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Tuesday, 02/04/2014, 06:35 am

QUICK TWITT | Jon Jones Says He Wants Celeb Boxing Match With Zimmerman

Move over ‘Game’, you aren’t the only man looking for a piece of George Zimmerman.

UFC light-heavyweight champ, Jon Jones, also says he wouldn’t mind getting a crack at the controversial character.

If you’re lost with what’s going on, get caught up here.

Check what Jones said about the situation, via twitter:


0 Responses to “QUICK TWITT | Jon Jones Says He Wants Celeb Boxing Match With Zimmerman”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Make it a kickboxing match for the love of god. Break this guy’s face.

    • Fxoff says:

      You can tell you’re just a moron who probably just watches UFC and is over weight and couldn’t fit in a ring.

      What’s the point in a “match” if it’s going to be biased… where’s the sportmanship in that. You’re pretty much turning the UFC and boxing into a disgraceful event.

      • UFC 84 Forever says:

        Jon Jones skills as a kickboxer far outweigh his skills as a boxer, but clearly I’m a moron for considering that. Do you even know what Zimmerman was accused of? Many people feel he got away with murder, quite literally.

        Clearly I’m the moron here for wanting some much deserved justice finally delivered to this man. Zimmerman trying to get attention like this because he killed a young black man in cold blood and got away with it is what is really turning MMA (not UFC since UFC is not the sport) and boxing into a disgraceful event here, not my comment.

  2. garciagym says:

    Why the hate for Zimmerman again? I didn’t follow the trial and don’t know much beyond the not guilty verdict. To me, this looks like racial BS.

    • Sc0p says:

      How about the fact that he is an annoying loudmouth that can’t seem to stay out of trouble, shut up or go away? Just for that alone I hope he winds up a quadriplegic.

      • timdnml says:

        Great. Let’s cripple everyone that you don’t agree with and let the public support them.

        • Fxoff says:

          And now you see why we have senseless self defense murders. Because people have this type of mentality.

          It’s a never ending cycle.

          What more do you need to know here’s the facts.

          A 30+ yr old man killed a 17 yr old man.

          Court case was held to determine if the killing was in self defense.

          Jury determined that the killing was in self defense.

          30+ yr old man gets harassed by vigilantes who weren’t there or didn’t watch the trail but highlights on Nancy Grace.

          There’s your facts and summary of the case. This is why we have a court system to handle accusations like these. And the court system found him not guilty. End of story.

      • Fxoff says:

        First off, even if it is a boxing match and he gets injured to the point your claiming……the person against him would be more liable than if it was a street fight.

        They aren’t going to pick someone who is a PROFESSIONAL fighter to go against an amateur no one would sanction that fight.

        And he’s only an annoying loudmouth because you were watching nancy grace and she’s so annoying you take your hatred out on who she’s talking about. The whole time he was on trial i never even seen one interview with him or anything of that nature.

        It’s not him who is annoying and cant stay out of trouble it’s the media who is annoying and making trouble out of nothing.

        He wont go away because HE NEEDS TO EAT he cant get a job this is the only way for him to get a job. Media put his face everywhere so you cant blame him for using the media to make a living.

    • seminalcacti says:

      you are the perfect example of the word “MORON” to say it looks racial yet admit to not following the trial nor knowing anything beyond the trial. So how do you even have an opinion on something you know nothing about?

      • Fxoff says:

        How do you have an opinion? Do you know zimmerman? You’re just basing your understanding of the trial on what the media wanted to tell you. Here’s a little reality check………. Santas not real………and media lives on ratings.

        • seminalcacti says:

          Where did i state my opinion? I was commenting on +Graciagym’s ironic comment of having an opinion after admitting to not knowing anything about the story. what’s your problem?

  3. Revo1280 says:

    No matter who he fights and how bad people want him to get smoked and hospitalized, theres going to be a stoppage and it wont happen. The more hype this gets the better for Zimmerman LOL. Hes going to get paid mad money to get punched in the face for a round. All you people hating and calling for him to get beat up, just keep making him richer.

    • Sc0p says:

      Let’s see if you still think it is funny when the boxing commission stops his unsanctioned fight because Zimbo doesn’t have a boxing license and 1 month is not enough time to plan and hold a sanctioned boxing match. All anyone wants to do at this point is make zimmerman shut up and go away because he’s been far beyond annoying in his antics the last few months.

      • seminalcacti says:

        I’m sure it’s a NON-SANCTIONED fight. For it to be a sanctioned fight Zimmerman’s opponent would have to be the same weight and I don’t think the State Athletic Commission wants to take responsibility for the health of Zimmerman. The “Celebrity Boxing” promoter or the venue will hold the insurance.

        • Fxoff says:

          Why wouldn’t they? It would become a crime if the person doesn’t follow the rules of the fight and just goes off on him.

          And that’s also ASSUMING Zimmerman is even going to lose. He’s had plenty of time to hit the gym. If he wins then everyone is going to be even more pissed off and he will be even more talked about/hated than he is now.

          It’s just like why people watch WWE there is always a bad guy that they hate and want to see beaten. Even thou it’s fake… its for ratings.

          That being said, there have been celebrity boxing matches before. It will probably be like when screech was boxing they will have protective gear on and all that.

    • Buffalo Bob says:

      he’s not getting paid it’s a charity fight haha

      • Revo1280 says:

        Not that bright are you, according to this article “” he sold a painting at over $100K, you think it sold that high cause its a good painting?! Its called Celebrity status, he may not technically get paid by the fight promotion but it will more than pay itself off by keeping him relevant. The money from the fight goes to a charity of his choosing also, so in one way, not only is he getting paid by staying relevant and can continue to sell crappy painting for a ton of money but also he gets good karma points for giving to charity of choice. To stir up controversy, i would put it in a black only scholarship program :)

      • Fxoff says:

        He will get paid. Even if it’s a charity fight it doesn’t mean he wont get paid. Yeah so he gets paid 100K and a charity gets 100K… He’s still getting 100K. That’s why DMX hasn’t signed on for this yet he’s still discussing paychecks. There will be pay…….. You think he wants to fight just to fight? you’re kidding me.

