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Friday, 08/02/2013, 10:25 am

Quick Twitt | Jon Jones Just Made Bout With Gustafsson Personal

Mental giant, Jon Jones, often uses the power of the mind to focus in on his opponents during the preparation for his fights.

This ability has seen him rise to be, arguably, the UFC’s most dominant champion.

In his next fight he faces Sweden’s Alexander Gustafsson and things just got personal.

Check it:


0 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Jon Jones Just Made Bout With Gustafsson Personal”

  1. magoo says:

    Gus is very good….. JBJ is great! Another methodical beat down and finish by JBJ, the only man at 205 that has a chance of beating Jones may be Glover other then that he owns that div.

  2. jon lamester jones says:

    this guy is the justin beiber of mma…

    how can anyone actually like this douche bag

  3. dfrmtr says:

    I hope Gus sticks him with an uppercut and then puts his foot inside his mouth and tells him to suck his big white toe. jbj is not humble at all. he needs a beating.

  4. JayJames says:

    I hope JJ goes to jail on that DUI charge and a gang of bangers —- him up his — and shoots hot — all over his — —— — – — —- – —— ——.

    I also hope Alex finishes what stupid Vitor started but couldn’t finish with that arm. Darn you Vitor! Pumped so full of vitamins only legal in Brazil and all the leverage on that extra long arm and you still couldn’t close the deal?! For gosh sakes Vitor I wish I could sentence you to 20 straight fights with Tito on the undercard of an untelevised pro wrestling event somewhere in rural WV.

    I also hope the extra large size super grotesque looking big toe rolls over and snaps again but this time I hope it makes 4 full circles and completely detaches from those stupid birdlegs and I hope Sonnen is cageside and he immediately eats the toe and doesn’t —- it out until he gets back to West Linn and I hope once he —– it out Okami is there to marinate it and cook it up on a Korean bbq and swallow it whole just before Sonnen’s mom points shoots that gun at him again. I don’t care if Okami is Japanese, I want this —- fried up on a Korean bbq and swallowed whole with no chewing.

    I’m mad as heck and I’m not taking this anymore. I also hope that burglar that JJ chased down robs another lady and frames JJ for the crime. And I hope JJ hires Greg Jackson as his lawyer and GJ gets sanctioned by the court and is refrained from allowing any more boring fights by GSP or any point fighters. But I hope the judge stays Jackson’s sentence as long as Jackson promises the court that all Jackson Winkeljohn fighters will copy the style of Condit and that other wild kid from now on.

    I have alot more to say but I’m going to leave it at that for now. Dangit I’m so pissed at the arrogance of JJ and his fat football brothers trying to act all down to earth and god-fearing and all that when all they are…never mind I’m done here, I’m through with this crap.

  5. Dddddddd says:

    The Facebook bullish!t is too much to read. How can you hate Johnny for his size? I love Jimmy Hendrix as a guitarist and he had freakishly long fingers. I’m not mad at Jimmy for his physical traits. I think this exposes penis envy. From now on if you hate Jones for his size you have a little d!ck. Johnny’s size doesn’t only have advantages it also has disadvantages. Do any of Johnnys’ haters understand this or his level of technich and creativeness.

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