighter in the UFC and he couldn’t finish Edgar. Edgar vs Aldo would be an epic fight.

    • Chad says:

      It’s not that he would lose his speed, it’s that he’d lose his speed advantage. A big part of his success against BJ and Maynard was that he was a lot quicker than them, he’s not going to be that much quicker (if at all) against the smaller 145ers.

    • Run Forrest Run! says:

      You’re not a very bright guy are you huh?

      Edgar got a speed advantage over the 155:ers, just because he’s smaller than the rest of them, SCIENCE!

      A small tier spinns faster than bigger tiers… thats why you shouldnt have too big wheels on your car. SCIENCE!

      Could go on forever… but its not my job to educate the uneducated.
      Stay in School Jimmy…. or go back, whatever.. 😉

      • &; says:

        Hey thanks for the lesson bro……. but didn’t you mean ‘tires’.

        Just wanted to drop into your conversation and kick some knowledge about tiers not spinning.

      • alan says:

        Size is of course a factor, but so is what type of athlete the fighter is. I’m a lot smaller tha Mike Tyson, but he was still a lot faster than me in his prime. Should I go “read a science book?” Hahahahaha

      • Run Forrest Run!! says:


        • whaaat??? says:

          Size has nothing to do with speed. That was a great point Alan brought up about Tyson. So i guess the “tier theory” falls “short” here. (See what i did there?)

      • deez nuts says:

        ur fuckin retarded keep chockin on that dick only an idiot would compare a mma fighter to a tire… seriously u should go back to school start out around 4th grade

      • Tier, spinns, thats, shouldnt, too, its. Come one dude, are you really telling people to stay in school? Have you thought about getting your ass in an English class asap?
        You have the grammar of a mentally retarded chimpanzee.
        Start going to school, or start paying attention in your 2nd grade English class, whatever.. 😉

        By the way, are you really comparing the physics of wheels in a car to the speed of a UFC fighter? Using your retarded logic, midgets should have the biggest speed advantage in the UFC, SCIENCE?

    • lol says:

      ur not very smart are you? LOOOOL. Edgar would get raped by Aldo.

  3. Zack says:

    Frankie is not the one to beat Aldo. Frankie takes to much damage. aldo will put a hematoma on Edgar’s fore head. Put Edgar vs ken flo

    • jonsey says:

      hahah zack fuk off get out….ken flo cant beat edger u idiot ,,,soon edger will drop to 145 an aldo himself said he will mve up soon cuz he gettin bigger

      • BX81 says:

        @jonsey please put your parents on the computer so I can advise them of what poor job they’re doing with their child’s social skills. Is that how you talk to people? Do you seriously call everyone you disagree with an idiot? Grow up we know it’s the internet and you can type in what ever you want and feel bold about it. If that’s how you plan on conducting you’re self in the real world, pre pair for a lot of disapointment.

        PS. K flo vs. Frankie would be a good fight.

  4. m says:

    It would be a good fight, but Edgar would get KO’d for sure.

    Aldo vs. Hendo! Now that’s a matchup

  5. Shawn says:

    He sounds worried. Lol If anything, Edgar would only get faster and nimble.

    • Run Forrest Run! says:

      Did you pass science class in school? I think NOT!

    • Sweet game plan says:

      You can see the green in you guys…. Man, you just finished watching, I mean I think you watched, Edgar throw a big ass chewbaca (benson) around every tie up..and now you think he couldn’t do worse to Aldo.. Shit, Green….Green…Green

      • Run Forrest Run! says:

        Strenght isnt the same as Speed, and since no one mentioned Edgar’s strenght, whats your point “Sweet game plan”?

        Its about Edgars speed, you dumb shit! Go read a science book, learn something you American.

        • Sweet game plan says:

          My point is Edgar would destroy Aldo dip shit..what do you think I’m sayin ? Dude I don’t just comment the game. I do the game..

        • whaaat??? says:

          Well it’s important to note that match ups make fights. I don’t know who would win, but part of the reason Edgar was able to get the take downs on Henderson was due to Edgard’s low center of gravity. His small size was actually an advantage when it came to grappling, that advantage wouldn’t be there against Aldo.

      • mentoazz69 says:

        Man that was not strength that was leverage. It’s the same concept as when a smaller football player gets under the center of gravity of a bigger football player and knocks him over.

      • lol says:

        and what happened to Franky’s face? If he’d go against Aldo, he wont have a face left. :))

  6. Hostile Hunter says:

    My money is on Aldo but i dont ever count Frankie out. Would be a good fight, Edgar would have to use his Wrestling a little more than he usually does.

  7. pussies says:

    Hahahagahahahahagahaha aldo would lose …..

  8. Donovan says:

    Sounds like they’re scared

  9. Run Forrest Run! says:

    Damn, all you motherfuckers shouldn’t have skipped school that much, its clearly show you guys know dick about dick.

    Edgar got speed advantage cus he’s a small 155:er, ITS SCIENCE!

    If Edgar drops down to 145 he WONT have that speed advantage anymore,
    because 145:ers ARE FASTER THAN 155:ers, ITS SCIENCE!

    STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS! And if you’re a grown ass man making these mistakes…. well…. damn..

    • forrest suck cock sience says:

      Dude stfu with your science already, your over using it. Go open a school and stfu!