        You think some fight coordinator is just like hey im bored lets host a fight…. YEAH no he wants money.

  4. timdnml says:

    Jeebus. Let it go. That would look great on his resume. A: He was found not guilty, B: Trayvon was a thug, and C: You stupid crackers are wasting oxygen and airtime over this moron (Zimmerman, not to be confused with the other moron who wants to fight him).

    • Fxoff says:

      No one wants to fight him. They want to get their name in the news.

    • seminalcacti says:

      do you not understand that guilty people are found “not guilty” by some technicality of the law, some mistake with evidence, or a good defense lawyer that can deflect the evidence enough to persuade one juror? so

      A: by being found not guilty doesn’t make the person innocent of any crimes.
      B: I didn’t know you knew Trayvon enough to label him a thug, but if you do what makes him a thug?
      C: “You stupid crackers”… you’re the only moron here using racist labels with no merit.

      Tell me if I’m wrong, you are a product of public school system…. you have never been outside of the united states,… you work at a minimum wage,… you don’t have a college degree,… your parents hate you,… you are an alcoholic,.. and this is a wild guess but I think I’m right… you have some sense of entitlement because you have some Native American Indian ancestry. How well did I do profiling you?

      • timdnml says:

        Thank you, at least, for a semi-intelligent reply.

        To your first point, if mistakes were made in the proces, they were the prosecution’s. Not my fault. Zimmerman was on his own dime, the prosecution had the full resources of the state AND the media, as well as the racially biased support of the POTUS. And the verdict was still not guilty. It’s a shitty system, but it’s the one we got, and the verdict is still not guilty. Consider it karma for the OJ verdict. You can’t have it both ways.

        To point A: Never said he was innocent, I said he was found not guilty. I know the facts are inconvenient for someone such as yourself, but that doesn’t mean they’re not facts.

        To point B: I only know what the lamestream media allows to be meted out to the sheeple, just as you do, unless you have some personal knowledge of either party involved. Zimmerman (through his backstory and accessible history pre-incident) was a shlub. Trayvon (likewise) was a thug wannabe.

        To point C: Racist? My family tree looks like a crayola box. How many times have you used the word ‘moron’ in this thread alone? I don’t think it means what you think it means, and I only used ‘cracker’ because I didn’t want to say ‘dumb motherfuckers’. Yes, I was trying to keep it simple.

        As to your final screed: You failed. Private schools. World traveler. Retired public servant with a comfortable pension. Don’t have a college degree, I have two university degrees. My mom doesn’t hate me, my dad’s dead. Not an alkie, but working on it. Native American, but only because I was born here of Irish ancestry. I speak more than one language fluently, and get by in a couple more.

        I would try and profile you, but from your username, I can only deduce that you deposit your semen in cacti, so you must be one bad mofo, and I wouldn’t want to risk pissing you off and feeling anymore of your keyboard wrath.

        Oh, and tell your mom I want my socks back.

        • seminalcacti says:

          Thanks for the laugh you fucking lying MORON. what kind of a fucking double degree college grad starts out a comment with the word “Jeebus” and uses the word “crackers” to refrain from using the words “dumb motherfuckers” …. and haha this proves what a fucking lying moron you are about getting any kind of higher education outside of public education that you really got… you don’t even know the what the word “seminal” means. has nothing to do with semen asswipe. if you would just look it up in the dictionary it means “from seed” and when talking about cacti, they are either from seed or scions by cloning. GTFO here with your bullshit but thanks for taking your whole day out to write back “semi-intelligently” asswipe. I have no wrath in profiling lying scumbag racists like you. —and tell my mom what? LOL you’re a fucking moron doing momma jokes. God you’ve discredited the long winded bullshit of a reply you made me read.

        • timdnml says:

          Cool story, bro. Your mom can keep the socks.
          And I can see that you’re the highly educated one by your clever use of irrelevant reasoning, circular arguments, projection, hasty generalizations, personal character assaults, outright insults, false alternatives, careless comparisons, and the occasional red herring. A true Ninja of the Illogical Debate.

          Hey, I’d love to keep this up, but I have “stuff” to “do”, so you’ll have to play by yourself. I’m sure you’re used to it.

        • seminalcacti says:

          look at this dumb mother fucker copy and pasting words and terms from the dictionary oblivious to the definition. You’re so damn busy yet responding with momma jokes. You’re so fucking educated you start your reply with yet another dumbass sentence of “Cool story, bro”…. give it up. Stop it with your fraudulent front faggot.

        • timdnml says:

          Hmm. Faggot. Good one, a classic. But your
          insults need work. Here’s one I’ve been working on: “Every
          picture you post of yourself is a dick pic.” See?

        • seminalcacti says:

          “Hey, I’d love to keep this up, but I have “stuff” to “do”, so you’ll have to play by yourself. I’m sure you’re used to it.”

          STFU idiot.

  5. Fxoff says:

    DMX hasn’t agreed to anything.

    They just need a boxing match between Zimmerman and the new guy that Nancy Grace is crying about. The one who killed some black guy on black friday.

    Really murders happen everyday … Zimmerman should be allowed to box Nancy Grace she’s just as big a part of the problems than he is.

  6. seminalcacti says:

    nobody pay attention to +FXoff … this dumbass is probably garciagym’s alternate account newly created to just troll on other people comments.

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