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Thursday, 03/21/2013, 10:52 am

Quick Twitt | Jon Jones Fires Back At Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS

UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, took to twitter to respond to Chael Sonnen’s recent rant on “UFC Tonight”.

Here is what the champ had to say:


58 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Jon Jones Fires Back At Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS”

  1. 123 says:

    hes no lion lol

  2. Ozz says:

    He’s right Chael P. Sonnen is a clown. But Chael doesnt care, he will get his next title shot after
    he got destroyed by JOnes anyway.

  3. magoo says:

    This isn’t Anderson Silva ur lipping off too… Oh no, it’s a whole different beast and he’s gonna methodically embarrass u!

    • Donovan says:

      Nigga please, hes a punk kid with long arms and legs…thats all

      • danielrchargers says:

        once again… TRUTH^
        a kid with VERY LONG ARMS and LEGS and uses MuyThai the pussy way. “kick the oblique and back away, kick the oblique and back away” “ohhh fly in with an elbow-miss” “oh its ok flying knee” “oh i missed again????” “judo trip and elbows”
        same old song and dance by the natural heavyweight fighting smaller men. #LAME

        • This Nigga... says:

          … Speaks truth. I would like to see Jon pick on somebody his own size. Even though they’re not the same size, “Bones” vs the “Skyscraper. Battle of the Lankyness

        • magoo says:

          That sounds about right! And Sonnen ain’t gonna be able to do a fukcin thing about it! He sure as hell not gonna wrestle him for the win, I’m calling it now Jones will stuff any and all of Chaels takedowns, so I guess Mr jump in line better learn how to strike……like that’s gonna happen Chaels got zero chance of winning this fight…..ZERO!!!!

        • lionstrangler says:

          1. he is not a natural HW. The kid is skin and bones and still growing.2 He has finished 4 previous LHW champions so to call him a punk with long arms is asinine. It’s like saying Shaq was a big man who get lucky. There are individuals with comparable physiques everywhere who can’t do the things he does, All this hating is ignorance. Just say you don;t like him and move on. Denigrating what he has done is boneheaded. p.s I have rolled with Forrest Griffin a few times. He was almost 250 the last time he put his sweaty pits over my mouth(the bastard)

  4. punkbz says:

    ur mom is lame lol

    • Haters are baaaacccckkkkk!!!! says:

      Chael will get destroyed. You know it. I know it. The new Pope knows it. So, what do haters do when their fighter has no chance against Jones? Bring up the non-issue of height and size. In case all you newbies to MMA didn’t know, the fighters are classified by WEIGHT. And cutting WEIGHT as a fighter is as natural as taking a dump! You think Benson walks around at 155? You think St Pierre walks around at 170? You think Anderson Silva walks around at 185? Why should the the LHW champ walk around at 205? If Jones has no skills, what exactly are you saying about all the guys he has defeated?? Go ahead, continue to hate. Jones will continue to win. And there isn’t anything you can do about it. Bye Bye!

  5. Cheesey says:

    Have you guys seen the ultimate fighter? Lol chael and jones are butt buddys!! They are using wwe tactica to sell the fight! Its not real beef they are just making money. I dont care about the trash talk but i do want to see the fight!!

  6. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    When Bones says “Feed Me”, that’s code for the Selling is in full force now. These guys will fight, but here is what happened. Chael called Jon and says; ” Hey Jon it was fun doing TUF with you and you know what I think you and I can do the biggest PPV since Brock, what do you think?” and Jon says; ” Oh yah, I like money how we gonna do it Chael ole buddy?” Then Chael says; “I’ll do my thing and make fun of you and you tell everybody you’re going to retire me and we will create a huge money buzz.” Jon says,: ” No shit, since I want to be the good guy and you’re the bad guy, I’ll wait until you say your stuff, then I’ll do my good guy stuff.” Chael says; ” That’s a great plan, but you know Jon I got this Octomom of the Octagon thing coming cuz you got kids popping out everywhere and there is this poem too. So don’t get too mad cuz its just buzz building, Cool?” Jon says; “Cool”. That’s what I think happened.

  7. KIDD433 says:

    If Jon Jones was about 6’0 with about à 74″ reach like his opponents,wé wouldnt even know his name.People on here dont have common sense to see the significance of a 10″ reach.He should be at Heavyweight fighting guys at least somewhat close to him in size

    • Mo says:

      Stephan Bonnar had one of the longest reaches in the UFC…He was never champ, not even close. Get your head out of your ass, there are a few things called technique and strategy. Not everything is based on your height and reach. Jon Jones deserves credit where credit is due, he has finished ex champ after ex champ. C’Mon Son!

    • urafuckwit says:

      Yeah bro in a parralel universe where he was a different person i’m sure he wouldn’t be as good.

      You’re fucking retarded, the guy learnt how to fight with what he has like everyone else.

  8. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Chael’s a clown but he works.

    Chael has the wrestling and the tenacity to have a chance in this fight, but Jon Jones is on another level; I highly doubt Sonnen has a chance, but if he proves me wrong than all the power to him.

    I think Jon Jones’ youth and confidence is the only thing that can cost him this fight, if he makes an arrogant mistake that comes from being so young…

  9. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Nope, old man A. Silva needs to step up and fight Jones who is more his size. I wonder what Silva will do once those elbows smack him? Counter-punch.

  10. Ronda Shite says:

    Jon jones please he’s overrated. Now chael sonnen on the other hand he can deliver a good shot at the UFC belt and Jone jones aint gonna hold that belt for long. He gonna lose it to Cheal. Go Chael!
    Fuck. John. Boner. Jones!

  11. Ddddddd says:

    This fight is not easy to call ill tell ya that much. This is an intriguing match up and Chael will have a good chance to take Johnny down and I’ve never seen him fight off his back have you? Chaels performance with Anderson speaks volumes to me when it comes to this fight. Chael doesn’t care about losing he just wants to win and that is what made him effective against Anderson and ill bet gives Johny troubles.
    Can’t wait and I wonder if this title fight has traditional weight rules Goerges you fat ass.

    • David says:

      True. We haven’t seen JBJ off of his back…but we have seen Chael on top dropping pillow fists and boxing his opponents ears. Chael talked his way into a final big payday. Chael’s great at being second best and just not good enough to be the best. Bye, bye Sonnen.

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