    • Donnybrook says:

      You got beat up lots in school didn’t you.

    • your science is wrong says:

      Your making it sound like Edgar has nothing but speed and like it would be such a huge drop for him. He already walks around at about 155 so cutting to 145 would be nothing for him at all. That being said, we can use your same “science” to say that 155’ers hit harder than 145’ers. No one in the 55 class could knock Frankie out, so by the same science you’ve been throwing out there, Frankie would be damn near invincible in the lower weight brackets. On another note, Frankie has been able to out-wrestle and for the most part out-muscle much larger and heavier fighters, so at 145 I personally believe his athleticism and wrestling abilities elevate him to a higher level and more than compensate for any speed advantage that may be lost.

  10. Zack says:

    The point is Edgar gets rocked 20 times in every fight. Aldo will finish him. So If Edgar’s gunna go down he should wait till aldo goes up. If Frankie’s so good and is one of the p4p best he would’ve found a way to win against benson.

  11. Junior says:

    If I was edger I would be thinking 135 lol I don’t think anyone can beat also p4p he is my #1 has no holes at all

  12. brian says:

    @M hendo is dan henderson I think u ment bendo lol just saying not tryin to be a dickrude over a mistake…unlike some people on here just thowing around racial slurs over other peoples opinions

  13. Nick says:

    I think Aldo would take him. I’d like to see the fight though.

  14. Run into traffic Forrest says:

    And STFU!!!

  15. Big J says:

    Looks like Uncle Dana is trying to dictate the career choices of Frankie Edgar. Give the guy a break, he just lost his title, Dana. Let the man take some time….

  16. Mick says:

    Aldo walks around at 165 hes already bigger and faster then Edgar, but damn can Frankie take a beaten.

  17. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I don’t think Frankie’s speed will be lost if he drops down. How much faster are they at 145? Not that much faster. I still think he would be faster than most.

    His cut down to 145 might affect his cardio and ability to take so much punishment though. But, if he drops to 145 he might gain a bit more pepper behind those punches. His record is mostly decision victories and could use the ability to finish off his opponents at will.

    Idk if I could watch Frankie take a beating from Aldo though… Might be a little too much to stomach.

  18. The Wizard says:

    How about you dumb fucks let the UFC make the decisions, and you just watch the fights. That sounds like the best idea. To hear some of you talk, is embarassing to humans.

  19. A.James says:

    Frankie would only get faster at 145. Aldo would be confused and overwhelmed by Edgar. Let’s do it!

  20. Xaninho says:

    Aldo might put him in a wheelchair. As long as Aldo stays in 145 he will keep the belt.

  21. Run Forrest Run!! says:


  22. adub119 says:

    naturally weighing 155 and cutting down to 145 for the weigh in thats a day before the fight will not affect his cardio one bit. he will probably be faster and stronger at that weight class.

  23. NickDiazwas here says:

    No one will read your post if its more than 2 lines. Idiots

  24. Tyler says:

    I know I have no right to judge, but there are a bunch of self-righteous bastards up here hating hard on the most trivial bullshit…Anyway, I would bet my money on Jose Aldo…I’ve noticed he is freakishly athletic…Gray Maynard was quoted saying that he is deceptively strong…He’s very explosive, great knockout power, great reflexes, efficient, great timing, durable, and he has great endurance…He transitions and move perfectly as well. The only time he ever really had problems physically is with mark hominick. Even in that fight, most of the punches the commentators and the audience thought mark was landing on jose in the standup were all getting slipped very closely. In addition, Jose took a whole round of ground and pound, and didnt barely have a scar, and touched mark up a lil with some elbows on the ground and brutalized his head..Jose is a boss

  25. Donovan Magyer says:

    He Jose! Dont be scared homie!!

  26. jason says:

    Aldo would beat frankie with speed or without it. at 145 or 150. hes a more well rounded fighter. its not rocket science

  27. holla says:

    Edgar cuts like 2 pounds to make weight, after aldo re-hydrates himself he’s like 160……Boom they’er the same weight basically, i’d have to say if Edgar dropped down to featherweight speed would not be an issue for Aldo.

  28. freedaweed says:

    DON’T BE SCARED JOSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. TrigenicKin says:

    In truth, Frankie would still be one of the smaller featherweights. Jose Aldo walks around at 166. Hell Frankie could make 135. A 20 lb. weight cut is hard but he could definitely do it.

  30. Kendell W says:

    The only reason Aldo did poorly in his fight with hominick was beacause he gained a lot of mass over time time he had off due to injury. So he wasn’t used to fighting with that kind of mass. The Florian fight was kind of the same way but he was smaller. Now compare Aldo when he fought Hominick to when he fought Mendes his mass difference is very very noticable. He looked like WEC Aldo, in my honest opinion, Frankie couldnt beat WEC Aldo ever but he could beat the Aldo that fought Hominick.

  31. TRiggaHala!! says:

    the sentence doesnt even make sense

  32. kobe bryant says:

    your welcome.

  33. Hightower says:

    This would be a good fight but man it gets kind of old with these managers sticking their noses into their fighters business. I would like to see any of these managers step in that cage and get a beating.

  34. BiG Garrett says:

    one word that pretty much sums up most of the Brazilian fighters holding a belt. SCARED!!!!

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